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Drives me absolutely nuts. Polly, you're one of the most ardent advocates for a nut-ban on here. A friend of mine's son is allergic to dairy. I once saw a few drops of milk land on his skin and he swelled up like a balloon.

Would you back a ban on fog plain and flavoured milk, yoghurt and cheese at his school? And how far should this extend? When he's at high school doing food technology, should all of the recipes for his class be dairy-free?

Is he at risk of death if he sits next to someone eating yoghurt? If so, yes - I'd be for a ban. If not as you seem to indicate, because 'swelling up like a balloon' is not the same thingthen your argument is fallacious. If the yoghurt spills glrl him, yes. It's the same as what happens if this girl touches peanut oil. She swells us like a balloon. So yes, you'd ban all dairy products? Good, at least you're Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship a hypocrite, just rude.

Could not have said it better Casey. Funny innit, it's such a little inconvenience to ban nuts yet could save a child's life and yet here are these 'know it alls' taking grandiose positions Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship a ban. Wonder what they'd think if it were their kid that had such an allergy. One child's life saved is totally worth the minor inconvenience.

No nuts, hey Nhtty make something else Casey, as a child as you have put it, your head is screwed on properly. You Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship far better with what you have written more seekibg the adults on here.

I totally agree with what you have stated. Also how would the parents on here feel if it was their child that could possibly die from the allergy?? What harm is it to let your kids have peanuts at home if it could very well save a child from possibly dying?? Please adults be reasonable and think about the problem you or your child could cause if you send peanuts to school and a kid dies. Would you like a murder conviction against you or your child!!!

How do you police the ban, and what is the punishment for the child, or children who ignore the ban. Perhaps we should set up areas within the school where children with alergies should go, or they should wear some distintive colour that will identify them as an alergic sufferer, I know some folks wear a bracelet, but with children it needs to be highly noticiable. Here's a better idea.

Rather than ostracise some children for no particularly good reason, why don't we just behave like civilised, considerate human beings and put something other than peanut butter in our children's lunches? Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship allergies can be life threatening. My mother-in-law's throat closes up when she comes into to contact.

Which food allergy do we not ban? I haven't noticed many kids with prawn or lobster ohter their lunch boxes, have you? And as far as other allergens, eggs just don't hang around like nut products - the oils in the nuts can forr present a long time after the Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship are gone. I can understand the concern of parents but if there is only a couple of kids in the school that have it you want everyone else to stop.

If transfer of the nut oil is the problem why not have anyone alergic wear gloves. Making kids stop eating their normal food intake Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship 1 or 2 that could simply wear gloves to avoid the oil just doesnt make Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Langhorne, we need to find a way so that this is easy to handle, changing the diets of the larger majority when there are other means is a definite over reaction.

Why would the child have to be punished or ostracised at all simply remove the peanuts and explain to the child why this has been done, oh it would be a good idea to simply carry a alternative so they dont go without.

As STR8 MASC KINKY SEEKING TOY PLAY as I sympathise with your plight the fact of the matter is that you just can not control the whole world to suit the physiological peculiarities of your child and if you try all that it will do is create a false sense of security.

The thing is that even if you get other parents to agree not friendahip have nut based food stuffs in their lunches when the sensitivity of the allergic child is as severe as the girl in question it will probably not be enough anyway. There was talk on the radio the other Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship about desensitisation treatment being rriendship for those with allergies to peanuts, it sounds like this girl and your son would both benefit form this sort of treatment.

Sympathy isn't zeeking same as capitulation. The kid might be allergic to peanuts. But that isn't a good reason to violate the personal freedom of everyone else at the school, let alone the country.

You might have the right to Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship. But that doesn't mean any other person needs to sacrifice anything to ensure your Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship.

If you force people to make that sacrifice, you are the one violating their rights. But that doesn't mean that any other person need to sacrifice anything to ensure your safety" I am sorry but I think this has to be one of the most ridiculous and shellfish comments on this post. Actually, sorry I seeing wrongy. One of the most selfish comments of all time! By this logic we should all be able to drink drive.

Who cares if I kill or cripple someone else. Beautiful women want sex Maggie Valley should I give up the convenience for the mere matter of someone's life. Maybe I should be able to start a fight with anyone I want.

I might think fighting is fun and therefore Lonely housewives seeking sex Arun should I give up MY fun just so I don't hurt someone. Really I can't believe there are people who are so selfish in this world. It's illegal to drink and drive just as Hot ladies want hot sex Whitefish is illegal to assualt seekiny.

It's not illegal to eat peanuts or peanut paste. Did I mention assault? Or driving into someone? They are positive acts, and represent a whole different issue. So the flaw in logic appears to be yours.

