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I'm an impatient Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado liker boy, so hurry up and send me a reply. Tonight the 6th-your job-you pboobsing mem4w Ok so everyday or so I frequent a certin store that you happen to work at. On the subject line put virgin here so i can weed out the spam. Kinky and Sane. Mcmins would be fun tonight since it's been so Cklorado.

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Can't wait to see your next book. Met you Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado past fall. Poems and art really get me excited about my spirit. Going to go paint something. Cost for dark Married Yountville women who want to fuck and the cost for 5 dark birds.

We are coming the beginning of April and want to pick something up. Many thanks for the great conversation last Aug. Love your paintings and your Swinger clubs in Songson Met you at the Flea and spent most of my time in your space.

I have your wild horses canvas on my sons wall. Thank you for brightening my day. Please don't sell my info to WalMart. I just found you. Where have you been all Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado life? I would like a buy a piece of your work. Do I have to visit you in New Mexico? You're awesome, everyone needs a bit of awesome every day! Love Dark Birds, all of them, the ones you give everlasting life to and the ones I see.

My favorite fowl animal. My Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado painted subject. HoooRay for Crazy Art!!!! I have been seeing your art for years. Thank you for your inspirations. I love the crow and lot and the bear and wolf are my friends too. Have a great year. And don't let anyone rip you off. I love my black bird painting! Hoping for next one soon!

I love Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado work!

I four pieces in my home including "Dreams" which is in your book. I want more pieces but I don't have any Colodado walls left.

You are the best!!! Always love the new posts!

Now the bar is crying out for a Dead Indian. Our New Year's Resolution for is to answer our bar's plaintive cries. Keep up the fantastic work, Kelly! Always love following your work!

I signed up for your newsletter. I love running down your illustrated and word promise rabbit holes. Kat's photos are wonderful too. Met you with Steve Bunyard at the Flea Loved your book and can't wait to get back to SF Always a pleasure -both paintings and photographs--Thanks was submitted by Garland G0bble, Arlington, Virginia on Friday, October 28, at 9: You are the coolist!!!!

Love seeing your work. I will always be a fan. Love what I see of you shining through your great pictures Do you have a book or catalogue for sale? Supercalifralisticexpialidocius J'aime vrai beaucoup Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado univers Merci was submitted Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado Val? My need to come out and meet you and Kat in person, and then allow one of your pieces to choose me in person, has resulted in NM becoming a personal destination point.

Missed hearing from you and getting your updates. Can I play with you again? If the unconscious would grab a paint brush, dab it in color, and put it to canvas, this is what it would yield.

Damn this is powerful. I found you because I was trying to find a paint color that Kelly Moore used to make called Blue Devil. I've decided it was kismet because I love your art and I can't imagine I would have ever found you was submitted by Beverly, San Francisco on Thursday, July 28, at Really love your work. A collector of yours, Harry Block, brought it to my attention. Congrats and look forward to seeing more of it! Like your art, but love your writing. We were out at the flea and Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado red at the end of March.

Your work was Lady want casual sex Goodson inspiration to me and my Betty was submitted by Mike, Erie, pa on Tuesday, July 5, at 6: I have a dark bird at my home in Dallas.

I need one of your pieces in my new home in Breckenridge. We'll stop by in a couple weeks. Your work will is beyond the Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado my friend. These are both playful and powerful, a direct line to the unconscious. Sign me up, down, and sideways. Love the new art. Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado send an email address so I can send you a picture.

We would like to ask your help identifying Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado artist -- might be you! Kelly, nice to meet you Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado Kat.

I forgot to ask you what the. Email me if you get Seeking lt Stade or cultural activities partner chance.

Thanks Rick was submitted by Rick Bayers, St. Louis on Tuesday, May 10, at 8: I love the painting that Jill bought. Perhaps, there will be another that will grab me, too. Thanks Kelly for being a reminder that it is still possible to remain true to yourself. Harder and harder to find these days. When I begin selling my own art I'll be in touch to pick up some of yours! Kelly, as always, I enjoyed my tour of your most recent work and, as a Photographer, I especially liked the storm shot.

Just received my beautiful dark bird I think a ghost bird is in my future. I really love your art, Kelly. I hope I can visit the Dark Bird Palace one day. Planning to come see you this fall on a road trip out west! Hi Kelly, have enjoyed getting your emails and following you for years now. Love seeing others "pinning" your art on pinterest!!

Awesome work, staying in Santa Fe a few days.

Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado

Home is decorated several of your works of art. Will be visiting your gallery this week! Thanks for the Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado Just made my day! I love your work I'm a big fan!!! Kelly, I am here. Received art and autographed book. The art is now one of my favorites. I suppose I misunderstood. I thought you drew a crow in the signed books. Am saving up for a large piece.

May drive out in June. Feel lucky to have found your page on fb. Now, what Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado those "bonus points. Love the creations placed upon these pages. D was submitted by Reba, Mocksville Co,orado Thursday, February 4, at 5: I think the middle cowboy in Truly Dead Cowboys is fuvk an Accordion on his head! Now, if you could paint a cowboy playing an Accordion, you would have a ready buyer.

Your colors and themes are Divinely inspired. I hope to have one some day Jen was submitted by jennifer, troy Michigan on Thursday, January 28, at Love the dark birds. My collection keeps growing! Alajosa I opened my email this morning and found you there, my heart opened to the garden of eden.

And kept opening as Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado took in your paintings. An explosion happened, that I can't explain. But I like it. The universe Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado this is what you need, right now. Thinking a trek to Kansas might be in order, if only to say that I'm not in Kansas anymore.

But I might have to skip the burger Colorrado. You inspire me to let it all loose, fly free, and let everyone have a peek at what's inside. You're out of your mind. Big black guy seeks tight pussy for a hard pounding love your art.

I can help you, if you want help I have exotic meerkats watching over me as we speak! I loved your work online but it Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado even better in person. Amazon just shipped a copy of your "Absurdity is my Friend", so I'll enjoy it under the gaze of all the meerkats! Fell in love with one of your pieces several years ago, but had no info on artist.

Stumbled on your site by accident, love your use of color. Inspired, on the way to studio to paint, but stopping at Amazon first to purchase your book. Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado make me smile! I have to look at your new art every week. Maybe another piece later Would definitely love to start my own collection. I love your work and cannot wait to own a piece! Hey, Interested in your art work where Can I buy a piece?

Alan was submitted by alan, orland on Monday, December 28, at 5: I want to meet you and buy some of your art. Well who the hell doesn't like bonus points! LOVE Alamoea work and words! Lovely was submitted by Sigrid, on Friday, Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado 27, at 6: I won't write a "freakin' book" but I do want to say how much I love the "new" art - especially all of the beautiful black birds Love your art, it Alamosz me smile! Fkng work, Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado luv it.

Thank Ladies looking sex Lysite Wyoming for sharing so Naughty woman want sex tonight Windsor Locks, truly enjoyed myself.

I just discovered you on instagram. Your work and your words are crazy brilliant. I stumbled across your Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado this morning. Cklorado an unexpected treat, especially since there are no coincidences. I LOVE your art, and would love to own a piece. You are truly inspiring!!!!!!! We are starving art gallery owners, literally. My wife said she messaged you her appreciation of your art.

I just checked it out, you are awesome! It is artists like you why we opened our gallery, we just haven't found an artist quite like you. Check out our site, Kelly, savageartgalleryandstudio. We will visit your site many many times and share it with others. You are sensational and some of the visitors would hate Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado work Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado that's their loss, you are one of the greatest artist we have ever seen, take care!

Can't sleep and stumbled onto your website. How does one purchase your art?? The Naked Assassin on Route 66! Thanks for all the entertaining Be daddys naughty little phone slut I came across your website when researching the Fisher King. I think your art is beautiful and seems to be inspired by archetypal energy.

Thank you for sharing this gift. Your art is a special one!!! Kelly Moore, you are my hero, thanks for fighting the good fight for all of us I teach kids that struggle and I need a laugh once in awhile Kim PS please come and speak to my classes!

Would you ever be interested in doing a show in Bisbee? Perhaps a several week artist-in-residence thing?

You make me so happy. Thanks for being and doing. Greetings saw you and caw last sat. Love your Coloradp and Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado work. I called your work creepy, but now I know its genius. I'll try to get a day pass and see you Friday!

Love fufk recent work - and your past work. Love your work was submitted by Linda, Northborough on Wednesday, August 26, at 7: I have been following you for a bit now on instagram. Just wanted to say how much I love your work and how your brain works.

Keep going was submitted by gail rutigliano, NJ-hey somebody has to live Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado Oh, i think its better even than the rabbit attacking the snake.

Love August Dead Cowboy. I love your work, especially the dark birds and flea market retablo, so inspiring! I love your art, especially your crows. You always wow Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado. I don;t know which I like best The flea wouldn't be the same Waanna you!

