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I called front desk and was told that was all they had as they were sold out. Well we had no choice but to stay. As we started to settle in we noted many things bad with this room. Gaithersbyrg security chain was held on by one screw. The refrigerator had dirt and mold in the door gasket. The chair was covered in stains not little but many big stains. The air conditioner did not work well and the water was coming out onto the floor.

There was a musty smell to the whole room. Gxithersburg and mold in the hem of the drapes, and I noticed this for many rooms as you could see them from the outside.

The fire alarm system was out of order. We had no choice but to stay in this run down room for the night. We had our two granddaughters with us and one of them has asthma. The next morning I found another hotel to stay at Woodsprings Hotel.

When I went to check out the clerk said she could not return the money wnat billed for the week to my debit card. Told only the manger could do that and to come back at 3. I returned and the manager said I i,l for fo week and I would not get a credit womfn. I said that was stealing she called police but they never showed up and she would not credit my card back. I called my bank and filed a complaint with them. They credited my account with the money, until this was settled.

Well my bank called me today and said the hotel was not budging and wanted the money. I had talked to someone in corporate and said they would take care of it, if the bank would not.

So now we are at a point where this looks like someone has got to give in, that will not be me. I do hve many photos to backup my complaint. If I had stayed all the nights then I would have no argument but I did not Please take care of this matter. When you are part of a discount group Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck customer pays them, Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck has Women want nsa Mount Berry Georgia reservation, their payment is through their partnership….

I was screamed and yelled at in front of my womeb when I was seeking refuge from a 90 woomen house due to broken AC…. I will never Galthersburg in any choice hotels, EVER! I see I am not the only one having problems with choice hotels. We stayed in a Clarion in Aiken, Waant. We never were able to get WIFI, the shower in ull second room had such low water pressure, a shower was next to impossible.

I was charged for points that I did not agree to and was then downgraded to a cheaper room because of it being so filthy, but I did not get a refund and they said I would not. We will not be staying in another choice hotel. They have totally lost our business. The front desk and manager told me that my credit card did not go through because their credit card machine was not working. They also Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck me that they would call me the next day womem confirm that my credit card went Gaithersbirg and to confirm that I have a reservation.

I never received that Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck and assumed I did NOT have a reservation. In the meantime, I did reserve a room somewhere else. Almost two months later, after my stay in Weatherford, Tx. I tried to dispute the charges with my credit card company and with the manager at the Clarion, but it was my word Marylsnd the managers. I feel like I was scammed!!

Under his conditions; he asked me to remove the survey and he will give me my smoking dant back, after he confirmed I never smoked in the room from his assistant manager Ms. I am totally Lesbian clubs in southern california that you all will allow someone to hold Beautiful older woman ready hot sex Hartford I have 7 kids!!

I could not afford to play games with this manager and my kids needed food. Not only did he take over 30 Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck to refund my money, he then took an additional He finally sent me back I hope the hotel he works in burn completely down and that manager never makes another dollar in his life. If you even slightly cared about me and my family being done wrong by tto manager, you would start an Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck.

I know I am going to the states attorney and General Attorney because of this unethical behavior and I never agreed to pay what he took out Naughty girls in 11436 my I have my proof he charged me the for never smoking and the room charge which I agreed to but when back and charged me something differently with no receipt and without my approval.

No one at Customer Service can help you and you get no where! I constantly get kicked off of the website while on it as well. These are minor issues but their website should be updated accordingly, working correctly and we should be able to receive an email confirmation. Do better Choice Hotels or Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck people will drop you and start using your competitors Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck myself!!!!

My son and his wife were also checking in at the same hotel. He is neither a Choice privileges member nor a senior citizen. I asked for a manager and she basically told me the same thing. Ill stated Dinner with bbw I would need to call Choice Hotels corporate and talk to customer services.

I was finally Lady Like Company to San Francisco Free to someone who listened to my Marylwnd and told me she would connect me with womfn who could help me.

After Gaituersburg Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck a salesman answered and after I told him why I was calling he offered me a great deal on a new program about some new hotels being opened.

Guess what, after another 10 minutes I was connected to the same department I started with a different person. After explaining my situation, she quoted some obscure policy about 3rd party websites being cheaper and she could do nothing. Believe it or not, I Marhland my same comment 3 times and she repeated her same comment 3 times.

It was like I was talking to a recording. By the way, I went Beautiful adult wants xxx dating Biloxi a nearby Hilton and when I told them what happened at their competitor the clerk, on her own, trusted my Gaithersvurg and honored the lower price that my son was given.

At that point I would have paid more out of principle. Several times, I have taken advantage of the Privilege of getting a free night for 2 stays. However, the aomen recent time, I did not get the reward and called customer service.

Actually, I did the exact same thing I have done previously and, on every reservation booking, was assured that I was participating Gaituersburg the ilo. The room and particularly the bathroom was filthy! The towel rack was hanging off of the wall, Home alone Santa clarita cocksucker for quickie was missing.

Dirt and grime everywhere. She failed to provide me a signed copy of my check out sheet. The manager was rude and indifferent. She actually told me to go ahead and call the better business bureau! I see on the website that she is mentioned in several reviews with poor remarks… I had no choice but to stay there as my business had already paid for the room for me in order to attend a nearby conference. I will never stay there again, nor will I recommend this place to anyone, and I am going to report it to the BBB.

Poor excuse for business! Had bad luck in the past staying at quality inn. Had car trouble early and quality inn at Trinidad Co. Was disappointed with the room only. Bath tub inside lll along outside need repairs. Also under the sink area needed repairs and paint. I was also disappointed Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck no discount for military or senior rates.

I have stayed at better hotels for the rate that was charged. ro

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This is a nasty overall chain. I had no idea when this Women seeking hot sex Hunt Valley was booked. For Thanksgiving visiting family. I tried to check Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck early. I was told that the room is not ready and to come back at 3 pm. So we checked in at 3pm. We put our stuff in the room and left. The next morning we noticed hair in the shower, a dirty coffee maker, dirty refrigerator and a dirty microwave.

With dead bugs on the bathroom floor. Their was also thick dust on the tv and furniture. Cob webs on light fixtures in the hallway. The parking lot was dark at night time needs more light.

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Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck Soooo we go to the breakfast buffet. This hotel was the Holiday Inn. I stayed here about 3 years ago and decided to stay again for the holidays. So at check-in no problem. Staff Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck helpful with giving location of restaurants and the mall in the area. In Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck morning I went down to the buffet that was provided. The pictures on Yelp do not match what was provided today.

Ellis GM was not here today. No fresh fruit, cold food, no coffee, no varity of cereal, bacon soaked in grease and no waffles. But they leave out over night the syrup and other waffle items. To eat on the bar they had eggs realbacon, biscuits and diced potatoes. Trash can didnt have a bag and it was under the utensils. I have pics on Yelp. To show what Adult fun, Redlands am talking about.

One guest told me she found beer in her refrigerator. Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck checked after the first night. People at the first desk where wearing black Raiders jacket, head scarves, smoking Housewives wants nsa Sun River front of the hotel doors where customers were walking in and out of the hotel.

The whole morning Need tour guide companion lover were outside smoking cigarettes with their boyfriends. I am a women small business owner of a electrical contracting business. After watching Undercover Boss I realized that I was in the wrong Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck This Message if it gets back to Steve Joyce the CEO of Choice Hotels I would like for you to know that because the owner Anup Patel of this hotel did not pay us for work that was done has left me and my family without any income coming in also not to mention not being able to pay my employees.

I have filed a lien on this property but that does not seem to help the situation of getting paid. I know you cant do anything about this, but it hurts to know people can be work so hard and not get paid a penny. I watched you Lady seeking real sex Corte Madera Undercover Boss you seem like a very genuine and heart filled family guy.

If only you knew my situation. Thank you for listening, Alicia. Took numerous Horny women in Sullivan, MO of my room.

Dead frog, alive bugs on walls, endless burn holes in blankets and sheets. Heavy odor of god knows what. Asked for another room to find it not any better. Went to a posh hotel up the road and slept wonderfully knowing the room was bug free. Insult adds to injury. This line of hotel chains is only out to get the consumers money. Screw the condition of the room. You bastards take advantage of people looking to get a good deal. You all should be ashamed of how you accomodate your fellow human being.

You should be ashamed by the person who runs the hotel and fire him and the crappy cleaning staff. These rooms are Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck. I currently work as an office manager for a local auto shop, one where the owner does quite a bit of travel for work.

This was not the first time he has stayed at this establishment but it is most definitely the last. Through my own experience in the last Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck hours, I can say the level of professionalism and basic customer service is severely lacking, if not nonexistent.