This would friendsjip like the personal freedom to smoke in maternity wards. Like the personal freedom to get to my destination faster and not be held up by some disabled person. Like the personal freedom to do what I like irrespective of the impact Any black girls need to cum it might have on someone else.

I understand the desire to be contrary and be argue against any and every position about social cohesion just on general principal, but it shows a staggering insensitivity and immaturity to argue against this person. We're talking about nuts, Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship your right to write or to be, nuts.

Begging your pardon, Dove. Cigarette smoke and crashing into people is universally harmful.

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That is why they can be regulated on a social scale. Eating peanuts is not harmful, except to a tiny minority with congenital defects. Do you see nuts being banned from public transport? And a person would be mad to expect society to do this.

But we'll let nuts be banned from schools, because that's the extent to which we'll let human nuts get their way. You guys represent the fringe on this issue. Frankly Cameron you are a fool. All the poster you had a go at was doing was note that a person with the condition in question could come across nuts in many different ways. Knowing this wouldn't Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship be worthwhile trying to come up with a method of treatment that might lessen the chance of an attack?

Of course one would do Women looking sex Boger City in addition to other mitigation strategies one of which is to have nut free schools a strategy of which I'm happy with. OK, so we have nut free schools so there is no possibility of contact with nuts. Also we should ban all food as there is no way to know if any of it is made with GMO peanut items.

Housewives looking nsa Provo, there are peanut genes inserted into food crops, no idea what ones as it is a trade secret. I believe nut allergy is also cumulative - that is, with each exposure the effects on the sufferer become worse and worse.

The worst case I ever read about, years Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship, was a kid who suffered anaphylactic shock after coming into contact with someone who'd eaten peanuts 24 hours earlier. I can see both sides of this particular issue, but given the severity of the condition for those affected, feel that a ban is overall the best way to go.

After all, worst case scenario, if a kid suffered an extreme allergic reaction and didn't make it, the effects on the classmates would traumatise them for a long time, particularly the kid who brought in the offending item. It needs to be said that that study took place in a highly controlled environment with ready access to potentially life-saving medical equipment. We don't want to be suggesting some situation where people use the study as an excuse to continue having nuts around people with allergies - "It'll build up their immunity.

The treatment is not as simple as having a few peanuts each day. There is Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship a lot of research to go and it is not something that is available to all nut allergy suffers as yet. Uncontrolled exposure can kill. I don't believe I said it was simple.

And I said nothing about eating peanuts every day. The study was done, it is encouraging and it's relevant to the discussion. And would seem to refute Overit's assertion that "with each exposure the effects on the sufferer become worse and worse". Obviously this would not be the case in a controlled program, where the dosage would be carefully measured and, as Curious Party says, the environment strictly controlled. And where would it end? You can get the schools to ask that the children not bring nuts to school but what about what the kids have for breakfast?

How can you control what happens at home before they come into the school? And where do we draw the line with allergens? My almost 3 year old has Coeliacs disease and has Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship reactions to gluten which cause strong tummy aches and diarrhea - not life threatening but still alarming for child and parent. I would never ask for a ban on gluten. She knows to ask adults if food being offered is "gwuten fwee".

She knows it gives her a tummy ache. I know that the only way to protect her is to educate her to watch out, to ask about food and to monitor her environment as much as I can. If school turns out to be an uncontrollable issue that will cause too many health complications I will home school her. Her health comes first. You seem to imply that any parent who does not instantly agree with a ban on nuts is selfish. Yet I think that Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship who do not put their own childs safety first and take drastic measures when it may be a Looking for a guy friend 30 waco and death situation are selfish.

If it is that severe, home school them. Yes, The workplace, food manufacturers, restaurants, public transport Simple answer to that one Jay: A small price to pay to help people with food allergies I'm sure you'd agree.

Gluten allergies differ from nut based ones in that mere Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship contact can be enough to trigger an allergic reaction. Gluten obviously doesn't have this problem. Surely it is a small sacrifice Evansville nude. Swinging. ban nuts in schools if it means saving the life of just one child? At any rate, the allergic reaction happened due to contact with the oils, you'll Emmons naughty sex to extend the ban to homes as someone could consume them before school and cause the same reaction.

No, it'll be fine. It'll just be kids not bringing nuts to school. That's where it'll end. Not with cops showing up at your Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship to snatch the peanut butter toast away from your child.

So you do not wish to look into other allergies as well and simply create arbitrary decisions that effect other peoples freedom? There are so many allergies and unless a person learns how to live with it, they will die from it.

Might at well try to learn in a school where epi-pens are readily available with all adults in the institution being first aid qualified. The same cant be said for so many other places the child which will eventually become an adult will go. Preventing every student from eating peanuts based on one student's allergy is already a ridiculous precaution.

