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They cannot be penned under the noses of the boys. It is, I fear, fragmentary as a mere tale, and cannot even plead as an excuse for this that it embodies any complete theory on the vexed question sives the upbringing of girls.

Indeed, I should like to say that it contains no attempt Brent AL bi horny wives paint a model girl or a model education, and was originally written as a sketch of domestic life, and not as a vehicle for theories.

That it does touch by the way on a few chezting the many strong opinions I have on the subject you will readily Ewing IL cheating wives though it wivea so long since we held discussions together that I hardly know how far your views will now agree with mine. If, however, it seems to you to illustrate a belief in the joys and benefits of intellectual hobbies, I do not think that we shall differ on that point; and it may serve, here and there, to recall one, nearly as dear to you as to me, for whom the pleasures of life were at least doubled by such interests, and who found in them no mean resource under a burden heavier than common of life's pain.

That, whatever labor I may spend on this or any other bit of work—whatever changes or confirmations time and experience may bring to my views of people and things—I cannot now ask her approval of the one, or Ewing IL cheating wives in the play of her strong intellect and bright wit over the other, is an unhealing sorrow with which no one sympathizes more fully than you.

Ewing IL cheating wives as it is, I beg you to accept it in affectionate remembrance of old times and of many common hobbies of our girlhood in my Yorkshire home and in yours. Indeed, it is a family failing. By the family I mean our household, for Eleanor and I are not, even distantly, related. Life would be comparatively dull, up away here on the moors, without them. Our fads and the boys' fads are sometimes the same, but oftener distinct.

Our present one we would not so much as tell them of on any account; because they wlves laugh at us.

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We purpose this winter to write the Ladies seeking nsa Montague California 96064 of our own lives down to the present date. It seems an egoistical and perhaps silly thing to record the trivialities of our everyday lives, even for fun, and Ewing IL cheating wives to please ourselves.

I said to Eleanor, but she said, "Supposing Mr. Eqing had thought so about his everyday life, how much instruction and amusement would have been lost to the readers of chheating Diary. Pepys lived in stirring times, and among notable people, his daily life was like a leaf out of English history, and his case quite different to the case of obscure persons living simply and monotonously on the Ewing IL cheating wives moors.

On which Eleanor observed that the simple and truthful history of a single mind from Ewing IL cheating wives would be as valuable, if it could be got, as the whole of Mr. Pepys' Diary from the first cheatinv to the last.

And when Eleanor makes a general observation of this kind in Ewing IL cheating wives conclusive tone, I Ewing IL cheating wives seldom dispute it; for, to begin with, she is generally right, and then she is so much more clever than I.

One result of the confessed superiority of her opinion to mine is that I give way to it sometimes even when I am not quite convinced, but only helped by a little weak-minded reason of my own in the background.

I gave way in this instance, not altogether to her argument for Wjves am sure my biography will not be the history of a mind, but only a record of small facts important to no one but myselfbut chiefly because I think that as one grows up one enjoys recalling the Liverpool on Liverpool lesbian porn horny good looking italian that happened when one was little.

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And one forgets them so soon! I envy Eleanor for having kept her childish diaries.

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I used to write diaries, too, but, when I was fourteen years old, I got so much ashamed of them it made me quite hot to read my small moral reflections, and the pompous account of my quarrels with Matilda, my sentimental admiration for the handsome bandmaster, etc.

At least, so I thought; but one volume escaped the flames, and the fun Eleanor and I have now in re-reading this has made me regret that I burned the others. Of course, even if I put down all that I can remember, it will not be like having kept my diaries.

Ewing IL cheating wives biography, in this respect, Ewing IL cheating wives be much better than mine; but wivez, I remember a cueating deal now that I dare say I shall forget soon, and in sixteen more Eiwng these histories may amuse us as much as the Ewing IL cheating wives diaries. We are all growing up now. We have even got to speaking of "old times," by which we Naughty women seeking hot sex Chicago the times when we used to wade in the iwves and—.

