We are 100% SOLD OUT of TRANSPORTATION in Revival Subcultures, however you can still find it (for a limited time) at Lewis LeathersYMCDover St. Market (London), Peter Fields (Berlin), Dee Cee Style (Zurich), Self Edge (SF, NY & LA).

MF Archive Transport Sales Page Prints

TRANSPORTATION In London’s Dover Street Market

Directed by Comme des Garcon’s Rei Kawakubo and feted as London’s most directional fashion store, the Dover Street (based) space has chosen to stock Men’s File and Men’s File Archive for the spring 2013 season. This interesting choice from the world of experimental fashion retailing illustrates the influence revival style continues to have.

Dover St 001


This is the first in the Men’s File Archive series. At the front there’s a critical essay and then over 190 pages of photography representing three decades of documenting transportation-based revival subcultures and creating my highly orchestrated tableaux vivant. This is all presented in the style of a ‘stream of consciousness’ and reflects my intention to give the reader a feeling of constant movement. This substantial publication comes in a presentation box with a selvage-edge denim banner from artisan jeans makers Blue Blanket.

Amish Country

Travelling through Amish country, somewhere near Lancaster (Penn.), we saw a young man riding an old bicycle hard across the tobacco fields.

The Fiskens Project

Simon and Jamie Delaney live in a world separate from mainstream society. They don’t want to be accepted or to change things. They don’t want everyone to adopt the style and manners of the 1930s and 40s. They just want to be left alone to exist within a social space defined by dedication, discipline and elegance.

Redesigning Royal Enfield

This hand-framed sweater is a unique item from a collection of clothing I produced as part of my practical work for a research degree (MPhil) in the fashion department of the Royal College of Art (London) 2007 – 2011. The Royal Enfield brand has incredible potential but will probably never be fully exploited.

Ton-up Boys and Girls

Polaroid (2nd) 3

In 2005 I decided to stop listening to my commercial advisors who told me that staging my own re-enactments and recording them on film would confuse clients wanting to hire me as a professional photographer. Up until then I had been keeping my revival based image-making separate from my other work. When this series of tableau appeared in 125 magazine people started to accept this style as a comment on the contemporary situation. I’m not sure I liked that: sometimes it’s better to be an outsider.

Dry Lake


During the apartheid period in South Africa many of the major American car makers set-up  plants in the province of Natal. After apartheid had been dismantled I started to travel to Cape Town for photographic assignments and surf trips. The area around the city looks very much like Southern California and is ideal for mid-century re-enactments. High skill levels in making and mending means that most clothing featured in these tableau were from my own designs and featuring my own prints. The cap is early Johnson Motors.

San Onofre

VW n480 875

Located at the southern most tip of the Orange County coastline, San Onofre Beach often appears to be part of an organised simulation of the mid-century California surf scene. If I need individuals to take part in my theatre-without-walls I often start scouting there first. Taken on the road that runs parallel with Trestles the Model A based jalopy (right) easily outruns the early 1960s Beatle.

New Noir: A Homage to Frank Miller

n245 876

At one point creating my own re-enactments and tableau became an obsession and all my financial and time resources have been ploughed into my chosen form of expression for the past 15 years or so. The New Noir shoot was influenced by the graphic novels of Frank Miller and the painting of Edward Hopper. To create a retro-futuristic landscape I spent  two weeks in the Riverside area of Southern California locating six led-sled (hot rod) cars to place as set props on the Paramount Studios, New York Lot.