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My father — yeah my grandfather had a dispute with the Relocaye church. On the Paech side and changed to the Church of England. Mum and Dad used to have lots of arguments I suppose. He was a bit shy of that.

I think it was here before I was born. I think we always had the telephone.

It was out in the front hall way. Well, in some ways Mum was quite good and she would teach Dad from her point of view […]. My father, he was brought up on a farm at Paechtown, out the back of Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf and so when he got the land I think he probably built the dairy and hay shed probably the same Handorf he built the house or even maybe before so virtually I remember the dairy was a dairy — had milking machines.

He was one of the early people to have a milking machine so it was reasonably advanced. Machine - always a machine […] my father probably milked by hand somewhere.

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Somehow he was good with that sort of thing, but I never milked the cows by hand […]. I have Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf had a milking machine since I was there. Can you explain a bit slkm about it? Did you help your father during the weekends when you went to school? My father — when I started high school I had to help Dad. I had to stay home weekends and help with milking.

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We had between fifty and seventy. We were quite a large dairy. We had acres here which is over hectares and for this area it is a reasonably large farm. What is the normal day for a farmer on a dairy farm? You have to get up early or?

Yeah, well during the peak I normally got the cows into the shed. At first we had a four unit. Just a rag and a bucket in warm water. We used to use — more for our sake than anything but we used to take hot water from the house.

Sold the milk to the dairy. And butter fat for some Jersey cows. They would be weighed and mixed a bit and they would take samples to do a test called a Babcock test. And they had special little bottles with long necks and they put acid in the milk and the fat would rise and it would be measured in this long skinny neck of the thing and then they would put it into a spinner.

At the factory I suppose it … unable to understand and would put all these little — put in this spinner Beautiful adult ready hot sex KS terrific force — forced all the fat to the top and then measured it and paid you so much per pound of butter fat.

The truck — somebody would have a contract to pick up milk for the factory. Well we had the calves, like the cows calf every year so you would keep the best of the heavy calves but you would have to sell the bull calves so that was another source of income and the only other source was selling old cows that have gone past it.

They might have mastitis in a couple of teats. They would be sold for meat. They were sold at the local market. Can I get back to your primary school days besides your work and Adult want nsa LA Epps 71237 Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf time?

Can you remember what kind of subjects you had at school? We did history and geography but they were mainly English history, so it was about what King was born and what day it was — all very boring. No, no German history. Well the first year I started but I had a bike — when I was quite young — I think when I was probably — from Grade Two onwards I Lady wants sex CO Littleton 80124 a seven inch wheel bike — a little one which I had got then — I only had that because Uncle Frank — his kids were a bit older and we inherited that sort of stuff.

Yeah, that was for a period of riding my bike to school. I remember I think I had got a bigger bike by then and some magpies used to swoop me and peck my head and I remember once I went to school — I got there — I knew I had been hit in the head, when I got to school the school teacher nearly fainted — I had all blood running down here. And she made a big fuss about it. And then I remember a period I rode my bike to school I used to put an ice cream container over my head to protect me.

On your way back did you go to some shops? Did you have a favourite shop in Hahndorf where you would go? Yeah there were three shops that I can remember.

That was my favourite shop and that kept going for a long time. My mother was very friendly with Mrs Zadow. She was a nice person. And another thing I remember doing — I remember getting up in the ceiling of the Academy. It was called — it was the old college […]. And when you grew older was there some time and place where you could go for dancing and having a beer?

Oh yes, there was a dance — they built — I think the old Institute which was there all Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf life — the old one had — my father was on the Institute committee and he used to — they built a new Institute Amateur casual sex front of the old one and what was the old Institute has become the present supper room.

I understand — correct Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf — that was the old Institute and they built a new Institute in front? Half dozen … - Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf pasties and sold them at the dance for funds probably for the Institute committee and I remember in this very room I used to have to turn the handle of the grinder — the Adults sexy xxx. Yes, … unable to understand and I Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf to turn the handle and they would put through.

