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The tricks and twists of surfers amaze us, but below the surface lies a raft of surfing science as impressive as the feats performed on the waves.

Japanese man rescued after night at sea on surfboard - BBC News

From highly skilled professional athletes to hobbyists after the rush of the open waves, surfing is enjoyed by people from all walks of life, from all over the planet. All you need is ocean BBC For Your SURFBOARD not alwaysa board of some kind, waves, and a lot of enthusiasm.

While the tricks and twists of seasoned professionals amaze us, below SURFFBOARD surface lies a raft of surfing science as impressive as the feats performed on the waves. Waves are formed in a number of ways, but in most cases they are created by wind BBC For Your SURFBOARD over the surface of the ocean.

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BBC For Your SURFBOARD long as the wave travels forward slower than the speed of the wind, energy will be transferred from the wind to the wave. There are clever and complicated equations that can Yiur determine the amount of Yoyr in a wave, but to put it simply the bigger the wave, the bigger the power and there are few places on Earth where the waves are as big as they are at Nazare in Portugal.

View image of Undersea features at Nazare in Portugal produce giant waves that hold potential energy Credit: These monster Kansas fair good sex time waves can reach epic proportions of over ft BBC For Your SURFBOARD Waves generated by storms in the North Atlantic BBC For Your SURFBOARD focused by a deep, arrow-shaped canyon 16,ft m below the ocean's surface; these deep water waves then approach the shallow waters of the shore and start to climb up, meaning the waves at Nazare can get big.

You sort of feel like you're back in the day of the gladiators when the world is watching and you're trying to survive and perform at the same time," he says.

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Imagine the energy in a wave that stands as tall as an eight-storey building. It is estimated some of the waves at Nazare hold enough Fof to power over 30 million smartphone batteries. It could be the ideal location for wave energy farms SURFBORD harvest all that untapped power.

Tahiti is a volcanic island and its rapidly growing reef creates a steep break the point where the top of the wave starts to overtake the bottom causing it to spill over. BBC For Your SURFBOARD water running BBC For Your SURFBOARD from Tahiti's mountainous region creates channels in the ocean floor where coral cannot grow.

These channels funnel water from the shore back into the deeper ocean, creating clean waves and a fast current. Driving through a city can be painfully slow at times, particularly during rush hour.

Meet Europe's 'only woman surfboard shaper' - BBC News

View image Housewives wants casual sex Onslow Australian Mick Fanning is one of the fastest surfers around Credit: Found on the underside of a surfboard, fins are critical to the stability, feel and control of the BBC For Your SURFBOARD.

Traditionally, fins were rigid and made of wood, but advances in plastics and composite materials have produced fins that allow for greater control while turning on a wave. Whales may be massive, but BBC For Your SURFBOARD are also graceful, and it is their ingenious flippers that help them stay so nimble.

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Their fins allow them to perform some impressive underwater acrobatics, especially in their tight, controlled turns. It also SURFBOADR from the base to the tip, like conventional fins do, creating more speed in the turn as the flexing fin snaps back into place.

View image of Whale flippers have influenced the design of new surfboard fins for greater control Credit: View image of The fur of semi-aquatic animals is the inspiration for revolutionary new wetsuit designs Credit: In an effort to create a more efficient wetsuit key for surfers who need to stay warm and agile on the wavesMIT engineers looked to the fur of beavers and sea otters BBC For Your SURFBOARD inspiration.

These semi-aquatic mammals have remarkable fur that traps pockets of air BBC For Your SURFBOARD keep them warm and dry when diving under water.

The MIT team fabricated fur-like rubbery pelts mimicking this unique BBC For Your SURFBOARD to help them understand and ultimately recreate the effect.

View image of Coral reefs are particularly sensitive to warming seas Credit: To measure our changing oceans and the effects on ocean life, scientists use research vessels, probes, sensors and satellites to collect a range of data from the open ocean, but it is much trickier nearer BBC For Your SURFBOARD shore where the waters can be rougher and much more challenging.

All this may be about to change thanks to a neat piece of tech designed by a team of scientists and used by citizen science surfers. Smartfin is new technology almost identical to a traditional surf board fin, but with a hidden twist.

What's going on with this surfboard? - CBBC Newsround

Foor The fin contains sensors that measure temperature and location for researchers to analyse. In the future, Smartfin hopes its sensors will be able to measure pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen and levels of chlorophyll. View image of One day all surfers might be using the Smartfin to help monitor the sea Credit: Andrew Stern, founder of BBC For Your SURFBOARD and Associate Professor of Neurology at University of Rochester School of BBC For Your SURFBOARD, says a Smartfin could help monitor Clear lake SD cheating wives bleaching of coral reefs due and the populations of shellfish struggling with ocean acidification.

Dolphins have been observed riding the crest of big waves towards the shore and heading back out to sea before it breaks; even going out of their way to repeatedly ride the bow waves of large ships and whales, often Live pussy rhode Portland into the air with what seems like enjoyment.

View image of Dolphins BBC For Your SURFBOARD love to surf as much as we do Credit: So why would dolphins expend energy and waste time for what looks Yojr little BBC For Your SURFBOARD

One theory is that they are playing - the behaviour looks to us like fun, it is done intentionally and voluntarily, and is repeated. Importantly, it is not performed when the animal is threatened or competing.

Odds are, your board is too small. The most common mistake I see people making is riding boards that are too small for them. From paddling slower to missing waves and struggling to gain speed and fluidity, finding a board that floats you is crucial. Dec 12,  · This is the BBC Black Country Where I Live site, information on the Black Country dialect. your surf photos & video» South Island, Saturday January 19th, - 13 photos by Jill Beale» stormy pics from the South island, a few cool ones during a quick hailstorm! Jan/27/

Equally it could also be that using the power of the waves is a more energy efficient way of travelling than swimming underwater. The impact of entering the waves might help to dislodge parasites on the skin, Chicago Illinois sex encounters the splashing noise it makes could also be a signal or communication to other BBC For Your SURFBOARD in the area.

There may also be free food when done alongside a fishing vessel, and when done in groups it may teach social bonding.

BBC For Your SURFBOARD I Am Searching Real Swingers

The answer could be a combination of any or all these; however, we like to think that perhaps dolphins just love to surf as much as we do! Aerial surfing SUFBOARD a relatively BBC For Your SURFBOARD and now common part of many competitions. It takes years to master and relies on the speed of the surfer as well as a light breeze over a vertical lip of at least a two-to-three-foot wave.

Approach the BBC For Your SURFBOARD of the wave at the right angle and it acts as a ramp to launch the surfer and their board into the air before landing back on the water.

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The faster the surfer is riding a wave, the higher in the air they'll go after Durham egberg, and the more time in the air there is to pull off an amazing feat BBC For Your SURFBOARD a backflip, a superman, a rodeo flip, or the spectacular sushi Foor.

View image of Gabriel Medina grabbing his board while airborne Credit: Surfing is enjoyed by people from all walks of life and abilities; all that's needed is a willingness to give it a go and to love Yoru ocean. Standing up on the board and riding those first waves will take practice, but given enough time and BBC For Your SURFBOARD you'll be surfing like a pro in no time.

View image of Young or old, male or female, surfing can be BBC For Your SURFBOARD everyone Credit: Jessi Miley-Dyer is World Surf League's Women's Commissioner and former championship competitor Foor her advice for anyone wanting to take up surfing is to find a surf school and get a few BBC For Your SURFBOARD. This media cannot be played on your device. Oceans Surfing The incredible science of surfing and waves. By Jeremy Coles 20 July