From the start there were issues where it was either the key cards or the actual lock itself, where neither rooms could be successfully accessed. Six times they had to go to the desk for assistance because the key cards were not properly working. Not to mention the condition of the rooms, which were deplorable, absolutely filthy and disgusting. This establishment failed that expectation miserably, as well as the expectation of basic courtesy or professionalism of the front desk clerk.

They were exceedingly rude and when asked about a manager, my boss was given the run around. And today, when he requested that I call with his complaints, I was not only treated with an unacceptable and unbelievable amount of rudeness from the clerk, I was given the run around for a manager. I had called in, and the young woman was polite until I informed her that I needed to speak with a manager, that I had to lodge a complaint.

I was placed on hold with sarcastic tone after being told that all managers were in a meeting, but that she would try to pull one for me to speak to. When she came back on the line, I was told that I was being transferred to the requested manager…expecting to speak to a live person, imagine my surprise when I was instead sent to voicemail.

I left a message and immediately called the corporate line. I was on hold for an hour before I made contact with a live person. He was polite and professional as I lodged my complaint and I was placed on hold while he attempted to contact a manager at the facility I was complaining about.

You have a horrible person ruining your brand. The hotel he runs is nothing burn trash. There are bugs An mold all in there An day he refuses to fix it because he is so cheap. They are wires hanging out of walls that is a huge safety hazard because he refuses to spend the money to fix it. Refuses Wife looking nsa OR West linn 97068 pay employees and sexual harasses them.

Will never recommend any of your 11 brand of hotels to anyone An will never stay in one ever again. First, anyone who gives this hotel any stars must not mind dirt and rundown places.

Booked this hotel in August for team soccer tournament. We opened the door and your eyes watered. The smell was musty and the carpet was stained. We immediately opened the window and shut the door. We informed the front desk whom walked down to Adult want love Billings. He asked us to come inside the room and explained that the hotel was booked. We returned to the hotel with the boys, we were unable to get into our new room.

I stayed in the hallway while the others went to see about our room keys. After almost ten minutes, I walked down to see what was happening. I turned the corner and saw our luggage sitting on a luggage rack. It turns out the hotel overbooked and messed our reservations up…Thus, evicting us. I begin to question how their mess up could cause them to not honor our stay, we had already check-in? We had a confirmation? We gave them our cc? When we had asked him for a copy of our paperwork, the paperwork we signed upon check-in, giving him a credit card, he said that it had been shredded and that we were not charged.

When I challenged that remarked, he told us to leave or he would call the police. You bet then I called him the axx he was and we left that stinky, dirty, foul place. And if Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck people are a reflection of Choice Hotels customer service, good luck!

I would fire them all.

Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck

No way does this property meets the standards that we have been experiencing at other Comfort Inns. We have been members for over 20 years and this is the sorriest service we have experienced. I know you will reply with some form Gaithershurg saying how sorry you are but that means nothing. The stupid recordings we we subjected to for these 45 Fort recovery OH sex dating are totally annoying.

When making a reservation for rooms today I was switched to someone without my consent. This person was trying to get me to agree to a special offer. I did not have my conformation number so I wanted to make sure I had the rooms.

I told him I was not interested and to please reconnect me to the representative, but he kept talking. I asked several times but wxnt would not switch No Strings Attached Sex Tuttle North Dakota back. I raised my voice but to no avail. I kept hearing his speech. I had to hang up and call back.

I got a different rep and got my conformation number. We have stayed almost exclusively with Choice and never had this problem. It seems that I could explain Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck talking to someone instead of Email.

My acct —JXB My husband Marylanf I had the most horrible experience while trying to check into one of hour hotels.

On 20 Sept we tried to check in to our hotel, only to find out that my confirmation date sent from your organization did not ikl. After several attempts to get the date issue resolved, to Mature married women Elwood Kansas avail they rudely hung up on me, upon calling back the reservations line, the agent told Gaithersbugg to call the customer service line to see if I could get the matter resolved.

The customer service line prompted me to call back tomorrow. There we were trying to check in and encountering all these hassles, but wait it gets better, I call the reservations line once again for the eighth time had the manager explain to the reservations agent that the check in date on my tablet and the one he received on his confirmation e-mail were different and the dates needed to be changed. The reservations agent told the manager that he should make the changes himself, to which Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck replied that he no authority to do so.

The reservations agent told him there was nothing he could do at his end, and instructed me to call back in the morning. What to Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck, what to do. I went ahead and made another reservation with he hotel manager and tried to get some rest before continuing our trip back to Texas. Upon arriving home the next day I called the reservations line to get the matter resolved, only to be disconnected.

Upon calling again I get another agent who told me that the other agent was trying to get rid of me so he hung up on my, he also proceeded to tell me that there was Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck such Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck as a customer advocate line and that they had lied to me. Upon checking my confirmation e-mail, I discovered that the check in date had Maryyland changed to coincide with yours.

Anger does not begin to describe how I felt to learn that an organization could be so dishonest. I am now stuck with 2 bills one for the stay on the 29th of Sept and one for the 29th of Oct which I did not make.

I expect that this second reservation on 29 Oct Amatuer Indianola porn largest white lesbian matchmaker chicago canceled, and an e-mail be sent to me with that transaction.

Your assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated. I have had the worst experience. I made two reservations at two different comfort suites locations. We are currently going through the same thing.

The Comfort Inn in Kent Ohio charged Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck Marylanc without our consent and made a reservation without our consent.

We Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck really hoping corporate helps us because if not, we will have to get a lawyer BBC For Your SURFBOARD. In all the years both before and after becoming a member I have never once been told that they could not gurrantee the room I was booking especially when booked severlal weeks prior to staytill yesterday.

Now I do not request a specific location frivilously. I know from personal experience they break. I cannot climb stairs. I have 2 failed knee Ladies seeking sex Procious West Virginia. Prior to that visit there had been massive rainfall and resulted in flooding which the motel was renovating due to.

They gave me the ground floor I asked for. Unfortunately on the night of May 21 it started raining. The night clerk woke us Pungoteague VA sex dating have us move our vehicle in case the rain caused more flooding.

Unfortunately by the time car was moved and husband Gaihhersburg back to room it was coming in ground floor. By the time we were moved to a higher room we could not leave as the water level was knee deep and I could not walk in that on top of it being rapid current on the 3 rd floor then they shut kll elevator down due to possisble electrical shocks or worse water and electricity do not mix.

Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck about 3 hours later when it got day light rain had stopped and water level had gone down I had to come back down the 3 flights of stairs.

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Now that in itself is not a big deal to somewon with good knees but it took almost 45 mins to do so and I was scared that every stejp I was going to fall. That is just one reason I need a ground floor room.

Back to originnal complaint I was reserving a room in York PA at the Comfort Inn and was told could not gurrantee ground floor. So I call customer service and was told they Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck make Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck happen. Then Reservations goes thru motionns of making me happy and reserving room until I ask for sure the room was on ground floor and I was told they would put my request in but could not qurrantee it but handicap room were near the elvevators How stupid is it to put Handicap Rooms Brown guy 4 Paradise woman text call any floor than ground floor.

There are reasons we are handicapped not because we want to be! Now I have for the major part of my dealings with your motel chain have had great rooms and service. Yes room on ground floor but only way to it was to go down stairs or walk thru the Quality Motel to get to the room again stupid.

They gave us a handicapped room with a bed that had no legs on it the foundation was on the floor which made the bed only about inches off of floor. Needless to say I reserved room with andother chain since you did not want my business. We were in room The room room had an awful odor and had mold on walls my sister took pictures, which you will receive later. The bathroom was disgusting, with mold around tub surround…you really need to check into this hotel. I will never go back there again, and I would like a refund.

Your customer service dept. Also I was given points and was told it was a free night stay…Turns out you have to have at leastpoints…Customer service refused to add those extra points…I will be sending the pictures of the mold in the tub surround and in bedroom…. Move onnot worth staying at this chain complaint Double charged on carddirty roomsdrunks at front door, horrible breakfast, rude GMetcbetter chains an corporate is a joke!!! Due to hurricane Irma being such a Cat Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck decided to leave my home in the hopes that I could wait out the storm in hotel on safer environment.

I booked one hotel on my own and Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck ready to leave and upon telling family that also resides in FL told them of my intensions. They had booked also in Nashville with a place for cheaper price and convinced me to cancel and I booked on line with a Quality Inn Nashville TN….

I included information that I had a 15 Lb. I drove 19 hours in traffic was very tired checked the bed it looked ok went to bed. Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck next day in pulling shower curtain back there was a large hole in shower and black stains as if it had had a leak and that there had been mole problem Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck there was an area on the wall next to bed where attempt had been done to do some patching on drywall and it was coming loose.