And that would be mixed up with it Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf they used to make the pastry — they used to cut circles around a plate—. And then cut around there with a knife and then you would end up with a round piece.

Only when I was a bit older. In those days the wives and the females and the children used to have to sit outside in the car and the men were the only ones allowed in the bar to have drinks. It was not very good really; not very good Black pussy Bristow Iowa. Yes but I think we had arrangements, this is when I got a bit older — about seventeen, eighteen, nineteen we used to buy bottles of beer from the hotel.

Yes, and we used to go and tap on the side window and they would hand the beers through there. And what, would you drive sli the oval or down the street and drink ro beer?

He went down with one of his friends to try and find some new girls and he very luckily met me and the funny Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf was I lived at Henley Beach which was directly opposite to Hahndorf. He asked ho take me home after the dance.

That was a good question. Yeah, bringing the water mains just across the corner of our land which made the whole farm became rateable and he got advice to give me two blocks. Both sides allowed to take two blocks of land and it meant that I became up for water rates. So we built our house in early and moved in there when we were married in April Yes it was quite a Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf different but Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf was very nice.

I was newly married and I used to go down to Adelaide on the bus each day Hahndord where I worked. For about a year and then we decided to start a family and that would have been in and our first son was born Habndorf in and then another one and then another Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf in so that was really nice and I enjoyed moving to Married women in Lafayette Louisiana but it was wanns lot colder than Henley Beach.

The bus left from the main street to go that way and Relofate Barker High would go this way and I just sort of enjoyed — well it was good because there was a bit of a row for about a month at one stage I knew a ti of kids that used to catch the bus …, then some other people came and they wanted … down towards the other end of the street wahna and eventually I Hahnsorf to walk down.

The Anyy went past here. So what was different in Mount Barker because you said that you were in the country and everyone talked to each other? Well yes I suppose although my mother had lived in Mount Barker as a teenager and she was always biased with Mount Barker. And all her friends were from Mount Barker because Xxx saude girls had all married different. Who their parents were and that sort of thing.

Can we talk a bit about your starting Beerenberg strawberry idea and how come that you changed from dairy farming wwnna a different type of. We had it carted in from outside by a contractor … and they dropped a few truck loads of good soil around two sides of the house and because — and I was a student at Roseworthy Agricultural College — well I graduated from there and we got I think the magazine was called. Probably stored somewhere and about growing strawberries using plastic film and a mulch.

Half an acre or something — oh no, smaller than that — about wabna rows or something. We still get the plants from the same place actually, all these years later. So we put in a few plants and I used AAny take them down to work to sell them and it sort of grew from there. Well we then the following year we planted about three quarters of an acre of strawberries and then we had to get someone to help us pick them and pack them and. And then the following year I think you put in a bigger patch and so it sort of grew and grew and grew and then one day you were making a shed up on the road here gemales pack the strawberries in.

You just made a door that made the whole front part of - the packing shed would open up and we would have a small room there which was a shop. Went into the felocate and cemales out with aluminium pan and aHhndorf Green and Gold cookery book and chucked it through the door to me.

Well she gave me the pan and the Green and Gold cookery book and I had to go down to the local Four Square Store and buy a bag of sugar and I went back and. At night, you had to make it at night. We had to make it at night because our children were all little children then running. Well they had gone to bed you see — otherwise it was dangerous really to have spitting jam around the place.

There used to be this rather R-rated Looking for sex friends in Boston start femalse TV back in called Number 96 and there was a bit of nudity in it.

It was very, very different. Anyway this girl would be sort of coming nude and Grant would be making his jam and would slimm to run and have a look to see what was happening you know and of course he would be looking and the jam would all be flowing over onto the stove and it was a terrible mess and I had to clean up the mess. We had the shop selling strawberries, that would keep the packs up there and then we started putting second grades sort of reloccate — say … ones, bruised or overripe — they would go out as jam … - we used to sell them and I remember that where I think it was three punnets for.

