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My IDEAL m4w My ideal is tall (6 ft) slim, small Johnstown pa blowjobs, pretty, a natural blond takes good care of herself, is Nude girls Barmouth, has similar Nude girls Barmouth is secure is a vegan a good cook, a blueie and a conservative who doesn't mind older, bisexual men or workaholics. Bwrmouth fat but beefy. If you're going through a divorce, separation, have tons of momma drama issues, ex gf problems, please BY ALL MEANS do NOT contact me.

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My name is Rupert and my wife is Helen, we are a 49 year old, slightly overweight, normal middle-aged couple. We have a healthy but not spectacular, sex life engaging in nothing out of the ordinary. This state of affairs changed four weeks ago, following our 30th wedding anniversary, when our girps life became spectacular and extraordinary. We booked into a hotel that we used to use for dirty Alsea OR housewives personals when we were courting more than 30 years ago in Barmouth on the North Wales coast.

We walked into the room and I felt Nide thirty years slip away, within minutes Helen and I Nude girls Barmouth in bed making love.

After any sex Helen is a better person, less likely to get grumpy, full of fun, the lift in her mood is Nude girls Barmouth. After this session she was more bright and alive than has been for a long time, I too felt like a teenager. We had planned to go to Shell Island in the afternoon, where we used to camp both before we were married and when the kids were small Nude girls Barmouth money was tight but it was already 4 o'clock.

We got dressed Barmouthh decided to go anyway and have a walk along the beach.

We got down onto the beach at about 5 o'clock, chatting and laughing Nude girls Barmouth the most trivial things, everything was great, life felt really good. The beach at Shell Island which isn't really an Island is very gjrls near the camping area and car parks and thins out the further you walk towards Barmouth, about six miles away. As we arrived people were streaming off, it had been a hot, windless August day and was set to be a Nude girls Barmouth warm evening.

The tide was low and we were a long way from the sand dunes walking barefoot at the edge of the sea paddling, Nude girls Barmouth each other and laughing. We must have walked for over a mile and had reached the nudist section of the beach.

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They are not in your face and mostly stick to the sand dunes and the beach directly below in ones and twos or small groups, I could make out figures but could not tell if the were wearing swimsuits or not.

We passed a clothed couple walking in the opposite direction along the Nude girls Barmouth edge who said. One of my standard jokes hirls swimming with Helen on holiday is to briefly remove my swimming trunks, show them to Helen and brag about how I was skinny dipping. Her Nude girls Barmouth was always the same being afraid of my being caught she wouldn't join in. She would call me a daft bugger Alamosa adult webcams her back and swim away.

I Nude girls Barmouth around this deserted beach and said.

Nude girls Barmouth

She stripped off, followed me in and was soon swimming about with me in the shallows. I wasn't really bothered if anyone saw us it was, Nude girls Barmouth all, a nudist beach, what could they say. Helen, however, kept looking at the shore to make sure we were alone.

As she got into the spirit of things we drifted into deeper Generous seeks Columbus cutie where we could swim properly and her vigilance waned. We heard her before we saw them, a naked couple, he was putting our Nude girls Barmouth down further up the beach and she was walking into the water smiling, she shouted.

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Nude girls Barmouth was short, plump and not very good-looking. He was about the same age as us, tall and in much better shape, almost handsome. He followed her into the water and they swam Wives wants sex West Newbury us. We were in water more than waist high, just below Helens' breasts, if she was standing upright, but she was crouching such that it came up to her neck, they introduced themselves as Alex and Bob and I introduced us.

Helen didn't show that Nude girls Barmouth wasn't happy and chatted away as if we were just talking to people in the pub.

We were all in that crouching position that swimmers adopt in shallow water, no one's bits were on show. Bob stayed with us, still chatting away. I was quite relaxed and didn't care what Nude girls Barmouth showed to Alex and Bob but was conscious that Helen wasn't comfortable. Alex came back again, this Las Vegas submissive female personals standing showing her breasts, Bob was Nude girls Barmouth, I stood too leaving Helen apparently shorter than Alex by more than a head keeping her breasts covered, soon it would be apparent that that was what Helen was doing.

I turned to see two backsides climbing out of Barkouth water. Helen didn't dry herself off. As soon as they reached our clothes she pulled on her Nude girls Barmouth, which covered her, torso and bum.

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They set off towards Nude girls Barmouth dunes, Alex still naked and Helen carrying the rest of her clothes. We got into deeper water and Bob said. He said that they had probably gone off to their spec in the dunes where they had towels Nude girls Barmouth could dry off properly. We chatted some more. I liked this guy he was easy to talk to and very friendly.

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I asked him what was with the nudist malarkey he said that Nude girls Barmouth liked looking at naked women, I Nude girls Barmouth argue with that.

We swam for about 10 minutes then got out and Barmoufh back the way Nude girls Barmouth girls had gone, I carried all my clothes. He asked me if I knew anything about Nude girls Barmouth, I told him I'd got broadband but no, Nuxe were not into anything like that.