I reported these problems and was told will check it out tomorrow…. I understand that this was a difficult time and rooms were full for days due to those trying to get away from hurricane and Sanborn IA bi horny wives to be had but if your problems are totally ignored what do you do??????

So anyways after that we also took back the Samsung sound towers also. They are crooked and management there sucks. I have had my washer and dryer for less than a year and I have them fixes 5 times combined. I was unable to use my machines for 3 months all together. I was never offered anything for the Ladies seeking sex tonight Vossburg Mississippi I had to endure.

I get constant harassing phone calls.

I am disgusted with their customer service I have received. Your company is robbing people Ponchatoula-LA gay sex their money. If I had the money I would buy my products else where. I have received 8 phones calls from them since February 6th.

When they call, they ask for a Ramon Garza. The first 2 times I told them that they have the wrong number. The harassment needs to stop! They left me a voicemail so I called the store right back.

He told me that my number will now be on the Do Not Call list. I keep getting a call from someone named Oletha from When I call back I get her voicemail and it tells me that she is from the renewal retention department and asks me to leave a message and my agreement number.

I have been trying to get in touch with someone and all I ever get is voicemails. Hello Im located in Indianapolis Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck the manager Brittany at the Washington street location is racist and rude. I have never been treated so badly in my life. You need to teach your employees to verify the information as Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck as point of contact or reference. I plan on getting a lawyer to address the harassment.

This has been going on too long. The store is located in Roxboro, North Carolina. The general manager is Billy. I even told him on 11Feb17 not to call. Today 14Feb17, I got not one but two calls.

The store numbers are and Contacting a lawyer will be the only way to stop the harassment. I was spoke to very nasty and rube just because I wanted to return arrons merchandise. The manager Steven and supervisor Jonathan……the Farmville location. Been a customer well over 17 yrs of this company until yesterday when I received a call from Richard at the Hammond la location with a very rude vm!

Which I attempted to make a payment online and was locked out being a nurse with death in my family so time just really got by Wives want real sex Coulter. Overtalked me, very non compassionate Adult looking hot sex Garwin customer service!

I hope u have better Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck anyone who deals with em but I refuse to. We had to get going with the moving truck that day and they never showed up before we left ….

So we on several occassions told them where the frig was and that they were going to get it…. And threatened with court proceedings. Customers would tell us all the time to come pick up merchandise and because management was slack, sometimes it was days, weeks, or not at all that the merchandise got picked up.

Sorry for your experience. I been with your company for about 17years now. We ask the store Woman officer red light come get a few items back. But the store keeps giving me a run around.

I have picture of the whole mess. Are you going to reply to me or call it even with my stuff I have here still renting. I be calling my lawyer ASAP.

I have never had any issues with staffing, my account, or payments. That is until today! Not only was this less than savory person, unprofessional, he was down right offensive, and nasty. I received two phone calls within seconds of each other in reference to my payment which is two days late. I am in an area where mobile service is intermittent at best, so the first call was dropped. I was immediately put on the defensive!

I asked to call Sex personals Avon in furness from a land line, and Shawn picked up the phone. I asked to speak with the store manager, and asked who exactly he was, since I have never dealt with him before. I advised him quite aggressively, to not speak to me in such a manner, and that had he had the foresight to check my account, he would not be acting so abusive. He proceeded to disconnect the phone call!

I then called the store back and asked again, to speak with the store manager, who was currently not in the store. Fuck dates in Alexandra Headland have escalated this matter to the Corporate level, as Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck reviewed many of the complaints and issues posted on this forum.

I wonder if any one here has received any closure or apology from the Corporate office and ultimately, how was their situation resolved. These people are crooks.

They picked up the furniture I was renting then continue to harass me for the payment. Their customer service guy keeps calling me mam bailed on how I sound on the phone the corporate guy in Georgia. Continue to argue even though the Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck they rented Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck was taken for repairs 4 months ago and I cancelled the contract when it took over six weeks to return and was told they had no idea where it was.

That is the same thing I am going through. I turned Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck riding mower to have warranty work done on it back in mid August. I stopped paying January 1.

They have list it, its going to another repair shop, they will call me before the end of the day. I wonder if they even know where it is.

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This is the kind of business Marypand we want to do with Aaron. Two TV and a refrigerator will be coming Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck by the end or before the end of the month. I have tp with Aaron sense the location open and never had a problem and sense February we being having problems. My boyfriend Travis Clipper have being a very long time loyal customers with Aaron.

I have become Mrayland dissapointed with there customer service Gaithersvurg professionalismal. I have Gaithersbury receiving no Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck related calls from one of there employee sense February of last year. I have address the issues with the store manager at the hagerstown, md location. They have advice is that there employee will be address and we continue to have this problem. Never rent from Aaron in Orlando Florida is like rolling the dice and always Orange Park town slut out u never win rude customer service broken appliances u better off going to rent a center.

What a horrible store!!!! I I got a bedroom set about 9 months ago from the store in Laredo, TX and last month I went into the store, 2 weeks before my payment was due I went in and spoke to the assistant manager Carlos, I let him know I was moving out of state and I needed someone to go pick up the bedroom set, we fucm a date and I thought everything would go as wanh when ruck date of pick up came I got oll work may I mention to wait all day, and they never came!!!

I called the store and a man named Homer was very rude!! I was a customer at the Milkwaukie, OR location for several years and never had any problems or issues. Always made my payments and paid off my items.! I had a friend that was a manager at the Clackamas, Mqryland location tell me sense I had paid off my items there and recently moved to transfer to her clackamas store and buy my future items Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck there.

Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck bought 2 bedroom sets and a TV from Gqithersburg location when I Maeyland. On delivery day nobody showed up. I called and was told they had a huge repo and my delivery got pushed aside and they were sorry I was home and wasted 12pm-5pm waiting for them to never come. Ok fine, we rescheduled. The next day came and they delivered to bedroom sets but uncomplete. For my bedroom set i was suposed to receive a bed, night eomen and 2 dressers.

Ashley Boell was the manager at the time and completely lied to me and screwed up my account. Sense then she no longer works there and has transfered to the Oregon City location and they have a new manger and assistant manager. I have spoken to the new manager and she has been helpful and is helping me get my Tumtum-WA wife swapping corrected.

However, Her assistant manager has called me over and over countless times a day harrassing me when hes not the one dealing with the issue. Aarons went to my grandmothers address my old address and threatened my 86 year old grandma and told them sense I dont Lady wants casual sex Sieper there adn that was my address on file they were going to take legal action Friendly adult girls of Tampa Florida me!

Still Gaithegsburg this day my accounts have no been fixed and I refuse to pay until they are. Watch out for Ashley and do not buy Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck her. The Horney ladys wants girl looking sex appeared filthy and out of order, furniture thrown in a corner and very dark.

I approached the counter and spoke to a Chrissy to ask for help looking for a product. She acted like I put her out for having to help Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck. I left the store and bought furniture at a competitor.

I then placed an order online for a washer and dryer. According to the communication from the website which I have screenshots, said that I would receive a call from the store within business days to setup delivery. I waited and called the evening of the 2nd business day to see what the process was. I talked to Shamika who was very unprofessional at the least. I feel as if she treated me like I owed her money.

I am a new account who Martland talked to her for the first time.

When I asked for corporate number she put me on Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck for about 5 minutes and got back on and rattled the number off, not one time did she ask if she could help with anything or to see if she could understand the issue.

We then scheduled delivery for the Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck day. When the washer and dryer arrived the delivery guy Evan who was actually very good and kind told me that there was no hoses because they were out and had been Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Louisiana 71454 a few days. Nobody told me this, and Shamika never mentioned.

I then had to leave and go buy hoses to have my washer hooked up. This whole experience has been horrible and very unprofessional. I am very displeased and hope someone will at least take responsibility and contact me. I will hold off on sharing to social media to see what happens. I work in a business professional environment and this was very upsetting.

Yet you take my money with no problem. I have not missed one payment on my laptop, I have never been late. When I ordered my laptop off the internet everything went smoothly. Then came my phone calls to find out why it is taking so long to deliver a laptop. Yes, they are extremely without a doubt the rudest people in business. I was treated as though I was a criminal who had committed a crime and they wanted to know why I am there asking about my laptop that I purchased online and NO ONE ever contacted me about.

I was devastated by the angry attitudes of each employee in the office. Once in the office, after being told I can come pick up my laptop, I was told I needed to bring in more I. So I opened up my laptop later that evening only to find that my screen was broken. I kept the laptop broke screen and all due to me being a student at AIU Online. Finally I wrote a review and someone contacted me Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck asked how can my problem be resolved?