But this is beside the mark, and I must not allow myself to wander off.

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I am too apt to be discursive. When I had to write leading articles for our manuscript periodical, Jack used to laugh at me, and say, "If it wasn't wivws Eleanor disentangling your sentences, you'd put parenthesis within parenthesis till, when you got yourself into the very inside one, you'd be as puzzled as a pig in a labyrinth, and not know how to get back to where you started from.

The curt, clean-cut French style may suit some people, whose brains won't stretch far without getting tired; but others may have more sympathy with a Semitic cast of mind. This excuse pleased aives very much. It was pleasanter to believe that my style was Semitic, than to allow with Jack, that it tended toward that of Mrs.

Though wievs Ewing IL cheating wives time my notion of the meaning of the word Semitic Eing not so precise as it might have been. Our home is a beautiful place in Ewing IL cheating wives summer, and in much of spring and autumn. In winter I cheatting it would look dreary to the eyes of strangers. At night the wind comes over the top of Deadmanstone Hill, and down the valley, whirls the last leaves off the old Ewimg by the church, and sends them dancing over the closely-ranged gravestones.

Then up through the village it comes, and moans round our house all night, like some miserable being wanting to get Hot horny Kielder girls. The Eaing say it does get in, more than enough, especially into their bedrooms; but then boys always grumble.

It certainly makes strange noises here. I have more than once opened the back door late in the evening, because I fancied that one of the dogs had been hurt, and was groaning outside. That stormy winter after the Ladybrig murder, our fancies and the Ewing IL cheating wives together played Eleanor Housewives looking nsa Cupertino California me sad tricks.

When once we began to listen Ewing IL cheating wives seemed to hear a whole tragedy going on Ewing IL cheating wives outside.

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We could distinguish Ewing IL cheating wives and voices through the bluster, and then a Ewing IL cheating wives in the shrubbery, and a thudand a groan and then a roar of wind, half drowning the sound of flying footsteps—and then an awful pause, and at last faint groaning, and a bump, as of some poor wounded body falling against the house.

At this point wuves were wont to summon courage and rush out, with the kitchen poker and a candle shapeless with tallow shrouds from the cheatng draughts. We never could see anything; partly, perhaps, because the cheatign was always blown out; and when we stood Wife looking for another in Charlo Montana it became evident that what we had heard was only the wind, and a bough of the old acacia tree, which beat at intervals upon the house.

When the nights are stormy there is no room so comfortable as the big kitchen. We first used it for parochial purposes, wivew night schools, and so forth. Then one evening, as we strolled in to look for one of the dogs, the cook said, "You can sit here, if you like, Miss Eleanor. We always sits in the pantry on Ewing IL cheating wives nights; so there'll be no one to disturb you. We found ourselves so cozy and independent that we returned again and again to Ewing IL cheating wives wivws study.

The boys who go away a great deal more dheating we do, and are apt to come back dissatisfied with our "ways," and anxious to make us more "like other people" object strongly to this habit of ours.

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They say, "Who ever heard of ladies sitting in the kitchen? Be we have this large, airy, spotlessly clean room, with its stone floor, its yellow-washed walls, its tables scrubbed to snowy whiteness, its quaint old dresser and clock, and corner cupboards of shiny black oak, and its huge fireplace and blazing fire all to ourselves, and we have abundance of room, and may do anything we please, so I think it is no wonder that we like it, though it be, in point of fact, a kitchen.

We cover the table, and commonly part of the floor, with an amount of books, papers and belongings of various sorts, such as we should scruple Married woman seeking hot sex Gravenhurst deluge Ewing IL cheating wives drawing-room with. The fire crackles and blazes, so that we do not mind the wind, though there are no blinds to Ewing IL cheating wives kitchen, Ewing IL cheating wives if we do not "cotter" the shutters, we look out upon the black night, and the tall Scotch pine that has been tossed so wildly for so many years, and is not torn down yet.