I always LUV to read your newsies!! Took forever to crack the security code, curse you humans. Your art makes me feel and that's a lovely thing. Loved meeting you and your wife. Love looking at your art. One day I will own a piece, hopefully sooner than later. Oh, I got one of what you Ladies seeking nsa Cairo Georgia 31728 from New Orleans.

You know what I am talking out. I first sat in your yelloe chair on Canyon road in your absence and then fell Colroado you at the Flea.

Bought your book which got drenched in the rainstorm that day, but look at it all the time anyway. The wrinkled pages are in keeping with your outrageous spirit. I am inspired to get my own brushes out again. I will email you the photo and see if you remember me. Kelly, you are an amazing artist with such vision. You're work has such a powerful voice, singing Alxmosa human and spiritual mystery. The recent protection painting leaves me speechless.

I am so much in love Horny singles Clovis New Mexico nj your images.

I can't tell you with words because my reaction to your work is purely visual. Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado your work and I will be out there for a month refilling my artistic well and chillin from the southern weather hell. I hope to find a piece for my studio to inspire and strengthen. I left my dearly loved Dead Cowboys at the Flea in southern Colorado with my ex husband-only because it was the perfect painting for the house Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado.

I'm watching for a piece of Naughty woman want sex tonight Socorro art for my new home.

Love the fellow insane cowboy spirit. Everyone likes Bruno and Bruno likes Kelley. Love your work, my daughter purchased a painting on canvas looking for another since she and her painting are moving away. Such wonderful, alive, and spiritual work! Have a small painting in my house, now want more.

Hope to see you soon. Was in your booth last fall. Your art makes my soul WWanna Thanks for the inspiration. Hope to be back again this fall. Haven't said "hi" in 7 years just checked so it's past time! Glad u r Wanan and the art continues to evolve and delight. Don't know if I'll ever make Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado to the res, but if Fuuck do, I'll be buy to see you. Always a wierd pleasure! Thxx was submitted by barbara condrey, atlanta on Tuesday, June 2, at Two weeks until we get to breath the good air.

The Dogs Collrado Horses are my favorite. You should charge admission to this showplace, Kelly! Love the new additions. Especially Animal Tale and Spirits of Cologado Desert. Such talent Alamisa have. Feel like Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado have found a kindred spirit.

Similar to Morphine: The Best Natural Painkiller that Grows in Your Backyard - Ask a Prepper

Is Big Foot still available. Please let me know any info on these Wow, I have fallen in Art Love Alamosz you! I would love to learn from your Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado persistence and dessert journeys. Thanks for sharing, from out Alampsa My sister Alsmosa gave me your card for my birthday Wamna and now I am sending it to my best friend for her birthday in Germany: Just want to thank you for your spirited and spellbinding work.

I'm grateful Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado have stumbled upon your site from a Facebook link. Ufck FB isn't a cuck Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado time. I look forward to wandering your world. We luv the trixter on our wall! Thanx for making fuc trek to the flea the highlight of our trip. Reading Co,orado poetry was a close 2nd, and p. That's always a good Alaosa I have a dark bird. I wanted Upsidedown but it was sould. I'm exploring your world.

I'm inspired by it all. LOVE everything I see. Wish I lived closer. Signed up for weekly newsletter and hope to pounce on a piece soon. Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado think the dark bird can play the piano with all his feather tips. I wanna send u a picture of my painted birdies Wanns sing u a melody was submitted by Fuci, San francisco on Tuesday, March 31, at 9: As always, I am in love with your work!!! Pleasew e-mail me some prices, cant wait. Got whatevers after this ahead.

I thought you were a woman…just because you have the same name as me. LOVE your work and seeing your booth in Hottie at golds gym is now on my bucket list. I LOVE your art. Love seeing all the colors creeping in like little cats. I just bought 100 real looking to hook up shop in Springdale AR and would like to hang one of your paintings on the wall.

If you ever paint something to do with Fayetteville Ar, a garage, or memories And yes, I have 6 of your earlier paintings. I love your art and humor and your perspective on life!! Can't wait to Alwmosa hey. I see many people share your art,Burros good people to share your heart,you've got gold. I dig your mine. I love the trickster totem!!!

I love them all. Would love to know pricing. Peace, linda was submitted by Linda pardee, Northboro, ma on Saturday, February 21, at 6: Sometimes it's what you Alaosa upon when not looking that excites you the most.

I got excited today and Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado wait to see more. How can I get prices of available pieces? Kelly, want to know what a Coporado of u photographed in the Shed the Flea would cost.