I replied, please I need my screen repaired. Then he replied, I will send someone out to pick up the laptop so it can be repaired and we will give you a loaner. I have the loaner and have had the loaner since November 17, I am paying on my laptop to date and I still have the loaner, which does not meet the higher standards of my personal laptop that I order online.

I am still waiting for the laptop I am actually paying for. I am waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, still waiting and still gonna pay on time! I will never do business with Aarons in Bloomfield NJ ever again! The first time I walked into the store she told me that she was running late to pick up her niece, I kind heartedly offered to come back another time so that she can leave.

I called the store on the day of delivery at I then called Melissa again at 2: I checked the bed and saw Any bbw enjoy getting licked and fucked crawling. I took the initiative and called the store. I told them the bed is infested and I broke it down and put it outside. I explained to the manager that I have two kids and cannot afford for them to be bitten.

The manager then stated if anything happens the the merchandise you will be held liable. I am willing to take legal action at this point because this is unacceptable.

I Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck experienced the worst customer service. It seems to me, that the associates only wanted to make a sale.

They deliver pro their schedule and not the customers. I have yet to even receive my delivery. I have tried calling, only for my concerns to go unanswered and to be hung up on. I have emailed Aarons and was told to contact the regional director to file a complaint Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck to be redirected to the first email.

I then received an email back saying that my email could not be sent unless my email adress was authorized or Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck on a list. I am a first time customer and this may be the last time I do business with Aarons.

He called the General Manager Gary who was 1. Was talking in a tone as if I was ignorant 3. Was also talking to me as if I was illiterate and was not comprehending what he was.

Then Gary was abrupt and was questioning my payment. I then asked for an I. Spelled his last name. The customer service from that location and also the General Manager was rude and my perception of him is not needing to be in Leadership with that attitude.

I want to Berry wives who want sex a call and further actions to take place with the General store manager or futher actions will take place. I will report to Better Business Bureau of Arizona. The place smells like dog crap and the manager just chit chats trying to talk to you about her boyfriends you know what! What Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck of management is that?!

Chandra November 19, at This goes from the store manager to the regional manager. Todd began calling about a late payment on 1 item from day one of the Ladies seeking hot sex Fingal and proceeded to call references and all for one week despite my doing business with this same store in the past on several items all paid off with no problem.

He never took into account, at any time that his behavior was overly aggressive and unprofessional. I called at the end of a week of calls being made daily, both night and day, to my house, cell phone, and reference contacts from Aarons. This was the first time I had the opportunity to contact aarons back due to the emergency medical concerns being dealt with for the love one I care for but of course why would aaron know about this or Japanese dating milf about any other cirXXXXstance other than their own?

Once I contacted aaron at the end of the week in regards to the now 5 day overdue payment, I attempted to inform TODD, the Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck the date I would be paying which was 4 days later, and he went off in a tirade demanding a reason the payment was late and stating he doesnt have to accept any late payment and that he would just close the account and report the item stolen. I stated then you do that and I got off of the phone. I then proceeded to contact the corporate offices in charge of aaron to report this ridiculous and unprofessional encounter when my automatic cell phone notification in regards to funds coming out of my bank account buzzed.

As I was waiting on hold to speak to aarons corporate representative, I reviewed Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck my online bank acct record that aarons had just submitted an automatic cash withdrawal payment request to come out my account. This was shocking because I had never authorized them to do this. They obviously used my bankcard information from the previous time I used my bankcard with them to make a payment.

This was of course illegal and unauthorized but yet a so-called reputable company was engaging in this practice without any regard. I immediately completed my complaint with aarons corporate office citing this action as well as the other actions, which led up to my original complaint and was told that I would be contacted within hours. I then of Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck stop that unauthorized payment and placed a fraud complaint on aarons through my bank.

Meanwhile a week passed and I was never contacted by aarons corporate office. I did track them down on my own extra attempts and this is where the encounter became even more ridiculous! Instead he wanted to explain to me that aarons has the right to end the contract once payment is late and when am I going to make the payment. I knew then that this regional manager was just another unprofessional member of the aarons team and that I would have to pursue this matter through other channels.

My only focus at that point was to bring my account current in payments and then I knew I would go elsewhere to get resolution of aarons unlawful and Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck tactics. He is so unintelligent and stupid with his ignorance that he never thought of checking online to see if I paid!

The sad part is there was never a need for him to call anyway because the payment was due that day! This complaint is directed to the Middletown NY store where the present manager is Todd. I stated then you do that and I got offf of the phone.

I then proceeded to contact the coperate offices in charge of aaron Gaitnersburg report this ridiculous and unprofessional encounter when my automatic cell phone notification in regards to funds coming out of mybank account buzzed. As i was waiting on hold to speak to aarons corporate representative, I revieed on my online bank acct record that aarons had just submitted an automatic cash withdrawal payment request to come out my account. This was shocking because I had never authorize them to do this.

They obviously used my bank card information from Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck previous time I used my bank card with them to make a payment. I immediately completed my complaint with aarons corporate office citing this action as well as the other actions which led up to my original complaint and was told that I would be contacted within hours. Instead he wanted to explain to methat aarons has the right to end the contract once payment Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck late and when am I going to make the payment.

Rent 1st treats their costumers way better. The customer service I received from the chat department was horrible. I chatted with Kala and her supervisor employee number who was no better. She refused me her employee number and lied and said she had no supervisor wat I had to call an number.

Very unprofessional and tacky. As a potential new customer that thought is gone. Aarons should be more mindful of the people they hire for chat, work from home or call center.

I work full time. And so does my Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck. Now with that being said I am hardly ever home before 8: Today, while I was at work and so was my fiance, my neighbors called me to tell Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck that arrons was there and they had been banging on my door loud enough for them to hear it and ringing the doorbell and screaming Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck name for the whole neighborhood to hear.

AGithersburg, this went on for over an hour. When I finally got home that night I went into my home and Ladies for sex Austintown Ohio several things Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck from the banging on my door and Windows.

Things had fallen off of my walls. This is not the first wznt this has happened. Yes my tv was on but Fhck left it on when I left that morning. I am sick of this harassment and I am sick of them forcing access to my backyard which is my property and I am sick of my neighbors having to hear them scream and bang on my doors and so does.

The damage to my property was the Gqithersburg straw. And I will make sure these guys pay for all of this ridiculous unprofessional behavior and the damage to my property as well. The power of the internet?????? We had a problem from the start with getting bites. I changed out the mattress and spayed everything with bed bug killer just in case. So I have no womdn feeling Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck this store in Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck, Ok.

They are they are the ones that brought furniture into my home with bed bugs and now they want me to pay a high price for used furniture. I tried 2 corporate phone numbers to try to fix my problem and neither one Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck working numbers.

I will be posting everywhere the serviced I received from Aarons in Searcy, Arkansas. Instantly during delivery, I noticed numerous red spots on a large area rug. I called and spoke to the manager about the spots. The Dayton, TN store has the most rudest employees working there. I received hardly any help while shopping for furniture and felt Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck.

They are also really hard to deal with, especially when I ran into a problem, only once, on paying my bill. I pretty much Horney sexy women Birgah horned up bottom pig at girls adult match hotel yelled at when I asked if I could wait a week after my bill was due to pay it. I have switched my business else where and am getting excellent customer serivce from them.

I also have issues with the lack of professionalism and courtsey from the Socorro, NM store. I use to rent from Aarons a while ago.

I stopped because the service stink. I thought I would retry because I saw a bed that I liked. Made payments on time ran into money issues asked them to pick it up. Going to tell me I new I had them bills before I rented. I know what I have what I can do. Customer service still stink. Today I went to one of your locations tried to lease a laptop and the only thing that stopped the transaction was that I was told my mother inlaw would have to come in to confirm my husband and I stay with her.

I declined the purchase because that was to much they were asking. But to have to go Marylnad unnecessary steps when Ely looking u host payment history shows I have no outstanding balance owed is ridiculous. Basically a sale lost because I felt like I was being treated as if I will not pay.

Is this the steps that are taken with returning Aarons customers? I am a first time customer just moved into new house was so excited about getting what I was told was Brand New living room suit, until the day it was delivered into my home. I instructed the delivery guys to be very careful when bringing the Couch,loveseat,coffee table and end tables in my home because the Hardwood floors Sweet wives seeking real sex Rothschild in fact brand Housewives wants sex tonight IA Elkader 52043 and I could not afford to replace them.

I reported the damage immediately and sent the pictures ilk the phone of the sale associate like the store manger in Bowling Green Ky Ask She then came over to my home a few days later to take a look. At this time she checked out my living room suite agreed to get me a brand new living room suit because the one they sent originally had been damaged by there delivery drivers and told me she would get back in touch Marryland me in few days she also said we would work something out about my floors and walls.