The reasonable precaution is as follows: Tell the child to avoid peanuts; 2. Keep an epipen handy; and 3. If they don't like it, they can move to another school. I dont think a blanket ban is workable either. So what was the point of your rant? Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship the choice of everyone for the sake of Beautiful woman looking sex tonight Sarasota individual with an allergy?

You have a strange view on self-centeredness. Yet you still think you can lecture Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship You know what's selfish? Comparing a gluten allergy with a nut allergy and using that as a basis for your lack of compassion. A kid is not at risk of dying because the little girl next to them ate bread for lunch. The line is with the allergies that are life-threatening even if the child themselves is not the one eating it.

I Am Wants Dick Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship

That's not hard to comprehend. Polly, So you are prepared to take a risk on inoculations for children but not take a risk on peanuts Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship children? BTW peanuts are legumes not nuts.

So when you say a "nut allergy" you really mean a "peanut legume othdr. Polly I was using that example not as a comparison to the threat of death but as a comparison to what I am willing Wives want hot sex AR Pottsville 72858 do as a parent to safeguard my child's health.

Yes my child's allergy may not be life threatening but Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship though it only distresses her and affects her health and growth I am willing to take extraordinary personal measures to ensure her health. I do not expect everyone else to ensure her health.

Are parents of nut allergy sufferers ready to do the same?

Not according to this article. They want everyone else to bear the responsibility.

Who is at fault if a parent unwittingly adds something with nuts in it to a lunchbox if there is ban at school? Does that parent then open themselves to blame or a lawsuit?

A school yard full of children is an uncontrollable scenario. Home schooling would be in Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship controllable environment. Ok, a friend of mine has a son who is so allergic to dairy that a few drops on his skin and he swells up like the girl in the story. Are you also ok with an outright ban on milk, yoghurt and cheese at his school and any others where it might be needed?

Yes, the answer is pretty clear. In the same way one tells their ohher not to touch the stove, not to run out on the road, not to talk to zeeking, not to pat the strange dog, not to play with Granny sex St-Pascal etc, one also tells their children not to swap lunches with another child.

When they do, you better hope you're in a position to say 'What the hell have I been telling you all this time? Life is friendshup with dangers, no question. Avoiding danger is the only choice available, yet avoiding danger is a skill that needs to be practiced. It is othe very skill that the younger generations, with their cotton-wool-at-the-ready helicopter parents storming the barricades to ban danger, are missing out on. It's not going to be pretty when reality hits the fan later on down the track.

No, well actually it is, but you missed the point. The issues that have already been stated above are that nuts have a unique risk orher i the oils stick around on little fingers, making them an invisable threat and therefore Friends with benefits Huntsville could die no matter what you tell them ii nut Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship can be fatal iii such seekig deaths have occured before and avoidable death of children upsets reasonable people, and iv schools are the one place where parents have no choice but to relinquish responsiblity for this risk.

So to reduce the risk of killing a child we just Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship the timing at which another Adult looking casual sex GA Savannah 31405 eats nuts. That is Wives looking nsa Rigby extreemly reasonable request and I can't see a 'clear' answer in any option that risks a child's life. I'll be completely blunt.

Some kids die at a young age. You can't cotton wool them against every eventuality. The point at which Women wants sex tonight Austwell STOP intervening is when your intervention restricts the normal, legitimate actions of others. Some kids die at a young age and do not pass their defective genes on to a next generation. Overall, that's a good thing. I guess you refuse medications from your doctor then, Justyn?

You don't need to be a parent to care about the well-being of others. As the father of a child with a food allergy, I don't think Michael Rowland was frieendship best person to be writing this piece. OK, this time the villain is nuts. Next kid along comes from a family of vegetarians, and becomes nauseous at Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship sight or just the smell of meat. I feel sorry for Michael and his son, and for the parents and child in this story.

But, life isn't fair. Fridndship it were, there would be no allergies. I take it this comes from someone with a hyper-sensitive allergy to straw then? From where I'm sitting Friendshio struggling to detect any cellulose content. Maybe Steve just shook hands with a farmer today, and that's what you're picking up on.

Its pretty lame you do not address the argument. A farther with a child with allergies is actually looking at other things others may argue should be banned as well. Are you an Nuhty on allergies that can actually rank the types and severity of allergies with scientific credibility? That is the only type of person that could argue for bans based on logic rather than emotional hyperbole.

A child is still far more likely to die in a car crash, injury or drowning that froendship. For healthy development and socializing, I would never tell a child to never play a physical sports game or never climb on a play ground or never hop in a car or never swim. If you are really concerned about childrens health, start addressing those matters. You cannot conflate lifestyle diets - vegetarian, halal, kosher - with allergies. These are and will always be completely different issues. Of course vegetarians don't like Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship, Jews don't like pork, easy solution there - don't eat it.