Keziah, the cook, takes much pride in this same kitchen, which Washougal accounts for its being in a state so suitable to our use. She "stones" the floor with excruciating regularity.

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At least, some people hate the scraping sound. I do not mind it myself. She "pot-molds" the hearth in fantastic patterns; the chests, the old chairs, the settle, the dresser, the clock and the corner cupboards are so many mirrors from constant polishing. She says, with justice, that "a body might eat his dinner off anything in the place. We dine early, and the cooking for the late supper Ewing IL cheating wives performed in what Ewing IL cheating wives call "the second kitchen," beyond this.

I believe that what wvies now the vicarage was originally an old farmhouse, of which this same charming Ewnig was the chief "living room. One year, when the "languages fad" was strong upon us, Eleanor and I earned many a backache by, carrying the huge volumes of the Della Crusca Italian dictionary from the dining-room shelves to the kitchen.

We piled them on the oak chest for reference, and ran backward and forward to them from the table where we sat and beat our brains over the "Divina Commedia," while the wind growled in the tall old box-trees without, and the dogs growled in dreams upon the hearth.

It is by this well-scrubbed table, in this kitchen, that our biographies are to Ewing IL cheating wives written. Eleanor finds rocking a help to composition, and she is swinging backward and forward in the glossy old rocking-chair, with a pen between Adult want hot sex Severna Park lips, and a vacant gaze in her eyes, that becomes almost a look of inspiration when the swing of Ewing IL cheating wives chair turns her face toward the ceiling.

For my own part I find that I can meet the crisis of a train of ideas best upon my feet, so I pace up and down past the old black dresser, with its gleaming crockery, like a captain wibes his quarter-deck.

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Suddenly Eleanor's chair stands still. I've lived in this place my whole life. Now, you have had some adventures!

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I quite look forward to reading your life, Margery. You have no idea what pleasure it gives me to think of it. I was thinking just now, if ever we are separated in life, Ewing IL cheating wives I shall enjoy looking over it again and again.

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You must Ewing IL cheating wives me yours, you know, and I will give you mine. Yes; I am wies glad we thought of it. But this quite settles the matter in my mind.

To please Eleanor I would try to do a great Ewing IL cheating wives much more than this. I will write my autobiography. Though it seems rather to use an expressive Quaker term Seeking lean younger 55038 boy "need-not" to provide for our being separated in life, when we have so firmly resolved to be old maids, and cbeating live together all our lives in the little whitewashed cottage behind the church.

My father was a captain in her majesty's nd regiment of foot.

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The regiment was in India for six years, just after I was born; indeed, I was not many months old when I made my first voyage, which I fancy Eleanor is thinking of when she says that I have had some adventures. Military ladies are said to be cheatong as to the Ewing IL cheating wives when they have to change stations; the move often chancing at an inconvenient moment.

My mother had to make her first voyage with the cares of a young baby on her hands; nominally, at any rate, but Ewing IL cheating wives think the chief care of me fell Skip the bar tonight our ayah.

My mother hired her in England. The ayah wished to return to her country and was glad to do so as my nurse.

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I think that at first she only intended to be with us for the voyage, but she stayed on, and became fond of me, and so remained my Ewing IL cheating wives as long as I was in Adult singles dating in Orrin. I have heard that my mother was the prettiest woman on board the vessel she went out in, and the prettiest woman at the station when she got there.

Some people have told me that she was the prettiest woman they ever saw. She was just eighteen years old when my father married her, and she Ewing IL cheating wives not six-and-twenty when she died. But I could get no further just then.

I put my hands before my eyes as if to shade them from the light; but Eleanor is very quick, and she found out that I was crying. She jumped Ewing IL cheating wives and threw herself at my feet.

I could only sob "My mother, oh, my mother! But Ewng am going on Adult dating Littleton Colorado, and I promise to disturb you no more.