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While those invasions of privacy have been massive—and may be even worse than thus far revealed—that focus overlooks a more fundamental truth.

The executive branch now views every American as a potential suspect first, and as a citizen second.

The problem with widespread, intrusive surveillance is that the government treats ordinary Mornnig with suspicion, and it continues to massage the data until it is satisfied that there are no incriminating associations. What has become of the principal of presumption of innocence?

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When our government suspects its own citizens we have lost the founding principles of liberty and equality. Officers who in their zeal let their suspicious hunches or biases run unrestrained can be as dangerous as politically motivated enforcers.

Indeed, civil protections are critical especially if the government says they are trying to protect safety, security and order.

But in the years following those attacks Congress passed and repeatedly renewed over my objections legislation that effectively made the attorney general and the director of national intelligence or bureaucrats under them, the arbiters of deciding which Americans could be surveilled, where they could be surveilled and for how long.

Of course we need good intelligence to protect our nation but Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa aErly not be passed in response to fear-mongering.

Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa Although he did so quietly and kept quiet until these latest revelations of metadata mining appeared, he at least has confirmed what many have long suspected: This works just fine when it deals with individual applications for warrants, but the amendment has turned the FISA court into [an] administrative agency making rules for others to follow.

It is not the bailiwick of judges to make policy.

Two presidents, successive Congresses and the federal courts have all contributed to this secret rewriting of the Fourth Amendment. And contrary to what many in Congress and the press have suggested, this debate is not a choice between safety and civil liberties.

The Fourth Amendment makes us safer by making the enforcers prove that they know what they are satksfaction, rather than chasing unsubstantiated suspicions through dragnet surveillance.

Their reward has been, at best, to be ignored and, at worst, to be prosecuted by the executive branch for trying to expose this wrongdoing.

We now live in Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa age when a government employee who goes to Congress and the mornijg general of his own agency to report fraud, abuse and potential criminal conduct can become the target of the very government engaged in the kinds of unconstitutional actions currently making headlines.

That must end, and now.

I cannot condone the unauthorized release of properly classified information, but neither can I ever countenance the misuse the classification system to hide fraud, abuse or criminal conduct by government officials. Legitimate national security whistleblowers should have real protections so they can safely and securely convey their concerns Early morning satisfaction no hassle nsa allegations to Congress or their agency Inspector General free from jo fear of bureaucratic or legal retaliation.

We cannot simply tinker around the edges of an opaque, non-adversarial and broken surveillance law and its accompanying secret court. Restoration of a true probable cause-based warrant requirement for surreptitiously tracking American citizens allegedly involved in criminal satifaction is vital. And we must ensure that those seeking to report abuses can do so safely and securely.

Our government must do what the founders intended: DemocratsNational Security and Republicans. Always focus on what a player can What's next for Obamacare?