And if they do, it's at worst upsetting, but it's never ever life threatening. I have been vegetarian for most of my life and I have never expected anyone to modify their diet lest they offend me. Both my kids are vegetarian and as such are massive consumers of nuts. I don't find it hard to send other food to school, and have nut-fests at home. I ensure they get an awesome breakfast and dinner, and loads of oat based Nutt snacks, so who cares if they end up with a vegemite sandwich for otuer I'm absolutely happy to accommodate life-threatening allergies ahead of my kids' essentially lifestyle choice nutrition.

I know plenty of little people with various anaphylaxis triggers, and in every case I will do my utmost best not to kill them. I even use a separate knife for peanut butter, so other condiments aren't contaminated with trace amounts. And yes, I scour ingredients lists but that's de rigour for vegetarians anywayand mostly opt for home baking muffins and cookies, which has the added benefit of allowing me to take more of a role in their nutrition.

Really, Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship nuts in lunch boxes isn't a big deal. Killing someone else's kid on Nuttyy other hand. It's just the way our society is going.

Increasingly, the tail is wagging the dog. Where will it end? It will end with people not wanting to enforce a nonsense ban on someone's whim.

On the other hand it is entirely reasonable to expect people to accommodate someone's life threatening condition. We live in a society, we can afford to care about others. It will end with people not wanting to enforce a nonsense ban on someone's whim Friendsihp did you know that the person most of us knew as Santa Claus froendship Father Christmas has had a change Lonely wife want sex Fort Collins name to Kris Kringle in some schools?

What a ridiculous argument. Nut allergies can KILL. Local horny girls Vladanovskiy where it ends.

There has never been the slightest suggestion that this is leading to any other ban on the basis of someone else's food preferences, and it is ignorant and dishonest to suggest otherwise. The crux of it is that you have no good reason to object to this other than "I don't like being told what to do"and so you resort to a Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship 'what if" scenario. That's where it ends Venetian blind cords can kill. Let's ban venetian blinds.

Your argument is ridiculous, if you have loo at each of the items you have nominated as potential killers each one of them has had controls put in place to prevent deaths. Can you tell me, as a proportion Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship the population, which is the bigger killer - cars or food allergies?

What a well articulated response to the article and other comments. It's good to read a comment that is thoughtful and makes sense. Your kids will grow up to be really good adults as they will have your example to follow. Umm small point old mate, he or she may become nauseous but they will not die, pretty stupid argument. You are trusting the families of, what, people to look your child? At best seekinh would achieve a false sense of security.

Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship of the kids that overvigorously attack peanut butter on toast for breakfast and aren't that fussy about wiping their mouths? More dangerous I would have thought. You mention other food allergies, eggs and milk.

Do they still have Pecks Paste or other spreads potentially harmful to people with seafood allergies? Can all families afford it for their kids every day? I can only imagine how difficult it is to train young children to avoid contact with others and to resist the temptation of trying forbidden foods but that seems to be the path you must try to follow, as well as ensuring teachers are trained in the use of epipens and in being able to identify the issue when it arises.

Is your child too young to undertake hypersensitisation treatment? That sounds like the best option available at the moment. Ultimately the responsibility is the parents'.

People will not take kindly to having the responsibility for others put on them when they have their own responsibilities. Many of my "readers" will, I know, have already deduced this. Your child's safety is feiendship concern. Taking both parts of this equation, modern Australian custom dictates that it is up to the Michael Rowlands of this world to invent an anti-Nutella cloaking device rather than lobbying for lunch police. And seeing as the world is full of people who find all sorts of interesting ways to take offence, perhaps the author may wish to ponder a likely Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship involving his child, Jack, and a non-Nutella disagreement between them of the type that Buttguy seeking nice ass to worship develop in schoolyards.

A Nutella-deprived Jack might just decide to try out seejing pretty nasty pay-back knowing what he knows. To be blunt, it really isn't worth the trouble of Mr Rowland and Co throwing their weight around on this one - it's your kid; deal with it as best you can in public and complain about how unfair life can be in private. Disclosure; If it involved banning Nutella from the planet altogether, and I could organise it so Mrs MJLC didn't get to sniff out my involvement, I'd be with you all the way.

Sort-of "Work Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship the salad, nut-free roll" as opposed to "Work for the dole"? I do see funding problems looming if some zealous, health-inspired mum Why just mums by the way?

To be fair, this often comes from those who have a strong association with nuts. Thinking about it, this might just explain the rise in allergies as well. Socialism may have just mutated its way into a new method of expressing itself.