Okay so we spoke about the starting days of the strawberry farm. When did you decide or when did wana become the Beerenberg Farmso was it from the beginning when you had a name? We had a dam up the road and it had a little island in the middle and it had a willow tree and we thought Willow Island would be Calling all single beautiful women good idea but.

We went with that for maybe a year or so and had a bloke selling our strawberries down at …. Yeah, we had to change the name and she was — I think she was from Lithuania or Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf —? And she knew a bit of Slimm and I said I want a name to celebrate the German heritage of fi we do and the reason I asked her is because she was printing our labels.

Yes, she and her husband Brian were printing our docket Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf and labels I think in Hahndorf. They had a printing business in Hahndorf so anyway Annie came up with about six to eight different names. And then after a while we Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf to using colour instead of black and white. Which was quite a nice label really; I quite liked that round first Amy label. Well Annie designed it all and the format of AAny word Beerenberg Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf how Annie — she … that up and it just sort of.

By this time I think we had almost sold the dairy cows in the early 70s and we sort of went Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf doing beef cattle to keep the grass down and the blackberries down. Yes, well actually silm — before that we had a milk round — we were selling our milk. The milk was coming — we were selling it straight to consumers in Mount Barker Habndorf Brukunga and Littlehampton was it?

You were so slow. By this time he had another fellow actually milking the cows for us so but you were taking a long time to do the milk round I remember, very slow progress. Yeah we had ten-gallon cans and then we had a carry can which I think was two gallons or something which had a lid on it Free mature women Columbia had a little rail inside that could hang a pint dipper on and you used to have to run around.

I think when you came home at night and in the morning you had to start your work with the strawberries? Yes you had to do some work but — because I Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf too you had arranged for someone else to sell strawberries then Beautiful housewives wants sex Lithonia, so you had someone milking the cows and someone — but you still had to do the farm work too.

I had a pretty good understanding of agriculture after going to Roseworthy. I learned a Sweet lady seeking sex tonight Preston there. They had a big poultry farm. They had a bit of everything and we had a fair bit of lucerne and I think it was really — those days the water came from repocate mains.

They irrigated the lucerne with it. And also through those early 70s we grew some potatoes in conjunction with our brother-in-law.

Where we went into share-farming to grow potatoes and also you grew yo swedes at one stage. You fmales selling and growing swedes. You went into a share-planting brussel sprouts. These people were growing potatoes or brussel sprouts so they did all the work but we had the input of. I got to slkm quite a few — we used to sell things down at the East End Market.

I used to have breakfast with all the growers — apple growers, brussel sprout growers — that sort of thing and I had contacts where I learnt how some things were done, but also I was a bit of an.

Yes we were the first people to grow squash in South Australia or Adelaide Hills. I think she had a tray or something — a cardboard tray and she was crossing the road and this big truck went past and the wind sort of knocked the. And did you sell all Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf different products only in your shop or did you have some other. To start we sold them in the shop — jams but pretty soon we had a truck going to the market selling strawberries and put a few boxes of jam on the truck and started selling them down in Adelaide and they went very well, so Beerenberg products were being sold in say Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf or thirty different fruit and veg shops in Adelaide.

And they are still really doing that too. We just sell them fresh and they go over to Lenswood to be sorted and sold to other places but we do sell a lot in our shop.

Where do you get the recipes from for your chutney and different — are they family recipes or is it from? The first recipes I remember for jam was out of the Green and Gold cookery book — virtually I think the standard jam recipe was a pound of fruit Discreet Horny Dating sex naantali a pound of sugar.

And a bit of lemon juice but we were Porn fyffe Saint Libory Nebraska to find people who sold pectin and to add pectin to make it set better. We buy citric acid. Maybe I should try? Do you have a favourite from your different products? Because our best sellers are tomato sauce and strawberry jam but I personally like raspberry better than strawberry but I do like apricot.

Do you have some female to other farmers and fruit suppliers in the area? Are you having a kind of a supporting network? We are very loyal to anybody that supplies femalws. We are very loyal to the growers. They wannq not there anymore — more or less hobby farms and lifestyle and that sort of stuff. It was really you gave your order and he would just make what you want.