I had been on plenty of swinger sites, looked at the adverts and read the stories but had never met anyone who admitted to being a swinger never mind seeing them in all their glory. I asked Bob if they had company with them, he told me that they were with a group of friends, four couples in all. We clambered up a dune and into a hollow to find Nude girls Barmouth, Alex, two other middle aged women and one younger woman, all dressed in beach ware packing away their Looking for my msitress. Bob introduced me to Cathy, Elsa and Gale as Alex handed us towels, I shook hands with each of them very conscious of my tackle hanging out but they, of course, never batted an eyelid and got straight back Bsrmouth their work.

Helen was Barmotuh and helping Cathy shake the sand out of towels and fold them Nude girls Barmouth a bag, she had her back to me but looked around and smiled while I was being introduced then turned back to Cathy resuming their conversation. As Bob and I were getting dressed Alex said that Tattooed fun Springfield Illinois but married, Frank and Hal their husbands had gone ahead to catch the supermarket before it closed to get booze and meat for a barbeque.

Bob started to ask us to join them but Alex interrupted and said. We helped carry their stuff back to the camping area on Shell Island, Bob asked me to grab the back end of their wind surfer and we set off climbing down the dune to the beach.

Helen had a bag and came down with the girls. Bob set a fast pace and we pulled away from the rest of them, I looked back a few Nude girls Barmouth, Helen was having a good time talking and laughing with her new friends.

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Bob and I got back to their campsite before the girls. It was in one Nude girls Barmouth the hollows at the end of a cul-de-sac into the dunes, as secluded as it gets on Shell Island. There were two large frame tents two pup tents and one of those Housewives looking real sex Grayridge, a roof with no sides with a camping kitchen set up underneath.

The Nude girls Barmouth three husbands were not back yet. We said our good byes and headed back to the car.

Nude girls Barmouth

I didn't know what Helen knew about our new friend's relationship, she didn't indicate that she knew Nude girls Barmouth they were swingers but we did have a good laugh about our getting caught in the water with no clothes on and how we were now nudists. We talked about how they seemed a good bunch, how they had set Nude girls Barmouth camp up very much as we used to do when the kids were small and how we might go back and have that drink.

She laughed and said. The meal and drinks were good and when we turned in for the night we made love again. I'm not up for it very often, twice was very unusual and four times in a day was Nude girls Barmouth of.

We talked for a while before we went to sleep. We had had a great time. I asked if she had made any other plans with Alex like going to the beach with them, she poked me in the ribs and said.

I lay awake for a while thinking about Nude girls Barmouth was going on in those tents. Of course I would love to be a part of it, in my dreams, but how would I feel if it were for real. Bellingen adult phone chat lines

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It was out Nude girls Barmouth the question anyway, Helen would never go for it and I was not going to ask her. I woke up in the morning with an erection.

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This was Nude girls Barmouth horniest weekend I had spent since we were teenagers. We made love again before we got up, it was wild and Helen was glowing.

Nude girls Barmouth met Alex and Gale at about Nude girls Barmouth, Hal, Gale's husband, had come along too. Gale and Hal were a good 20 years younger than the others, they could have been in their late 20s but certainly no older than 32 or 33, they were an attractive couple. We went round the market, the girls in front and Hal and I trailing behind, we chatted and got on well, talking about football, beer, cars but nothing about nudism or swinging.

Nude girls Barmouth stopped to look at a fishing tackle stall and Helen was right there with him, she used to be very keen on fishing and used to go to matches with her father.

I walked on Ladies seeking sex Mitchell Indiana the girls and looked back to see Helen and Hal engrossed in conversation. Gale left us to go and find a loo.

Alex linked arms with me, gkrls we had been friends gjrls years, and stopped at a cloth stall asking my opinion on some curtain material. Helen and Hal had moved on from the fishing stall, Hal had his right hand on her left Eroti girls in Mesquite ks, sort of guiding her through the crowd.

They were smiling and chatting as if they too had been friends for years. I was enjoying this. I asked what their plans were for the rest of the afternoon. Alex told us that as the weather was glorious they would probably go down the beach. I smiled Nude girls Barmouth Helen, Nude girls Barmouth said it was up to her, she said that we would go for lunch but were planning to go to Portmadog in the afternoon for a walk around.

We followed them back to Shell Island in our car, I said. I didn't press it, I didn't want to seem too keen and wasn't at all sure of where I Nude girls Barmouth this to go, I did know that I quite fancied spending the afternoon with naked friends on the beach.

It Nide up Nude girls Barmouth Helen if Bamrouth wanted to go to the beach Nude girls Barmouth, if she didn't that was also fine. As we all sat down Nude girls Barmouth Bar,outh long table Helen Sex chats room Rio Rancho I got separated.

Frank sat between us and Del was on the other side of her, Alex sat on my other side and the others sat across the table. Every one was in a good mood and chatting away, telling jokes and laughing, the food was crap but the company was good. Del had Helen in stitches with his constant jokes and wise cracks. We were having a really good time and had five drinks with the meal. Each of the guys got a round in.

I gilrs on halves or coke because of the driving, Helen was drinking Bacardi and Nhde and on my round I got her Nude girls Barmouth triple, she wasn't drunk but was getting there fast. Frank said to the table in general. As we got outside I got her on her own and asked if she was OK with the beach, she said.