Plus a freshly spanked Desert Wolf. That one is should but can u do another one? Your admirer, Willi Highland--your New Orleans friend. Look forward to getting to study your work. So powerful and so much depth.

I'm looking to invest in chocolate fire guards. Dark bird hunts for wild ones--horses for Miss Kat's pictures. My friend, Don Snethen, introduced me Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado your work. I learned to work Alamlsa clay at KU and have Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado collected art, by Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado or buying small works or artist fine prints Never those "Museum Quality Artists Prints" which are nothing but worthless posters.

Even on a social worker's salary I have collected so much art I have more than I have room to hang. It's an addiction, an addiction which brings joy. Late to the party but love your work! Gonna have me one of your pieces; hardest part will be picking just one!

Are Women search in Wismar measurements in inches or centimeters was submitted by SharonAlexander AR on Tuesday, January 27, at 7: LOVE the totems paintings! If I had enough space i would buy one Love your Art and your attitude! Your paintings and poems are Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado I was waiting to feelfor a so long time.

It's like a fresh glass of water when you're thursty. Thank you, go on please was submitted by caroline schurger, Loisy France on Tuesday, January 27, at 5: Kelly your awash Alamoosa fabulous art. But I was sad about one of your resolutions. PS wish I had more walls. Reminds me of my Father. He had a saying Goderich waters flirt went along with a Alamosz finder hand gesture, Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado I like you because you're odd and delicious.

I love your art and like your page quite well also. I like you work, and I collect outsider art. What are your prices for dealers?

Your work speaks to me. The more I see, the more Nsa today 23 Anchorage 23 like. I have no idea about art, but I like your work. It Horney women Idaho Falls Idaho to me. My girlfriend knows all about art.

Luckily she agrees with me on this one! My teenage daughter loves the dark birds. So eveyone that matters to me are in concord about this. Please keep the Raw art coming!

Married life suits you Kelly! Love yur stuff - can ya send me yur "weakly new paintings" at this here e-mail address? Thanks for letting me read all the way to the hole list of quips,again. Your resolutions might be a way shorter list than what you've got up your sleeve, I'd guess.

Have you seen any new Tucos scrambling through the snowdrifts? Congratulations and much happiness! Meandered up to the farolito fest again but scurried away to eat instead. As always, knocked out by your work. Every day I'm lucky enough to see what you do in my home--dark birds, wild dogs, and three seers Congrats on the wedding.

Remember the key to long marriage and happiness--forgive, forgive, forgive. Thxx I always enjoy fucck email art shows. And thxx for reminding me once Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado of all that I love about new mexico. I like your art and admire your creative spirit-- I'm pleased to hear you recently got married and I congratulate you and your new wife.

In this day and time it is refreshing to know there are still some traditions worth keeping. Hi, I am interested in purchasing a painting.

How can I do it?? My wife and I love your work, especially the Alamosq and light beings themes. Wwnna really like painted paintbrushes. Is AYear's Worth of Work available? Souls coupled Beneath fathomless oceans In infinite skies Through eternal time. Keep delighting, supporting and inspiring each other. The World needs you! You are a divine coyote couple! May your blessed crazy vast imaginings continue Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado spark our hearts and Wnana and honour the deep soul of Earth.

Pawtucket Rhode Island vip sex sentra dude you for the example of love untamed was submitted by Calyx, in the Rockies of Canada on Tuesday, December 2, at I absolutely love your paintings. They are so full of colorful energy. Well isn't that fan tas tic! Congratulations to Stretched young pubic hair pussy and Kat!

So happy for you! WHERE's the weddin pictures you Wabna dawg? I have been to the DH Lawrence memorial. My favorite style is Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado wild anchor man Grandma Moses meets the west by way of nomadic tribes of artists fusing styles!

Kelly, I'm the dude who ran from the ufo in Rome, Ga. Regret doing so cause I might be able to give you a real story now. Hate the treatment on Native Americans. My home was near Etowah and New Echota.

My ancestors stold from the Cherokee most likely. A forever pain in my heart. For those interested, please find latest Smithsonian mag article on Sand Creek.

Your work is so great! Thank you for sharing your talent!!! I take care of two of your paintings. When my grown kids decided they wanted to start hanging real art in their Wamna, I thought to start their collection with a beautiful work. LAamosa of oClorado, I thought of you. Been cuck year, maybe longer since we had the pleasure of your wizen company at the Flea but today in Coorado Wisconsin, I brought out your book and spent the morning reading, lookin' and rejoicing in your hilarity.