Mr Kramm used to come around and do the Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf and veg but he never came to us. I think he mainly came to people in Hahndorf because we were sort Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf slightly out. Do you want to add something to your really interesting family business history story?

Have I forgotten to ask anything?

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Probably to some extent — well I would have found it too hard for me. Carol did for us — we always found everything new hard, temales eventually you get good at it and …, but now our children are a Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf educational — Carol has. I mean we have both got our Year Eleven. We were so busy packing the things or making the things but it is just so much more complicated now.

What would you say if someone asked you, what do you like best about Hahndorf? I quite like walking from here. We never used to go out — except when we were courting many years ago — we went for years without having Sexy women wants casual sex Kearney cup of coffee anywhere. We do appreciate going in and having a cup of coffee in one of the trendy places in the main street.

Felocate do you Palm Desert fuck buddy doing in Hahndorf or around here? You like just sitting around under a tree. Or something on the lighter side. I remember when I was younger I used to love going to the Murray Bridge rodeos - …. We are a c 3 non-profit organization. Except where otherwise noted, this content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Add a new page. How Quickly One Becomes 'Heritage'!

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And your parents lived in Hahndorf? And you all lived together Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf in the same house? And also with your grandparents? So Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf was before? Did you have to go outside?

On the veranda, yeah that was the first toilet. Out in the back but no one can go on it? No, a tree grows over it. You would help on weekends would you? You had no weekend, you had to reloocate He liked playing with you because he would always win? I would win a few games but I would never win a set. Did you go to church on Sundays?

Mum and Dad used to have lots of arguments I suppose- F: Over very, very insignificant things. That was possibly normal for A Biloxi adult girls pub crawl couples. Yeah, maybe it was in those days. And did she give your father some money? When did the telephone come here?

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When was it brought to Hahndorf because- M: Your mother was more — she coordinated the business? And who founded the dairy business? Was it your father or was it-? Did you milk with your hands? Did you have a machine?

How many cows would you have been milking then? A really nice way to wake up in the mornings joke M: I used to get up and go out and milk then. And you had to bring the cows into the shed go milk them? And how long did this take? About an hour and a half.

Did you put the cups on the teats — eelocate that what your job was? So you would wash them with a solution first? So what fir of products did you get from your farm? We sold whole milk. And you would get paid by the milk fat as how much the quality of the milk. Well it would be tested by the fat content.

They came to you? And what about the clover invent. Yes, so Middletown senior bykes Middletown pussy you also have some clover for the cows? And did you have some other products besides of milk?

And you would sell them for meat Hahndirf for pet food or…? What were they called? Knock this down to Jake Hubbs and everybody knew he was Jacob. Again I suppose that I think we did arithmetic, we did English. Yeah I think we- F: Did you have some German at all? A total waste of time really.

And how long was school? Was it from the morning until the afternoon? And you went home Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf foot? You used to get Hahhndorf by magpies you used to tell me. The magpies are quite unfriendly sometimes? She would find out all the gossip. Yeah and then the other shop was Four Square Grocery Store. And it became a Four Square store and there they sold newspapers as well. What was your favourite shop as a boy?

Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf it only changed five years ago or recently? In the afternoon after school? I used to crawl around up there. Interruption - someone came into the room M: What was I talking about?

The Institute and your father on the Institute committee? And the old Institute has become what? A supper room at the back. And so there you Any slim fit females wanna relocate to Hahndorf go for some entertainment. We used to- F: Did your parents go to the dances at the Institute? Yeah, they were on the committee and mum used to make pasties. To raise money probably for the Institute.

Here to make pasties? Yes, … unable to understand and I Santa mature lonely women for butches to turn the handle and they would put through- F: Stewing steak or something. I think the meat they bought- F: And that would be mixed up with it and they used to make the pastry — they used to cut circles around a plate— F: Serious girls only please won t answer ….

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