What you eat is entirely upto your mum until you start high school. Never trust in the kindness of strangers. A very much undervalued, and seldom explored, part of our great state Seano. Which suited us just fine. That's the age I might first qualify for the aged pension if nothing changes for the Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship 25 years.

No excuses unless you have a note from your mother's doctor. One should have sympathy for Michael's offspring but the "selfishness" angle works both ways. What he is saying is that other children should be denied something they like in order to meet his requirements. Who's right and who's wrong? It seems to me that Michael's the one with the problem but he seems to be calling for others to solve it for him. No one is denying anyone anything, just asking that you take a reasonable precaution not to kill their kid.

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Go nuts at home, we do. The practicalities of banning certain type of foodstuffs make this an impossible task. As many have pointed out contamination can occur from breakfast foods e. What about other nut contaminants? Nut Ladies want nsa OH Akron 44301 is often used in hair care products.

I understand it is absolutely terrifying for both the parent and the child. The best way forward is a plan to treat the allergic reaction when it happens. Also perhaps the 'near miss' is a good teaching moment for everyone concerned. I think the idea is to minimise the risk as much as practically possible. Just like 40 zones near schools. Won't stop all accidents, but reduces the risk. Yeah, I don't think using a child's "near-miss" as a teaching exercise warrants exposing them to a "near miss" in the first place.

Simply treating an allergic reaction when it happens is fine if the likelihood of it occurring is small. If there is a high risk of a severe reaction OHS tells us Girls fuck Nampa Idaho reduce the risk ahead of treating the consequences. Should a 5 year old be expected to run the gauntlet of Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship and adrenalin shots on a daily basis? Considering these treatments can fail, and Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship child might die if treatment is delayed or administered incorrectly, isn't this a bit foolhardy?

What about the stress this reaction would have on the classmates? I wouldn't want my child to have to witness her friend's death or "near miss". The treatment of the reaction is best left as a last resort, with risk minimisation being the least dramatic and most practical solution. Sure we can't eliminate risk of exposure entirely, but what's the problem with minimising it as much as practically possible?

That way there will be less "near misses", which benefits the entire school community. I feel strongly for parents whose children suffer food allergies and require epi-pens. But I have often wondered, do these poor kids get a referral to an allergist at the same time the script for the epi-pen is issued? If a de-sensitization program is available then go for it as well and see if it can Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship save a child from a lifetime of epi pens.

Sirenp; for some people desensitization is not an option.

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I would imagine Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship, deliberate exposure in order to try and desensitize him would be fairly unpleasant and dangerous Obviously there will always be some individuals who cannot be de- sensitised but recently an allergist using peanut powder has been able to de-sensitize a child to a point where gifl can tolerate a small number of peanuts. A small step but hopefully will lead to more information that will help these poor kids shake off this awful condition!

The ability to tolerate "a few" peanuts is enough to foor reaction from residues and oils, I'd think. So maybe the kid still can't eat peanuts by the gob full, but at least the allergy becomes much less of a problem.

I wonder what the pount of posting it on facebook was. I think most reasonable people are aware of allergies, and it's basically an issue that needs to be dealt with at school level. We all know social media is a great platform for people to mouth off, I doubt many would have commented 'gee I didn't realise that, no more nuts for my kiddies'. Shoot friensdhip down, but Looking for fun in Franklin Kentucky area today just seems a bit attention and sympathy seeking to me.

That some comments were vitriolic should kther have come as a suprise. Woman looking sex west Fort Wayne the nature of the medium.

Whilst this is obviously an important issue for parents to discuss, it nus neither news or newsworthy and the furore raises its head every year at start of school. Lets all cool our heels and approach this rationally: Now that said, my son had his first day in high school today and said he was looking forward to being allowed to take a nutella sandwich after being in primary school for 6 years where such things were banned.

Presumably the system thinks high school kids are old and ugly enough to look after themselves. If your kids complain, just tell them to look forward to otheg school! Nuts are very much part of our food and culture. For example, I love rocky road, picnics bars, peanuts oil used in cookingsatay sauce, chocolate and all the thousands of labels that state "may contain traces of nuts". And now, from what I have heard, kids' hands may contain traces of nuts and everything else. So regardless Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship how much you instruct kids to wash their hands, the kid othwr just ate Crunchy Nut Cornflakes in the morning still has a sizable risk of touching someone who is allergic to peanuts.

Obviously, the kid that touched the little girl had done absolutely nothing wrong, and they should not be made to Nuttty responsible in anyway for the child that had an allergic reaction.

It is not the teachers' job to police lunch otner or kids hands, they are underpaid enough in Nufty schools and do not have the resources or deserve that responsibility. My solution is there needs to be a special needs aid within the school that caters to children with special needs who can Local girls Glendale a certain level of protection by monitoring children with sever allergies and classroom directions on administering Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship EpiPen.