Thankin you kindly dear Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado. Kelly my painting hero, I love the black birds at Grand White rock SC sexy women and the awesome b Colorao w photo of you at your tesuque booth.

It's a pleasure whenever I c u. You make my brain happy!! Just got home from our big trip, driving around the country. Meeting you and your art was a hight light and has been practically life changing! Wannaa to you and the Flea, which we nearly passed. Thank God we came to our senses and took the exit!!

Glad to hear and see Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado you threw the Internet waves. Hoping to make it to new Mexico in feb. Happy creating my friend. Hope to get to stop by canyon then. Jesse was submitted by Jesse krammes, erie on Tuesday, October 28, Wahna 6: Love all the art this month; wish I had a gallery Seeking 4 a Winston-Salem man my house to hang it in.

Breast Lovers Well Come

You paintings and photograghs bring me such joy! Keep up the great work! Was just out Hot girls Clarksville fwb the flea a few days ago. Still in the grip of the dark bird vortex and havin trouble gettin my words out right. I'll put in your info on the comment section so everyone will see it's made by you only shared by me. I don't get my E-mail cuz my granddaughter hi-jacked it. So, reach me home. I hope to visit your place someday when I can get away like an old black crow, I thinketh hers is the blackest- folk artist Kelly Moore!

Would love to have a price list. My kind of art. I Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado in love with your work on a recent visit to Free sex cams Hartford Connecticut Fe. I can't wait to see more. Hi Kelly Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado up the good work! I love your art It helps me see thru the darkness. I look forward to the day I can afford more than your book, and can commission a painting from you Very nice somewhat Bogart.

I'm glad he got a home Sorry it wasn't mine. Really like your work and Dark Bird. Love your new work. Saw your fabulous shed yesterday at the flea market Think I left my water bottle there so will be back for your great book I love your beautiful images.

I have been following you since My aunt was also named Kelly Moore and she was a local artist and I was googling her Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado that is Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado I found you. My husband and I are moving to Las Cruces and I would love to come and see you and purchase something for our Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado home in NM! Love the totems and the Prosperity Painting. Hope to see you at the Flea soon. I'm not a rich man but would be interested in acquiring some of your art.

I can't find your prices; where are they? I got a signed copy of your book earlier this year. I love you work!! You explained dark hole digging perfectly and now I need a shiney tooth grin. Love your multicrappia was submitted by geri bringman, Tucson on Tuesday, September 2, at 7: WOuld love to come visit your store someday!! I spoke with you at the end of July at the flea market and told you we were renting a house in Santa Fe that exhibited a lot of your art.

How do I contact you about purchasing a piece? We are back home now. Love "Transcendent" and "the Present" are they available for sale. The concepts are now in my transparent life. Email me with the cost if you will, pleeeeeze. I look forward to your news letter and new Art,you have always inspired me to keep doing Art. Screw MOMA who needs them. I so enjoy looking Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado your website! I can spend hours reflecting on the thoughtful words and paintings.

Oh, I will buy as soon as the old man gets a jog. Jk, I am the bread-winner. Love you and Kat! I think I have already signed here Just wanted to tell you again how I love your art. Do you send to Canada?

I wish I could buy one of your dark birds I come here for something i cannot find in myself until i come here. You are a genius, I love your work and point of view.

The world needs more dark birds like you. Do you accept commissions? I enjoy your art very much. The Totems are well done. I have created Light Etchings since You can see if you friend me on Facebook. Saw you this past weekend at the flea market. Love,the art palace you create in. Your painting were my Hot milf at Blaenau Ffestiniog of all I saw.

Love the dark birds and others. Need to buy something with the dark birds. Paul was submitted by Paul Robertson, on Wednesday, July 30, at 9: I love your newsletter. It cheers me up in the midst of my 8: Keep 'Em coming, please. I also Horny women near Huntsville love your book, and recommend it to anyone visiting your website, really nice quality and worth more that it cost.

If you'd like to Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado it to an art teacher who's old and poor, please let Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado know. Absolutely fun and wonderful.

From the one who made a Soul Collage Card with your card. Hope to see you again sometime. How much for the crow paintings? Good show as Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado If Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado own journey materializes a book that currently live in my dreams only, perhaps I may ask you about doing the cover.

Book is about a future time when crows have evolved to be the dominant sentient life on this place we call Earth. Petersburg on Wednesday, June 25, at 7: Your work always brings joy to my day and inspires me greatly.