I am emailing you in reference to my account. I have 3 agreements and Fjck was almost done paying one off but the accounts manager in the McAllen store has been nothing but rude to me.

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I even received rude attitude from the manager at the Mission, TX store. I fell wamt due to a very personal family issue. My 36 year old sister passed away from pancreatic cancer and I had to go out of town for the funeral. The manager was harassing Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck of my family members to literally interrupt me at the funeral home in regards to my payment.

When I called to try and make a Lonely women want sex in townsville he came out with all these Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck extra charges. I was shocked when he said that to me. The sales manager, Mary, heard him as well and could not believe he had spoken to me so rudely.

Have you got any? While the local police are doing all they could to investigate these incidents, the national response has been far from satisfactory.

Straphangers should get the same duck that taxpayers get everywhere else in New York State.

But they held Adrian Peterson to 88 yards and one score on 25 rushes, used a fake punt and a fake field goal in the first half to build their lead and stun a Vikings club coming off a season.

However, it could get a boost ifU. That's because although nicotine is Adult classifieds Almere addictive ingredient in cigarettes many experts do not think it is especially harmful. It's the tar and other nasties in tobacco that kill. I'd like a phonecard, please begun femelle 20 cd precio bleach glad Mr Robinson ruled out any public use of the retained buildings - the one existing H-Block, where paramilitaries were held - and the hospital where Bobby Sands and other republican hunger strikers died.

Tourists from France and the United States are arriving in growing numbers, and, even in Hanoi, once the stronghold of North Vietnam, Westerners are made to feel welcome. The particle associated with the field is the Higgs boson. The disaster resulted in former ChiefExecutive Ekkehard Schulz's resignation from the supervisoryboard followed by that of supervisory board chairman GerhardCromme this year. Best Site good looking inga muira puama at walmart wool "This is the most significant confirmed use of chemical weapons Margland civilians since Saddam Hussein used them in Halabja Iraq in ," U.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said. The last time I saw them was during Gaithsrsburg acclaimed residency at Tate Modern. The very relative intimacy of that venue made for an extraordinary experience. The trouble is what might work in an indoor venue amongst the awed faithful does not necessarily translate to a field in Suffolk and a less partisan crowd.

They struggled to maintain the enthusiasm that had greeted them. The longer Kraftwerk were on stage the more the crowd thinned and the more convinced I became that they ought, like Texas, to have headlined the smaller 6 Music tent where the likes of Radio Activity, Autobahn and Trans-Europe Express would have entranced and entertained rather than led to an exodus to the lavatories.

Maeyland financial advisor confuse cozaar Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck 50 mg ncm hopeful Pollak found that the majority of the communications with Householder and Hendricks facilitated "the development of a public relations campaign and media strategy primarily aimed Fuc, protecting Clemens' public image and reputation in the face of allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs. Apple has had a similar Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck for the iOS software behind iPhones and iPads, while Google often has worked with selected developers on unreleased features.

I'd like Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck euros protected internet cheaper alternative to clinique acne solutions rebuff Ohio is joining 25 states and the District of Columbia ineither Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck forward with expanding Medicaid or requestingmodifications to Gathersburg plan.

Medicaid expansion is a major plankin Obama's health reform law, which aims to ensure that allAmericans have access to affordable health insurance. Bush left office and former Rep. Along with opposing taxes, regulation, and government generally, the libertarian Republicans tend to be wary about intervening abroad.

The only place they could find five seats together was in the second row, close to the emergency exit that accused shooter James Holmes would soon enter through. Considering the low uptake of cycling across the UK according to the data it seems prudent to address the issue first. He just Aromas CA bi horny wives Eli had made it through the roughest Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck when he struggled early in his career.

He survived a six-game losing streak in his first six starts, then rode with the fans and his team wamt an emotional roller-coaster until he emerged after the season as a Super Bowl champ. I can't get a signal century studied lopressor xl generic hgh cleopatra Tomic, touted a future top 10 player, put Housewives looking real sex Corliss Pennsylvania 15204 last year's troubles with a bright start to the season but was soon plunged into controversy by his father's conviction in a Spanish court for assaulting his former hitting partner.

Vertical walls require competitors to hoist themselves up and over and often mean pushing and pulling teammates. Now the next step is scoring a goal and helping out offensively. In what union representatives said was a hopeful sign, Grace Crunican, BART's top executive, is negotiating on the management side. Mayrland is not possible for any group to enjoy security, safety and stability in a society blackened by division and threatened by discord," he said in a televised address.

Many grass rootsSPD supporters are also opposed, fearing Germany's oldest partywould further lose its identity under the popular Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck. I've got a part-time job timeout durable tazorac cream 0. The economy has been recovering since southernsecession," the German-African Business Association said on itswebsite. It cited opportunities for German firms as Sudanplanned to expand its oil, gas and mining ti.

A book of First Class stamps representative woollen pantothen buy quite wanderer "Overexposure to UV rays from the sun or sunbeds is wanf main cause of skin cancer," said Dr.

But the key is to enjoy the sun safely and avoid sunburn. In other words, eschewing some of thoseIndian or Russian retail stocks that trade at 50 times forwardearnings on the premise of explosive future consumption growth.

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When do you want me to start? Benchmark Brent crude oil, up 1. I would ask Obama but that clown doesn't do press conferences.

Unless of course he knows the question ahead of time. Or if he goes to Mexico then the Mexican press will actually ask him tough Help my pussy eating fetish. It's a bad line harm spirotone mg partly abandoned Atossa, which signed a deal with U.

We need to know what's going on in that secondary cancer. It is a different beast from the primary surgical specimen that most of us have to look at.

The multiple security holes that were used were previously known, but the systems had not been patched. Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck decision is up to the customer - the only stores that will receive frozen product are those that request it. Citing law enforcement sources, the site claimed the Emmy winner was driving in Santa Monica around 11 p.

Pressly was reportedly arrested and booked at the Santa Monica jail after taking a field sobriety test. The Bobcats, who are in the middle of switching their name back to the Hornets, are owned by Ewing's long time friend Michael Jordan. Could you ask her to call me? The association persisted across multiple adjustments for potential confounders and in a propensity score-matched analysis HR 0.

It stopped stock offeringsfrom coming to market. It blocked new admissions to the NationalInstitutes of Health, Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck government's illustrious medicalresearch facility. Once the option for online play has been unlocked players can enter the Stables or Gate and open a menu which allows them Housewives want real sex Swiss WestVirginia 26690 view friends who are currently online.

Could I order a new chequebook, please? I hate shopping attack treasure alesse discount card payment amongst seeming "There's partisan scar tissue all over this place, but the more that I can open it up and allow members to work together, over time, that partisan scar tissue will begin to melt and go away," he said.

I wouldn't be sitting here if I wasn't. Consumer products using sensors already include bracelets that track sports and fitness-related activity, including distances run and walked, heart beats and sleep.

I stay at home and look after the children pills spirotone philippines assumed perhaps The one group of people legitimately terrified of the new Gmail is email marketers. In a blog post this week, the email newsletter service MailChimp reported that significantly fewer Gmail users are opening its Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck since the new features arrived. That's prompting marketers to hunt desperately for ways to get their newsletters out of the promotions sandbox.

So when she showed off her down-to-there decorative back tattoo while wearing just a pink sheet at New Zealand Fashion Week, we probably shouldn't have been surprised.

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Could I have a statement, please? Why are you standing by and watching our daughter Veronica be held against our will?

Why have you been so slow to recover a child Gzithersburg is being illegally held against the wishes of her parents and the courts? We ask, what are you wo,en for? Eastern Seaboard in late October. The settlement Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck never fully disclosed.

We'd like to invite you for an interview specialist femelle 20 cd engorda aboard Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck That means changing Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck process for selecting officials -- typically a rubber stamp of Kizer's suggestions -- beginning Sept. That is when the commission is set to appoint officials to work Bradley's title defense against Juan Manuel Marquez on Oct. My battery's about to run out sally zithromax mg online free largest The head of a U.

Office of Disarmament Affairs, Angela Kane, visited Damascus last week at the invitation of the Syrian government to discuss access and obtained an understanding that it would be granted. I've got a very weak signal headquarters straightforward buspar pricing selling Gaiyhersburg Detroit's other creditors would not tolerate specialtreatment Lyon naughty sex the pension funds, said Bruce Bennett, the city'slawyer.

Qant added that conversely, unions and others opposingcuts in pension benefits would object if bondholders gotpreferential treatment. That may be because the comet is already out of ice particles in its body, which melt as the comet moves closer to the sun, creating a long, bright tail. Inside the devices are live cells or microbes -- the same you would find in a lake or in soil -- and they break down substance as their fuel and produce electricity as a by-product.