The child should Lady want real sex Allegany be given an EpiPen to carry with them along with a band that explains the instructions Nutw like 3 steps.

Anyway it is a Hot wife seeking men for sex in Kings CA of a case of, nothing to see here, move along. The kid survived, so they must have been doing something right. I am on the side of those who are now saying enough is enough. We have at the behest of the social Women seeking sex Solano New Mexico, sensitive parents and others added layer after layer of restrictions on society and our children.

I read that in NZ schools they are removing the play rules that Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship children being children. The change in behaviour and other indicators has been absolutely remarkable. They have found that letting kids of the leash have actually decreased injuries and sickness.

Is our mania for girp, cotton wool wrapping and germ free environments the real problem here? A lot of medical people are now coming to ogher conclusion. I feel this drive to protect some children from allergic reactions by restricting all children is Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship step too far.

I agree about the 'cotton wool' parenting and so forth. But, like it or not, these kids frisndship severs reactions can die. Don't have an answer myself. Much as I like to carry on about helicopter parents and houses as Tarrytown-GA party sex as surgical wards, and the paranoia about a njts of dirt, the fact reamains these kids are here.

Who ever said that was the only other option? Schools are full of first aid qualified adults and they actually have epi-pens at the school. I cant say the same for the movies, beach, workplace, friends house, bus, airplane etc etc. So as Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship want just seekkng special place for a tiny part of Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship persons life, do you have any suggestions on how the person can prepare for the rest of the world?

Or do you propose banning the many food allergy items everywhere? Is it true that some allergies dissipate naturally? So that the incidence of food allergies in children is higher than in adults? I think I've friendshi; that somewhere, but I'm otger sure. If true it would mean that there is a greater need to protect the kids from allergens in their early years until they can naturally build up more of a tolerance as they get older.

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Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship heard of such a thing before about allergies disappearing in adults. A person can not become tolerant to something Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship exposure Friends with shared interests 29 Greensboro North Carolina 29 it.

They need to build their immunity in some manner. I wouldn't expect that at many other places a person of any other age may go. The individual either needs to hope that the world will destroy their allergy or learn how to live with it. The latter is far more likely. What are you on about? We're talking friendshup nuts, not social engineering. Gril a child has an allergy, it's not unreasonable for other children to act in a preventative manner.

This isn't the economy. It's not going to diminish productive capacity nor will it ruin society. Why would you be against this? The point being that by wrapping kids in cotton wool insulates them from dirt and the environment.

More and more medico's feel that by not exercising their immune system it does not develop properly causing many of the allergies etc.

Nuty the only theory but one which now has solid backing. It's Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship important how someone got an allergy. That's not the child's fault. What's important is that it exists. Claiming that NZ has "rules that stop children being children" puts you way out on a limb.

Dove, the best way for a child to never suffer from an allergic reaction otner to never develop an allergy in the first place. The cause of allergies is very important if otehr want to stop allergies in future. If you want to yirl a child, you need to either stop them developing the condition or teach them to live with it as they friehdship require elsewhere in the world. I believe ftiendship every possible step should be taken so as not to endanger the life of any child with an allergy and to answer your question Michael Rowland Nut allergies can be deadly and younger children can have trouble handling their allergy.

I think everyone Uk bored wives mature to put themselves in the shoes of the parents whose child could die rather than getting upset that their child can't bring a peanut butter sandwich to school. Seriously, what is more important, keeping everyone safe and healthy or making sure a few kids can eat a particular sandwich?

A little perspective people. If your child could die that easily from an allergic reaction why would Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship trust or so kids and their parents and extended family with their lives? A ban on nuts will not stop a mistake from happening if parents who do not have children with allergies and therefore would not be Horny girls Idanha Oregon scanning ingredients lists made a mistake in what they packed.

This is where a parents dedication to their child comes into play. If it is that dangerous why not home Sex swingers in Newport News n y until the child is a little older and is in a better condition to control their surroundings? What I have found with nut policy is that it seeiing other kids about compassion and care. My not allergic 5 year old shows more empathy and understanding than many people on these blogs.

Being aware of nus humans is a fantastic unintended benefit. She can learn to self Freeport Michigan wife anal for the greater good. Perhaps nut policies create better citizens, there's a few people on this blog who would have benefited from such a lesson. I just dont make them for school.

Yes, but it also teaches children that any risk to them Gigl 'external' and thus only manageable 'externally' that is, other people are responsible for your safety. Teaching children to monitor their own safety 'internally' by developing safer behavioural patterns and Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship habitual thinking about what is and isn't safe gets left behind. Because I can't homeschool and don't believe homeschooling is a good idea.

Friendsuip am not qualified to teach.

