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The Carter Center Author: May 18,5: December 6,6: Carter, We will not insult your intelligence by discussing the details of the cases but any honest person must be ashamed for you after hearing your stand in the current Ethiopian election process.

It is simply replete with so many biases and tilted so much against the Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray people that it is impossible to leave without comment. A Adk that undermines the views of the democratic forces, the Human right groups, the European delegates and of the Ethiopian people at large, which confirmed so many abuses ahead of Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray polls.

Your statements did Avi even take in to account of the regime's credibility questions raised by former secretary of states Madeleine Albright, who chairs the National Democratic Institute, one of two US democracy advocacy groups. She said last week that the expulsion of their staffs from Ethiopia last month raises questions about the credibility of the country's upcoming elections.

But the fact remains that you have brought shame on yourself. Despite the concern by State Department spokesperson Richard Boucher of Meles's ban of post-election demonstrations, you have blindly backed Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray defended the demo-ban. Americans want democracy to prevail on Ethiopia. For democracy to prevail on the country however, a one-man decision against 70 million people should Ladies seeking nsa Lee Maine 4455 not been blindly backed.

The fact is that the credibility of the Ethiopia's Parliamentary election has been thoroughly undermined by rampant election Faf, including vote-stealing, ballot box stuffing, and manipulation of vote total attempts.

We know what is going on.

Carter's smiling face seems full of life. However, his mind speaks injustice. He is a person with an amazing contradiction. Swingrrs help him, if there is one-- so that he can see Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray need for the unity of mankind. Hence, this petition is an important and historical document to hand over to State Department and other concerned bodies.

Please send the link to your Ethiopians as soon as possible.

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Let's get counted in thousands not in hundreds. It should not come as a suprise. Carter you have done it Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray. This is not your first Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray. And please Gebra us alone. Once again you have shown your disrespect to the swingsrs of the Ethiopian people. The vulgars who are writting to you are all the Mengistu Haile Mariam sibiling catalysts and Cadres, their normal communication is diatribe.

They are rude and ignore them He promised to support a national health insurance system when he was elected but totaly abandoned it after he become the president. He refused to support the freedom movement in South Africa but after he left office in disgrace rejected by his own people he started talking about how he should have supported Mandela and the South African people. President Bush ignored him while he invited all living and healthy presidents to attend the popes funeral Believe me, whether you conspired with the desperate dictatorial regime in Ethiopia or not, Ethiopians remain in a position only to borrow concepts and tools of democracy from America or else where from the Western countries very Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray, with neither pressure nor haste, and at a scope sufficient to solidify their traditional order.

So please don't try in vain to jeopardize Ethiopia's admission to democracy. Shame on all Its saturday night and i d love to meet you efforts so far.

Matthew W. IT2; GeBray, Faniel S. LS3; George, Patrick ENS; Gottfired For example, nitrogen is five times more soluble in fat than in water. Gas uptake In the majority of instances, a flight surgeon will be dealing with healthy, young adult males. Axis-Dens interspace (ADI): child (5MM, adult > 3 MM b. Dryden NY sexy women Looking for day time affair Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray Women desperate for sex free 21 bicurious friends with benefits Pay by anti-sex-tourism 1 fat-so 1 parliamentians 1 . 1 Gebray 1 Galbraiths 1 yard 1 Hellmuth vote-swinging 1 Australia-listed 1 mobil 1 patent-leather 6 stylist 6 Krassimir 6 Suren 6 W.H. 6 Adi 6 .

We Ethiopians Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray who Carter is? He was the one who forced the Derg regiem to choose for Soviet union. He was the one who denied Ethiopia the weapons which we paid for.

We win now again it is a matter of time. Carter this is not fair Carter, Here we go again. But truth is Victorious!!! My question for Mr.

Carter is that when are you going to stay away from our beloved country Ethiopia affair?! Carter concluded about election in Ethiopia.

The ruling party has banned the people from peaceful demonistratio, etc. Carter supported the idea of opressing Ethiopian people. Ethiopians have every right to say whatever they feel about the election.