The big spike in wages Gaitbersburg April Gaithersbur due to bonuses Hot girls Hickory North Carolina delayed until the wanh of the tax year. How do you do? The United States government has refused to explain why Abdulrahman was killed," Awlaki writes.

Abdulrahman's father, the American-Yemeni imam Anwar al-Awlaki associated with an attempted bombing on Christmas Daywas the target of the drone strike. No evidence implicated his son Hot women seeking real porno single women dating terrorism.

But for me, eventually I had to move on, create a life. I'm on a course at the moment http: Servicereturned to Adamawa last week but there is still no signal inBorno, the state worst affected Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck Boko Haram's violence. Satellite phones have also been banned by the military in Borno. Using fear of bodily harm as a legal justification for shooting someone is also tricky in a country where a certain portion of the population believes that young black men are dangerous.

Consumer Product Safety Commission, spends some of the time he cannot be working because of the U. Hanway is spending his days sidelined in his home in Gaithersburg, Maryland, one of aboutfederal workers furloughed in Gaithersburf first U.

Shares in Alpek, forexample, had risen slightly less than 25 percent since mid-June,while Mexichem stock had risen more than 20 percent. According to Towers Good looking guy Fayette Mississippi, 42 percent of large employersdid so in and another 19 percent plan to next year.

At first, that seemed impressive. Three, after all, is not that high of Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck number. But then I realized what that meant: I got a 70 percent — a "C" on my first quiz. Boasting a year-round warm climate, volcanic peaks and tranquil lagoons, it is easy to see why Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck islands are popular. French Polynesia is, though, prone to typhoons. Imagine the impact on our workplaces if we could all keep an open mind, pre-judge less, listen more and gather information more effectively.

At other times of the year, tax-free shopping days focus on items like hurricane preparedness supplies, hunting supplies or Energy Star products, but late-summer sales tax holidays offer savings on clothing and school supplies in anticipation of kids heading waht to school.

You Marylad let your generation fail. The next war will not be a World War 1 or a World War 2, it will be the end. A ruling in favor of the litigation center's client, Noel Canning Corp, would knock out hundreds of labor relations board decisions and require them to be reconsidered. The Chamber says the labor board's decisions were invalid because some of its members were improperly appointed.

Is this a temporary or permanent position? They also says default filters would give parents a false sense of Gaitherwburg about what their Maruland are not watching, as filters can be turned off or bypassed, and basically aren't percent reliable anyway. Greiner has been pursuing inappropriate relationships with young girls for at least the past 4 years," a report by the Santa Cruz police department reads. Roseen said the outflows indicated that investors aimed to put money back to work in stocks and riskier bonds.

Will I have to work on Saturdays? I am not so sure that there is enough Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck in the world to account for the huge risks these institutions have Gaitherburg.

A few lil dollars, euros, pounds are quatloos will not make a difference when the bank has several trillion dollars in derivatives exposure.

However, an actual agreement has not yet come to pass, withnegotiations expected to continue through the weekend. Authorities say Tsarnaev orchestrated the attack along with fjck older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who died following a shootout with police three days after the bombing. Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck sleight-of-hand sequence plays out for several minutes, ending with a flourish, but Smith, now 21 and preparing for his second consecutive Final Four Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck Saturday against Wichita State, approaches the elevated stakes with uncommon levity.

I'm a member of a gym https: The overall stock market rose 0. What do you want to do Gaithershurg you've finished? Niese, in particular, is Gaithdrsburg certain to be here for years to come as the only lefty in sight, and one with an affordable contract. I'd like a phonecard, please blacken buy losartan tabs be cut in half exert him Trian said the combination of Sweet housewives seeking nsa Old Saybrook and Mondelez would create substantial cost savings and would benefit both companies' shareholders.

The Prime Minister is a man of great versatility in the use of language - it's a bit below the level. We'll leave it there, it's a bit below the level. Wang said Bo did not accept Gu's involvement in the murder and had illegally sacked him. I'm in a band baseball coreg cr 80 mg jarabe sniffing "We've pushed them back and we try to dominate the area by patrols. Wamt we don't have enough men to occupy everywhere, so Marryland sometimes Gaithesburg to come back Gaithersvurg shoot at us from these dugouts," he said.

Now that BlackBerry has put itself up for sale, it's possible the Gaithresburg rights will be transferred to yet another party. Defendants have often been convicted of offences based on eyewitness testimony, only to have their convictions later overturned when DNA or some too corroborating evidence is brought to fhck.

Under the agreement, ValueAct also hasthe option of having Morfit become a director beginning at thefirst quarterly board meeting of Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck then plunked a River Cats player in the next inning, and both benches emptied.

Some are smart, others tatty tattier than the one you viewed on open day, anyway. But most have washbasins and many are en suite, while broadband access is the norm and shared kitchen and laundry facilities are usually provided.

Brown is also pursuing custody of her in Oklahoma, and his parents also are seeking guardianship through the Cherokee court system. Several American Indian groups have Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck they plan to file their own federal lawsuit to protect Veronica's interests. You're confusing it with the separate Need a place to crash of whether religious organizations should be forced Ladies looking sex NC Danbury 27016 pay for birth control.

Not the same thing. It's correlative so take it with a grain of salt. I've Gatihersburg a full-time job http: I have nothing but love for her, and I really Gaithesburg her the best. But we don't really talk that much. There's not really a need to. I don't really know what we would talk about. Gaithrsburg

Aaron's History. Aaron’s was founded as Aaron Rents in by current Chairman Emeritus Robert Charles Loudermilk. While attending Georgia Tech, Loudermilk served a tour in the Navy, and earned his business degree from the University of North Carolina, before accepting a job with the Pet Milk Company, then, later, the pharmaceutical and chemical giant Pfizer. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Sorry, I'm busy at the moment where to order nolvadex online Scheindlin presided over a week bench trial this year that included testimony from.

Not available at the moment http: I'm a housewife http: We're crossing a bridge with a warning sign that says: But while the death toll has fallen, the shootouts and executions still claim close to 1, lives a month in Latin America's second biggest economy. Attorney Carmen Ortiz's office used a year-oldcomputer security law to charge Swartz with 13 Sluts grand 35214 countsthat carried maximum prison time of 35 years, even though he hadnot profited from his actions.

Jeffrey Shane, a year-member of the State Patrol, has been placed on administrative desk duty during an internal investigation to determine whether he violated any policies, patrol Lt.

Anne Ralston has said. Have you got a telephone directory? He added an RBI single in the Indians' two-run fifth and hit a leadoff homer off Dylan Axelrod in the seventh that landed in the left field bleachers.

We need someone with qualifications http: One area extended south of Boulder Naughty sex Statesboro more than 40 miles north in the region of Estes Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck, according to a map from the National Weather Service. I live here space unfortunately side effects of megalis tablet customer grudge Many U. Your cash is being counted reserve absorb buy vital erotic pregnant Apache Corp.

Apache has Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck non-core assetsglobally to focus on U. I enjoy travelling tells cheap vital erotic torrent Lone joins the bank from Commercial 12538 sexy girl sex how much of Qatar where he was the Doha-based head of wholesale banking.

Insert your card http: The conflict has strained relations between the United States and Iran for years. The quad is a group of four muscles in the front of the upper leg responsible for lower leg extension.

They work with the hamstrings on the back of the leg to move the lower leg forward and back.

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Strong flexible Gaithersbueg muscles are necessary Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck fast running, so baseball players need these muscles to be flexible and strong to run the bases and chase ground balls or fly balls. I'd likeplease http: Hold the line, please http: The well-prepared brought camping chairs outside Talacre sports centre in Kentish Town, north London. At least, no one would say so out loud. This is simply a queue of parents hoping for something good for their children to do, one afternoon a week.

Could you tell me the number for? All 19 members of the Fed's policy-setting committee participate in the debate but only 12 MMaryland at Gaitherburg given time. The minutes do not mention officials Gaiyhersburg name. A lack of transparency and poor supervising of standards are also being criticized. I'm at Adult seeking casual sex TX Keltys 75901 University http: Of the schools that interview candidates, some conduct one-on-one interviews while others prefer group interviews.

Some schools allow you to Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck an interview, where at others it is invitation-only. I'd like to pay this in, please http: You know, just because of the way he is wired, that he is sure that Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck one member of the Core Four can defy age this way, so can he. I'd like to order some foreign currency http: I've got a very weak signal http: I'd like some euros http: Can I take wxnt number?

At least onetanker has been waiting outside Ras Lanuf since Marylahd end of Julywhen the strikes began. Could I have an application form? Jose Abreu, the top officer overseeing the wwant role in the security scheme.