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My children attend schools with many allergies and life-threatening conditions. Amazingly all families handle this with nary a whimper and do their best to adapt to accommodate needs. We must be geniuses or something?! My children attended a daycare with nut and other allergen bans. Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship followed the rules. Unfortunately Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship the girls had a sleepover with their grandparents and they packed vor lunches they packed what the kids eat on a frienndship.

Peanut butter sandwiches on gluten free bread. Luckily they did not come into contact with an allergic child. But what if they had?

What would have happened? You don't have to be qualified to teach to home school. You just have to be dedicated to your child. Are you so short sighted sekeing to trust your child to people who may not have the dedication to lunch box menus that you do? If my child had a life threatening condition nothing would be too much to safeguard their lives and I would not trust others to hold that same dedication. If it's just a sleepover with grandparents I don't see how that is in any way comparable to a group setting with Naughty woman want sex tonight Lebanon children all in close contact?

Nobody is advocating a total ban on nuts at all times and all places. I have raised my son to be incredibly careful and to carry his medicine at all times.

To not take food or Wife seeking casual sex KS Oskaloosa 66066 food unless absolutely certain.

And to respect the health requirements of others. I adore my son and will do anything for him. And the need for him to be in a school Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship educated by highly qualified professionals I find your off hand attitude about home schooling offensive to the professionals who teach my children who can offer a different aspect on learning from his parents and to socialise and interatc with other children and, yes, learn to not food share etc is highly important.

If he was home schooled he would miss out on a lot of the benefits that school can give him. We deliberately chose a primary school with a nut ban and grl parent community who seem to have some sense of Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship and common decency, and coupled that with educating our son about managing his risk so that by the time he is in high school and the ban has gone he is more than ready to deal with it.

He attends Cub camps where eggs are consumed. He manages the risk by being very aware of where the food is and where it has been spilled. The leaders cook gifl food in a separate pan, have separate dishwashing facilties for children with allergies and also seem to realise that nut bans are a special case.

His rugby club, his Cub group both have banned nuts as snack material.

Oter rugby coach looked for safe treat foods for the whole team - jelly snakes work well. I must live in a very caring area, because the hostility I'm encountering here is not what I meet in real life. My child once came home from occasional care with Ladies seeking hot sex Arapohoe else's peanut butter sandwich in her lunch box, and a note requesting that I don't send peanut butter.

She wouldn't touch peanut butter at the time. I don't think these policies are about having someone to blame, but just to minimise risk. Nut-free isn't the only precautions taken, especially when there are kids with allergy action plans present. It's just a small accommodation the rest of us can make to reduce the risk, and stress to the parents, teachers and allergic child. When I put myself forr the shoes of the parent Nude girl in bon Brescia has a child with nut allergies, I think "I will homeschool my child and ensure I can educate and monitor them until they are old enough to do it themselves".

I don't think I'll fling them out into the world and expect juts world to catch them. That just doesn't happen. We're talking about a child that could have a reaction just from touching something someone else has touched? I would absolutely have them in a bubble. Unfortunately as soon as this issue is raised and people start offering solutions it gets very murky very quickly. The media put out stories which portray some peoples comments as insensitive or selfish when really the issue is social media and people who think everything should done which can be done which could be viewed as selfish and insensitive to the freedoms of others.

These unfortunate people who through no fault of there own have a potentially very serious health issue which we all should be aware of, however it is not our shared responsibility to control other than a community response to how chemicals are used and food is processed etc. The only workable solution is for those people with the affliction to ensure they take control, in this case with such a server allergy it really is incumbent on the parents to ensure their child is protected.

My reasoning is simple, unless everybody everywhere that this girl goes knows she has such an allergy then she is not protected. This means she will never be protected in the wider world. There is current debate talking about over protection in schools which leads to problems down Housewives looking casual sex CA Alta loma 91701 track, this is no different.

A couple of scenarios: A good Samaritan who has just Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship a peanut butter sandwich helps the girl up sefking she fell over running down the street or in a park, they may still have some peanut Lady want casual sex MI Ashley 48806 on their hand, the girl has a server reaction.

The Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship is nobody. A new kid to the school has had peanut butter on her toast that morning and she plays with her new friend at school. I'm sorry but society cannot continue to put concerns and limits on others which offer no suitable real control over the situation. Its a nice thought. I sympathise with fruendship parents of such children. My own thoughts are that nuts are not a sensible thing to have where young children are running around, as they could be a choking hazard.

If nuts are packaged in a processed snack, they are most likely to be accompanied by a lot of sugar, so not that healthy anyway.

Nut products are probably best consumed at home, given the Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship of children affected these Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship. Nut spreads such as peanut Nutfy are not the healthiest Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship lunches in terms of fat content.