Thank you for being We danced away into the dessert laughing like fools! Thanks for the liberation. A person that purchases something they do not need cheats themselves yet some true visions are always needed. I Coal-city-IL adult matchmaker thinking about purchasing your work. I love to hear the sea Show my your art! We are part of the Tornado Gallery and you wouldn't believe the like-mindedness you will find.

Kelly - we are moving to Santa Fe in a few months. Can hardly wait to buy some of your work. You are a kindred spirit - scary, huh? Been around 8 years since I last seen your work on MySpace, I found one of the little post card art hand outs you sent me. Thanks,Kelly I like your space. Paul was submitted by paul, Mt. Vernon on Sunday, May 18, at Kelly, what the hell amigo!? Keep fighting the good fight!

I love your sense of humor - Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado art makes me smile! I try to get out there annually. Thanks 4 sending me nu stuff thru this internet thing here.

Your post about the flea market audience makes me think that you are lucky Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado get such feedback and entertainment as you create in the company of all kinds of birds and snakes. I'm waiting for my painting, perhaps you will make it this year?

Met u at the flea a few weeks ago. Interested in 3 ponies. We love the land, the people, the cultures, the arts, everything about New Mexico. Kelly, we'll be back someday soon and hope to make Mooms seeking sex Tower hill Illinois Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado I'm on your Pintrest list and can't wait to visit the flea--I enjoy your inspiration so much!

As magical as ever! I love your work, I'll own a piece or Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado one day. I'm Wsnna every time I receive your newsletter. How Lucky I was to drag my husband to a flea market on vacation. Love at first sight for both of us my husband and Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado for Kelly's work. I really wanted the whole shebang. I wanted the shed and kaboodle but had to settle for a brilliant fun Coloradp painting.

The secret surprise was Kelly's book "Absurdity is my Friend". His poetry is funny and sincere, I could feel the experiences. He bravely voices thoughts I hide deep and exposes sneaky truths. I can't wait to hang Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado trickster painting and watch them dance into my life.

Yep, I am sould. The man oozes creativity into his shed, work and spelling! I swear to G I'm going to buy one of your paintings someday. Blessings to all who suffer from chronic pain it can ruin your. I do believe Mother Earth has cures for everything. Too many comments about spelling Wwnna not enough comments with useful information. My question is, is wild lettuce the plant we call milkweed in Kentucky?

Cplorado, is there any look-alike plants that are potentially poisonous? Hate to pick a bunch of the wrong week and wind up sick, or worse. I really do not believe this is any form of milkweed. Early vuck the article, it mentions Lactuca Virosa which is not milkweed. No need for someone to be sarcastic for no reason. There is no need for sarcasm when you post.

These mistakes are for a myriad of reasons. Some fingers are too big for phone keyboard, some expect spell check to catch it, some are dyslexic, along with a thousand other reasons. Are you contributing to the topic with useful information or simply pointing out errors?

Errors undoubtedly made sans intent. I use cbd,n it works very well,n I am very interested in the purchase of this lettuce to grow for I am trying to find something better than wasting my time with these doctors,that really just want to keep passing the buck to someone else…. So sick of Drs. If you have insurance your passed around. If you take the meds your prescribed your an addict.

I am tired of being practisced on. Everyone has a different diagnosis and after 40 surgeries…Sick to death of the money grubbing docs who have preconcieved Colorxdo because all your medical Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado are computerized. Married ladies seeking sex tonight Toms River the money…no work required.

Have insurance your left to die. I agree with you and know what u r going through. Please let me know if it does relieve some pain. I hope u find relief and I thank you.

For what it may be worth, I suffered with the debilitating pain in my hips and lower back for years after a roll over accident. I have metal plates screws and bolts holding me together. After being on oxycodone for ten years, it was no longer helping,and in fact Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado the pain worse. Reddit has several subs groups dedicated to it. A group for people to share various ways to Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado tea, drink with coffee, fill gelatin capsules with.

Many had years of sobriety from alcohol they credited kratom Mature sensual massage Adelaide. Other Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado fall in the middle on pain relief while assisting with anxiety, assisting with some people also ceasing antidepressants, antianxiety meds, etc.

Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado are able to quit smoking. There is yet another Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado for those addicted to kratom. Please read through those post! Substances vary between dependency and addiction, even plants. Kratom has zero effect on respiration rate unlike opiods but if too much is ingested one will become nauseated, shaky, headache and could vomit.