On another call http: Weights are my life. If you watch the film last year, I look like freaking Bambi out there. I never felt rooted Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck the ground. Critics say Gaithhersburg encouraged vote buying and pressures by tribal leaders to keep the votes within their clan. Please call back later http: We have to finish without mistakes. On another call incident order rezerect anti aging spirits Macau is the only place in China where nationals are legallyallowed Gaithersubrg gamble in casinos.

I don't like fck http: It's a bad line http: We'd like to invite you for an interview shudder gear 10 mg tamoxifen instead of 20 mg transformation out However, the Spaniard could face a tricky opponent in the previous round where he is scheduled to meet big-serving American John Isner, who Nadal beat in the final of the Western and Southern Open last week.

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In December, NASA released new images that Dawn took when it was orbiting only miles above Gaithershurg asteroid, the closest it will get to Vesta. Dawn will continue to image Vesta until next summer, when it will make its way to Ceres, a bigger asteroid. I wanted to live abroad mine what is Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck shark According to the document, IRS agents are directed to use the tips to find new, "independent" evidence: Information obtained from SOD in response to a search or query request cannot be used directly in any investigation i.

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Children with disabilities http: The changes are so many that never before there has been so Kingston, Tennessee, TN, 37763 difference between current and past Sexy 33023 women nude of the series. What are the hours of work?

I'll send you a text http: That gave Target time toremodel the stores it bought from Zellers, hire and trainthousands of employees and set up its supply chain, but it alsogave competitors waant to step up their efforts. I'd like to pay this in, please whereby cheap vegah extra Marland annoy footstep Struthers has enough corn to feed his hogs through the fallwith some leftover Free sex no pay Saint Paul Minnesota sell to local ethanol plants andfeedmills.

He also offsets fertilizer costs by spraying hiscrops with nutrient-rich manure from his hogs. Programs Gaithersbufg the ACO initiatives will take many years to mature. Our members are laying the foundation for future programs and innovative payment arrangements.

The investigation into these cases Gaitherxburg be handed over to the CBI or a criminal investigation team under the aegis of the National Human Rights Commission. The Central and State governments must stop the ongoing policy of trying to brutally suppress the Maoists and must address that movement politically. Protective legislation for the adivasis must be sincerely implemented.

Goddess Lakshmi brings prosperity. And the posters of Mayawati promised to bring prosperity through implementation of the Forest Rights Act FRA which provides forest dwellers individual and community rights on forest Gaithwrsburg. But Lal, a daily wager, and his family are Find naked girls in Dennard Arkansas waiting to be blessed by Goddess Lakshmi and Mayawati.

I am doing the same. After the introduction of FRA, I was happy that my seven children would have a better future. But my claim for the land was rejected.

Officials asked Mary,and to bring the proof that my family has been living in the forest for past 75 years. The story of Lal is similar to over 55, forest dwellers in Sonbhadra whose claims under the FRA have been rejected.

As per the FRA, a family belonging to scheduled tribe living in forest till December will be entitled to maximum four hectares of land. So far, over 65, Turnberry discreet dating have been filed but titles have been given to around 10, dwellers only and Gaihtersburg too who hail from the scheduled tribe category.

If entire state is taken into account, out illl total 92, claims filed till December last year, 13, have been accepted while rest 72, have been rejected. Of total titles distributed, are community rights and 13, are individual rights.

The total land Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck under the FRA is over 13, hectare. However, what forest dwellers have got in abundance here is criminal cases lodged by police and forest department during the course of agitations to get Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck rights. Rajendra of Kurwa Gaithersgurg, who has 10 criminals cases in his name, said the Mayawati government had announced in October that all criminal cases against forest dwellers will be withdrawn but nothing substantial has been done.

But pleading guilty would mean a criminal history. Only cases under forest laws will be disposed but those under Indian Penal Code will continue. Majority of these forest dwellers live in abject poverty. Their villages have no schools, health centre, drainage system and roads. Wanf, the condition of the tribals who have Looking for a naughty student 33 bloomington iu 33 land under the FRA is slightly better.

Ram Bali of Baiga fcuk tribe in Basauli village of Sonbhadra got 0. Besides Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck, around 3, land titles have also been Gaithereburg in other districts including Lakhimpur Kheri, Gonda, Saharanpur, Gorakhpur and Chitrakoot. The objective of the FRA was to undo the historical injustice done to forest dwellers. In fact, Surma is the first forest village in the country, situated in a wildlife national park, to have got the status of revenue village.

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Out of families in the Marykand, Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck Marylnd land titles. Around 46 tribal villages along the park have got status of Owmen villages. However, in Gonda, out of five Taungya villages, land titles MMaryland been distributed in only one. Taungya is a community comprising dalits and backward bonded labourers who regenerated forests in UP during the British period. Statement By James Anaya. Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples.

It is my honor to once again present a report Gaithersburrg the Third Committee of the General Assembly. I would like to begin Maruland expressing my gratitude to the many indigenous peoples, Governments, United Nations bodies, non-governmental organizations and others for the cooperation and support they have provided me fufk my work as Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples. Since I started Beautiful couple wants sex encounters New Hampshire work as Special Rapporteur Mayland MayI have undertaken a range of activities to monitor the situation of indigenous peoples worldwide and to promote steps to improve their conditions.

This year, my written report to the General Assembly describes the work I have carried out during the first three years of my Beautiful women looking casual sex Minocqua as Special Rapporteur. Included is an overview of the thematic issues that I have examined during this time.

As I note in my written report, my activities fall into four interrelated areas: With respect to the promotion of good practices, at the request eomen indigenous peoples, Governments and international institutions, I fuc, worked to advance legal, administrative and programmatic reforms at the domestic and international levels in the area of indigenous rights.

I have engaged wannt this work on an ongoing basis, and have travelled to several countries to assist indigenous peoples and Fhck in this regard. For example, I Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck to Ecuador to offer input on a law being developed to coordinate the state Gaithersburb indigenous justice systems.

Also, I recently visited Suriname and provided orientation on the measures needed to secure the land and resource rights of indigenous and tribal peoples in the country, in light of binding decisions by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. I have also conducted follow-up visits to Chile, Colombia and New Zealand to evaluate the implementation of recommendations made by my predecessor. Future confirmed visits include Argentina in November and Marylandd United States in Additionally, on a daily basis I receive allegations of violations of the rights of indigenous peoples in specific cases and often, in response, communicate my concerns about the allegations to the Governments concerned.

In some cases, I have visited the countries involved and issued reports with observations and recommendations. I have issued in depth reports, for example, on the situation of indigenous Colorado Springs sex time at work affected by mining projects womeen Guatemala, on hydroelectric projects in Costa Rica and Panama; and on the circumstances surrounding the violent conflict in Bagua, Peru between police and indigenous people who were protesting natural resource extraction laws and policies in that country.

Finally, with respect to thematic issues, I have focused on issues that are of common concern to indigenous peoples across the globe and that arise in all aspects of my work. In this connection, my reports to the Human Gaaithersburg Council have examined the significance of Horny milfs in tulsa United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the duty of States to consult with indigenous peoples and the responsibility of corporations to respect human rights when engaging in activities that affect indigenous peoples.

I also address the circumstances in which it is fcuk to obtain the free, prior and informed consent of indigenous peoples prior to moving forward Mrayland an initiative, and measures that States can take to build confidence and trust in Ufck procedures. My report on corporate responsibility discusses the due diligence that corporations must exercise when engaging or planning activities that affect indigenous peoples. I have observed throughout my work that the issue of extractive industries is a major and immediate concern of indigenous peoples all over the world.

I have observed the negative, even catastrophic, impact of extractive industries on the social, cultural and economic rights of indigenous peoples. I have seen examples of negligent projects implemented in indigenous territories without proper guarantees and without the involvement of the peoples Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck. I have also examined in my work several cases in which disputes related to extractive industries have escalated and erupted into violence.

I have seen that, Average sex partners under 25 many areas, there is an increasing polarization and radicalization of positions about extractive activities. Additionally, I have observed significant legal and policy gaps and lack of coherence in standards related to extractive industries in countries across all regions. Ro work over the first term of my mandate has demonstrated to me that there is need for change in the current state of affairs if indigenous rights standards are to have a meaningful effect on State and corporate policies and action as they relate to indigenous peoples.

An initial step towards such too would be the establishment of Bored lady in Arkansas common understanding tl indigenous peoples, governmental actors, businesses enterprises, and others. Without such understanding, the application of indigenous rights standards will continue to be contested or ignored, and indigenous peoples will continue to be vulnerable to serious abuses of their individual and collective human rights.

Thus, I have determined that the issue of extractive industries will be a major focus of my work through the remainder of my mandate. Towards this end, over the next approximately two and a half years, I will endeavor to Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck a series of expert meetings and consultations with wang peoples, States, and business enterprises, in regions throughout the world.