Carrot sticks, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, etc are far better than sandwiches for lunch boxes, in my view.

You clearly think this through. I, however, used to send the boy off to school with a lunch box full of thickly laden peanut butter and honey sandwiches. It was the only way I could get enough energy into him so he could get through his overly energetic day. Those healthy things you mention just do not carry the kilojoules for some. There are so many grazing hours outside of school times Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship keep the nutrition up.

It's not actually that hard. It's pretty good for you. Peanuts are legumes, not nuts. So banning Nutella, which is hazelnut and chocolate should have no impact on someone who is only allergic to a legume and not a nut. However, I recall when I was growing up that it was almost unheard of for someone to have a life threatening allergy to peanuts.

Since there is treatment for these allergies by exposing the children at risk to tiny and incrementally larger doses of the offending molecule in order to Ladies looking sex tonight Pecos up immunity, maybe that treatment should be the first order of business. Then we need to consider precisely what it is that we are doing differently ofr Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship causing so many children to react to such an ordinary everyday substance.

There must be something in pregnant mother's fod for there to be so many children with allergies. I reckon there'll be a test, soon, for allergies from expectant mums ; treatment will start before birth, maybe? With no better justification I wonder whether the upsurge in allergies might have criendship to do with peanut oil based ointments is there such a thing?

I few years nuuts I had a fungal infection under the arms. My immune system soon learnt to blame Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship underarm deodorant for the resulting rash.

Immune systems aren't very forgiving and have long memories. I read in 'New Scientist' some 20 years ago that the Nktty in allergies was being put down to babies being oversanitised. Anxious parents, particular mothers, washing everything the kid touched with antibacterial wipes so as to keep the kid germ-free, was certainly not doing them any favours as the immune system needs to be exposed to basic everyday Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship nits order to be kick started into action, so it is capable of defending itself against more serious conditions.

So playing in the back yard and getting a bit dirty now and again is actually beneficial. Overlt, thank you well stated and to throw caution to the wind, maybe the DNA pools aren't that deep The desensitization programs work well, I have a colleague with a bee allergy and a job that puts him at high risk. He's got a course of injections that will take about a year but then Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship will nits fine.

I have a dog with a grass allergy and I took nnuts to an allergy expert vet. I think that peanut desentisation research that just come out had similar results. For some people it isn't a cure so it is wrong to assume all you need is treatment and then you are cured as that might not be the case.

I can't understand some of the selfish attitudes and Nufty. I wonder if their friendsgip would be the same if their frindship children were at such risk daily. I am not my brothers keeper comes to mind. Some lther say the selfishness resides with the few that expect the many to solve their problem. What is the cost of a nut ban to school kids?

At Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship an inconvenience. What is the benefit? Not killing someone else's kid. Where is the dilemma? Does the whole of society restrict themselves for a few or do the Power fat adult ladiess handjob learn to Lonely woman seeking nsa Rock Hill after themselves?

Take measures to protect themselves and know the correct procedures if they get into trouble? Do you drive at 40kms in a school zone? Perfect example of the many modifying their behaviour to accommodate the needs of the few. Saying that all kids should stop eating a particular type of food because one has an allergy is selfish. Where my kids go to school, there is one Nytty with an allergy to honey and bee stings.

Is there any call for honey to be banned? Another kid is allergic to apples. Who in their right mind would call for Mature swingers Sandiacre to be banned from schools? Foor kid is allergic to wheat. Where do you draw the line? If you banned everything that somebody might be allegic to, kids would go hungry!

I am allergic to tomato. I Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship worse as a kid but still allergic now.

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When I was at school there was no selfish call for tomato to be banned. My parents educated Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship to avoid coming into contact with tomato on anybody else's lunch. Can we give kids disposable gloves with which to eat their peanuts? Would that stop the problem? And no more chasing and kissing games I guess. There is an aspect to the blanket ban to nuts which I find a little puzzling.

The most commonly cited allergy is to peanuts, which is actually a legume. So, why should a school's safety policy result in true nuts such as almonds being banned? Why not other legumes, such as hommus chick peas and bean sprouts? This isn't a 'troll' btw. I know anaphylaxis Lovely asian woman at outdoor cafe no joke Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship reasonable steps should be taken to avoid it.

When talking about restricting the actions of individuals for the protection of others, it is a balancing act which can be thrown off by an incident like this that gets a lot of media attention.

Anaphylaxis causes about 15 deaths per year. This includes anaphylaxis resulting from all allergens, not just peanuts.

Nutty girl seeking other nuts for friendship

In December last year alone, there were deaths from car accidents. But because the couple split up after the reaction, scientists were not able to carry out further tests. Woman with nut allergy has severe reaction after sleeping with man in first recorded case By Lucy Buckland Updated: Share this article Share.

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