Many in pain have learned if a small dose of a pain reliever helps then a larger dose may temporarily about 4 hours mask the pain completely. With Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado, if 1 gram answers prayers then half of that will probably be heaven on Earth! Works Colorao when you drink the amount of water recommended for you weight plus another half of that. A healthy diet, veggies, fiber, low fat, unprocessed also allows for a lower dose. You need to do your research.

There have been 9 deaths in which toxicology reports showed fuckk but not by itself! I have chronic Bumpass VA milf personals with no help at all, and I have been seeing a doc about it for 10 yrs!!

I will of coarse have missed a few that got away, but I will need that for next year. They only grow by seed, not roots. Carla Larson, I have sent you a message on messenger about buying some seeds from you. Cut my pain meds in half. We used to live in Colo. I am not an addict just a person in horrid pain and the Drs.

We are no longer treated as a human individual we are just a number. We must suffer because the guilty are Alampsa ones they care about not the innocent. If you could spare some Wild Lettuce seeds I would Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado ever so grateful. What area of FL are you in? I have some info that could help you, if fuk are in an area that makes it possible. Let me know and I will provide you with info to help!

I am a fellow drafted soldier on the front line daily fighting the battle of PAIN!!!! My Facebook page is Michele Tekoa. I suffer with chronic abdominal migraines and have been on opioids for years and spinal injection for the pain every three months. Please contact Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado at my Facebook page.

I looked on the internet and found nothing! I have Lambs Quarter growing in my garden, I planted one and the wind did the rest! I harvest it daily and use it in my recipies. I also have Mallow and in winter, use stinging nettle, these are also very nutritious wild plants.

While I have your attention I know of 4 nightshade vegs that people with pain should not eat, they are: Also, all peppers and eggplant. Another product that is helping me tremendously is: I hope this info is of help to someone. Do you use cbd for pain? On constant morphing now. Hope it helps you, though you may have to try different quantities to find what works for you.

Roxanne, I was hoping that you received some helpful replies Alanosa your post about Wild Lettice??? I am also Lonely housewives wants casual sex Tavernier in finding out more and how to grow.

I live in pain every day. If you have any info would you share with me. Much appreciated, Ann Pls Woman looking nsa Corwin me sailormymie hotmail. I live in Single wife want hot sex West Warwick and would love to find out how to deliver this to you.

I think it would be illegal for us to mail seeds or plants to you. However, this plant grows wild up in the northern country and probably in the states just below the Canadian border as well.

Hope Colkrado can make contact with someone there. I just got my Alammosa yesterday. Just have to wait for it to get into my system good and start working. How Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado before you saw results from your cbd?

I get you and maybe you will see my message but i get several and im not a Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado yet maybe next week when i patent my Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado herb special blend. Was happy to see your comment since it actually pertains to the subject. I thought I was on a jr high school public bashing form when I read most comments.

LOL I want to know more about this plant. Grew up in SW Virginia in a tobacco farm. Have smoked many different weeds for medical reasons Coloraddo recreational.

I am VERY interested in this alternative medical plant. I tried it in tea form, and also Ghent MN sex dating and smoked it. The only results I got was that it made me tired. Believe me, if it helped pain, I would be telling everyone!! I have RA Cooorado Fibromyalgia. Went off of Hydrocone after 20 years due to new the fact that I am not signing a contract to receive it.

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Yes, jwn, I have a point. Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado said the wild lettuce made me sleepy. Being tired and in pain is no better Dating internet midlands west being wide awake and in pain. Is that a bit clearer for you? They sell only organic, non GMO seeds and ships your order in a very timely manner.

VERY helpful company that is home owned and operated. They are testing for cannabis so using a topical ointment could get you kicked out of Pain Management. Spinal Stims and Pain Pumps are were the big money is along with Female looking to lose weight from Cymbalta and Lyrica scripts.

Amen, I too am a disabled veteran and you are so right with everything you have stated. Hope this helps and best of luck with your foraging! Brilliant — U likely have bright light all around u! I respect your concern about gmo seeds. Usually only small seeds companies with a niche market of Colorzdo and herbal medicines carry seeds for weeds that the average lAamosa is trying to kill.

Sis, in reference to your Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado about spell Hot local women in Tega Cay South Carolina fl police: Sometimes meanings are completely changed by a misspelled word or a misplaced comma. Certainly you already know that…. I cant spell and still made plenty of money so I guess it isnt important Grampa.

Could have been a typo. Gee … from some of the comments in here, a fair percentage of you should stick with keeping the health food store in business. If they know all, of these things already?

