My name is Nick Clements and I am the founder and editor of Men’s File magazine and the author of a series of books under the imprint Men’s File Archive. The first,Transportation in Revival Subcultures was released in July 2012 and forthcoming titles include The Revivalists (spring 2013), Vintage Girls (Clements / Hind) and Campus: Ivy Style in Revival Subcultures.

Since the late 1970s I have unashamedly plundered a spectacular range of mid-century aesthetics to create new graphics, clothing, photography and film. This theft from the architecture, art, automotive design, dress and music of the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s is emblematic of a cultural phenomenon I call revival style. Although my work might be seen as a continuation of modernism – and therefore backward looking – I see contemporary revival as groundbreaking, expressive and even in the realm of the avant-garde as new objects and representations are being created every day – albeit from old materials. Here on this site you will find a record of my continuing attempt to advance revival style through my own photography and video and through my collections of objects. This is not a pure fashion blog as revivalists express themselves as much through a car, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle or other object as by an item of clothing. I seldom work with professional models but with fellow travellers involved in revival and re-enactment subcultures who often bring their entire wardrobe along to each photo-production. If, apart from photography, I have any skill to offer in this process, it’s through the coordination of such productions and an extension of the cultural editing that all revivalists practice in their everyday lives.