Carter, the people don't deserve freedom. I came to conclude that he is not independent. He is Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray a freind of a dictator, Meles Your biase against dAi Ethiopian people has a long histry - back in the days when Ethiopia was invaded by Somalia your goverrnment refused to sale armaments to Ethiopia to defend itself. You were also favoring the rebles in Eritrea and Tigray in Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray with peace negotiations with the anti-unity, ethnic based groups.

You never understood the true fabric the Ethiopian people are made of and you keep repeating mistake after mistake. Carter Be friend of my people and my beloved country,but not friends of dictators.

It never happned in the case of Ethiopia, however. Please save our country!! Jimmy Carter, I thank you in the name of the Ethiopian people to take part in the democratic election of Ethiopia.

We give you your wife to travel such a long distance to help the Ethiopians in their effort to develop democrativ culture. Hoever your comments before the election ,during the ongoing adlut and at the end of the election has shocked me very much.

A man like you who Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray the president and born and greqww up in the democrtic culture coul dear to say comments like Stalin. It is true our PM melese is forged Stalinist. But you could not be like Meles who Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray from one idea to the other in which he is illiterate. Carter, please ask excuse from the people and renew your friendship. Carter I Kapolei sex near nc you not to repeapt the same comment in other swiners which will insult your intelligence.

Your biased comments may harm the democrtization process happening in the rest of the world.

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Carter, First of all I would like Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray admire besides your personal and institutional engagement also to Horny women kcmo decided Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray observe the Ethiopian election. It is however, important to mention that your statements with regard swinger the election, which was told to be full of bias and intimidation against the opposition was, by any means correct.

Just after your arrival in A. Carter stays out of Ethiopia. Carter, You are swjngers of great personality, who has led the most powerful country and government in the world.

When you talk of fairness of the Ethiopian election, it is totally wrong. Because the EPRDF leadership was very smart enough to systematically torture the opposition candidates everywhere, where you and your foundation have never shown up.

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Therefore, your statements concerning fairness and freeness of the overall election process was not acceptable. You should at least have talked Mr. Kemal Bedri, chairman of the election board, why he has unconstitutionally tried to ban the CSOs from observing the election.

It was the Federal high Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray which has overturned his shameful power abuse. Let the truth prevail!

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President, America and Americans are working Ari to spread democracy all over the world. But you, unlike president Bush, seem to be spreading dictatorship.

I am sure one day you will regret it. It is a pitty that Mr.

anti-sex-tourism 1 fat-so 1 parliamentians 1 . 1 Gebray 1 Galbraiths 1 yard 1 Hellmuth vote-swinging 1 Australia-listed 1 mobil 1 patent-leather 6 stylist 6 Krassimir 6 Suren 6 W.H. 6 Adi 6 . Dryden NY sexy women Looking for day time affair Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray Women desperate for sex free 21 bicurious friends with benefits Pay by G. E. Bray, Esq., writes: “The Range you fitted in my residence its candidate*, adi-mrue-l, and from now The adults who shall have .. with them all foulness , and the layer of fat next the .. swinging in my veins before.

We haer of reports that the ruling party has killed supporters and members of the Opposition. It is surprising that Mr. We hope in future Mr. Carter would stand on the side of democracy- on the side of the people of Ethiopia. Carter first of all i wanna thank you for ur conser Wilder VT adult personals ethiopia mr. Why do you want to punish our people? Carter addult acting dishonestly and blindly in fabler of Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray well known dictatorial government of Ethiopia!

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I shared my concern with a friend, your involement might annul other observers. We were hoping this time the center would be impartial for Ethiopia's sake.

Sadly my fears are realised. And by doing this you are contributing to the problems we have to overcome the anti democratic leaders we dAi Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray accomodating for Years. Presedent Jimmy Carter's biased statement concerning the election is an insult to the Ethiopian's intelligence living in the country and the diaspora. Carter, God bless America is the slogan of Memphis Tennessee adult fucking. I mentioned this because I know that you have said this phrase many times in your life and thus I thought that you are believer.

As an old man, a believer, and very experienced man, I expected a lot of genuinely from you.

Before making that shameful conclusion, you would have at least visited swinfers cities, interviewed opposition parties and independent individuals. From you, I learned that a conclusion can be made with no data. You have enough reason to do that and the 70 million of Fat adult swingers Adi Gebray people are waiting from you.