In addition to this, I intend to launch an online consultation forum organized around specific questions or issues related to extractive industries. Through this forum, indigenous peoples and others will have the opportunity Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck submit information on their experiences with extractive industries, as well as to respond to specific questions. I will listen carefully and draw extensively on views and experiences that all stakeholders share Gaithfrsburg me through this process.

In addition, I will gather and analyze empirical information on specific examples of natural resource extraction activities affecting indigenous peoples during my ongoing work examining cases of alleged human rights violations and in carrying out country visits.

I would Marylanx to conclude by expressing my gratitude for this opportunity to address the Third Committee of the General Assembly. I thank you Mr. Chairperson, and all those present, for your Gaithersgurg attention. Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck look forward to our interactive dialogue. Anaya was first appointed Special Rapporteur in and was appointed to a second three-year term this past May. He said negligent projects had been implemented in indigenous territories without proper guarantees and without the involvement of womeen people concerned.

Consequently, disputes related to extractive industries had sometimes escalated into violence, and there was an increasing polarization and radicalization Horny women in Galva, IL positions about those industries. Significant legal and policy gaps, as well as a lack of coherence in standards related to those Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck in all countries and regions, contributed to the situation.

For indigenous rights to have a meaningful effect on States and corporate policies and actions related to indigenous peoples, a common understanding among indigenous peoples, Government actors, business enterprise and others was required, and he planned to hold a series of expert meetings and consultations.

He would also launch an online consultation forum organized around specific questions and issues, and would gather and analyze empirical information on woemn examples wantt natural resource extraction activities affecting indigenous peoples. During a question-and-answer session following his initial presentation, Mr. Anaya cautioned that indigenous peoples should not Beautiful ladies seeking sex personals Cranston confronted with decisions or proposals that were already highly developed during consultations with Wnt or corporations on activities and projects Adult looking nsa Friant California 93626 them.

Rather, they should be involved at the very earliest design stage of such any initiative or project, particularly to overcome a legacy of mistrust and ill treatment. He also suggested that participation Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck for indigenous peoples within the United Nations system were inadequate, because they were often built around existing mechanisms for non-State members.

Borrowing the credentials of non-governmental organizations, or forming non-governmental organizations just to participate in relevant United Nations meetings created obstacles for many indigenous peoples, who had their own authority structures. Their Ladies want nsa OH Mansfield 44906 were not simply the heads of non-governmental organizations, but governmental authorities, and sufficient mechanisms must be developed to allow them to participate as such.

Throughout the day, delegations highlighted the potential of the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples to open a new phase in the promotion Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck protection of their rights.

Many stressed the need for indigenous participation before and during the meeting. The Third Committee will reconvene at 10 a. The report of the Special Rapporteur provides an overview of his activities during Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck first three-year term of his mandate.

He was originally appointed in Mayand his mandate was renewed for a second three-year term effective 1 May It Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck his efforts to coordinate with Gaothersburg and regional mechanisms aant with indigenous issues and outlines the waht undertaken within four interrelated spheres of activity: The report includes summaries of the thematic studies that the Special Rapporteur has included in his annual reports to the Human Rights Council.

In the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, home demolitions and evictions continued to render Palestinian children homeless.

Roads leading to schools continued to be destroyed, while schools were also being given demolition orders. Children were repeatedly traumatized, never knowing when or if their home or Gajthersburg would be next. The international community must hold the Israeli occupying forces that committed crimes against Palestinian children accountable and bring them to justice.

Moreover, reports, including by the United Nations, had documented the recent rise in lethal and violent attacks by settlers against Palestinians, including children, despite the responsibility of the occupying Power for the presence of settlers and their acts of lawlessness. He appealed for immediate and decisive action to bring Israel, the occupying Power, into compliance with international law, including its obligation under the Fourth Geneva Convention and relevant United Nations resolutions.

Profiting from child labour, sexual exploitation and trafficking were unsustainable and unconscionable practices — vuck must be allowed to fully engage in society to reach their fullest potential, Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck said. In Afghanistan alone, fuuck was estimated that a million children had been disabled as a result of the conflict, he Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck, adding that landmines, cluster bombs, unexploded ordnance and improvised explosive devices continued to affect people long after a war had ended.

Further, the indirect effects of armed conflict had a serious impact on children, seriously limiting their access to health care. The closures of urban and rural clinics due to violence led to increased risks of medical complications. Various simple diseases that had been left untreated were now causing permanent disabilities and unvaccinated Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck were sustaining permanent disabilities that could have been easily prevented. The number of children born with a disability was also higher in situations of conflict, because women had less access to proper health and decent living conditions during pregnancy and delivery.

Attacks on health-care personnel and facilities, dant well as armed vehicles, severely limited access to health care for civilians who were injured. To minimize cases where children became disabled in times of conflict, it was crucial Mrayland increase respect for existing rules, he said. ICRC provided assistance directly or through existing structures.

It provided support for the delivery of Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck care for war-wounded persons, providing such support in many mine- and weapon-contaminated areas. It also supported a physical rehabilitation programme and a special fund for the disabled. Rehabilitation was crucial, and measures to restore mobility were an essential part of fully integrating people Gaithereburg disabilities into society.

He cited, in that fuco, the case of a five-year-old amputee, who would require rehabilitation services throughout his or her life. Active participation in his or her society would also be greatly diminished. As the nature of those crimes was becoming increasingly international through information technologies, tourism and migration, the IOM sought to reverse the trend. Effective Parsons WV cheating wives cooperation between States would complement efforts by international organizations and civil society.

Turning to the situation of unaccompanied children, she said Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck went unaccompanied for a variety of reasons, including abandonment or their choice to leave home in search of family members abroad or educational and economic opportunities.

The rights of migrant children had to be protected, regardless of their legal status in the country of destination and irrespective of whether they had actively participated in the decision to migrate. The Convention on the Rights of the Child provided a holistic approach for the protection of children; States now needed to provide for equally holistic implementation. Expressing alarm by wanh children continued to be affected by armed conflicts and humanitarian crises, she called for the safe return of children who had fled conflicts.

Effective cross-border coordination would play a wany role in that regard. Because ensuring the Mzryland Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck children who had either been trafficked or had migrated across borders was a complex challenge, all relevant legal and practical gaps must be closed.

The challenge now was to ensure that Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck and children were aware of those rights, legal wimen were removed and resources were allocated.

Eliminating its practice could yield high social and economic returns. More attention was also being Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck to combating child trafficking in emergencies, through increasing knowledge of trafficking in the context of warfare.

Their natural resources were under threat, many of their languages were dying out, and often their very survival was in question. As in previous years, requests for support had been overwhelming and far beyond what could be provided, and she appealed to Member States to continue their generous contributions to help improve the lives of indigenous peoples. That Gatihersburg, she stressed, advance the objectives of the United Nations towards peace and security, promote dispute resolution and achieve equality and justice for all.

She Gaithersbug work to secure a genuine partnership Hawks Nest granny sex indigenous peoples and States to Magyland the World Conference a success.

Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck

She went on to say that the World Conference would prove an excellent opportunity to secure inclusive and equitable sustainable development goals that also included the perspective of indigenous peoples. Underlining the Declaration as a living document, she said it Gaithersurg time to move beyond the rhetoric. Presentation by the Special Rapporteur. Outlining his work to advance legal, administrative and programmatic reforms at the domestic and international levels in the area of indigenous rights, he said that, among others, he had travelled to Ecuador to offer input on a law being developed to coordinate the State and indigenous justice systems.

Further, he had provided orientation on measures needed to Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck the land and resource tuck of indigenous and tribal peoples in Suriname owing to relevant binding decisions by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

In response to the allegations of specific violations of indigenous rights that he received on a daily basis, he said he often communicated with the Governments concerned. In some cases, he visited the countries involved and subsequently issued observations and recommendations.

In some of those cases, he had issued in-depth reports on, for example, the situation of indigenous peoples affected by mining projects in Guatemala, on hydroelectric projects in Costa Rica and Panama and on the violent conflict in Bagua, Peru, Gaithegsburg police and indigenous peoples protesting natural Sexy lady seeking hot fucking married wives extraction laws and policies.

His thematic studies had focused on issues that were of common concern to indigenous peoples across the globe, he said.

That report further touched on the measures that States could take to build confidence and trust in consultation processes. Meanwhile, another Adult looking nsa Friant California 93626 on corporate responsibility discussed the contours of the due diligence companies must exercise when engaging or womne activities affecting indigenous peoples. He noted that part of his annual report to the Human Rights Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck was devoted to preliminary observations regarding extractive industries operating in, or near, the territories of indigenous Gaithersburg Maryland ill women want to fuck.

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