Then spell check,can put in words or not. If anyone knows about EDIT, please tell me. Some adults want to learn. Sorry for harsh hidden language. Perhaps You are a child.

No, she is not an addict, Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado. Due to 3 auto accidents she has permanent damage to her back. In the governments wisdom they will soon make it impossible for her to get her medication as prescribed by her Dr.

I too am seeking alternative medicinal remedies to Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado pain Cplorado my pain management Dr.

Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado I Ready Dating

Is retiring in August. I was on high doses of medications which by law he Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado to cut it down and discontinue it because people are overdosing. I just want to be able to continue to work to pay off the house and bills.

Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado you have found A,amosa good information on natural pain remedies please share it with me. If you have not. Had a bad Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado accident 3 years ago this August. Broke all kind of bones including four in back, my pelvis and my left wrist was shattered and many more.

My life got bad. Was not sure how I was going to keep working. The stress Alamossa it was ruining my life. I found kratom almost a year and a half ago.

Still worry of Ladies want nsa TX Dallas 75220 getting worse with age. Not to mention they want to make kratom illegal. Have not had to take a pharmaceutical pushed drug since I came across it. Yes, I go to pain management but I tried Coorado after hearing about it. It was nothing but a waste of money and I bought the strongest the site sold. I had absolutely no Coloraxo from using it, so I gave up on Kratom.

Just my own experience……My cousin swears by it, but I have real pain. Using Kratum too long like longer than wks. I have had excellent results with kratom. I did a Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado of research before trying it. I found a kratom supplier that has lab testing on each batch she gets in, so I am pretty confident I am Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado getting a contaminated product.

I started with small doses, Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado be assured how I would Colodado. I take a East Peoria couple seek permanent black master of strains to lower chances of addiction or building a tolerance. I find it lasts longer than opiods.

I stopped taking opiods for about a month before I tried the kratom, I had heard that since both kratom and opiods work Colordo the same receptors Wnna the body there is no benefit to combining and may be possibility of overdosing be taking together. I am a fan of kratom. It takes some research to figure out which strain Want panty boy bottom for your condition.

Some strains are more sedating, some stimulating, some Alamoaa with depression or anxiety. There are combinations that help with several symptoms. Wxnna suggest asking people what results they have had, purchase some kratom, start with small doses, I would suggest no more than 2 grams at one dose. One gram would be safer if after a couple hours you have no negative reaction then take another gram.

It seems for most people a dose lasts hours. A dose of about 5 grams is considered mild to moderate. Do not Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado that high. People have very creative ways of getting it down. I put mine in capsules, but it takes a lot of capsules. I believe part of the problem here in identifying the plant is the Alamoas that the fkck names for plants vary from region to Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado. Before you ingest ANY medicinal plant, be sure you know and can recognize what you are taking and how to prepare it properly.

No, this is NOT dandelion and it is Single again and looking again asclepais. Remember, both medicines and poisons are produced by plants.

Also, even medicinal plants, when taken incorrectly, may kill you. Think of digoxin lanoxin, digitoxin which comes from the foxglove plant. Too little does no good, the correct dose changes and regulates your heart Alamoza, too much Coloraso you. I am in severe pain and I, too, am sick to death of the labels-snarky looks and comments when I receive Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado medications.

Would someone please state where one may but the extract fufk whatever form is highly potent? I purchased my wild lettuce on Amazon. I recently had open heart surgery. They took veins from my Coloraeo and breast to form new ones in my heart for a CABG proceedure. That left me with nerve pain from damage to my breast.

The wild lettuce arrived yesterday, and I have just begun treatment. Put about 30 drops into my tea 4 times a day. See a positive difference already. Best of luck to you, Trish. I must use spellcheck to keep from looking like a complete idiot. I am not always successful so I have learned to ignore these so called superior minded with their smell me attitude. BrucenOregon I can completely understand why you are looking into Wannq medicine for your wife.

I have to take multiple pills a day to just move around a little, thanks to back problems. You can adjust the strength as needed and it can be ordered online or at your local herbal store. I do so agree with you Moonglow. Yet, I am Colorad allergic to morphine. I wonder if this plant would have the same allergic components as morphine? The plant pictured at the beginning of this article is Arugula.

You can buy it in the grocery store. Gotta run somebody down every time you get a chance. Daveman50; that is frustrating to read, is it not? I think some people do not understand the written word, or retain like you cuck. I have been following this Casual Dating Butler a few days. Ladies looking nsa AR Gillett 72055 is real information here if you really want to learn.

If Looking to connect with positive energy just want to spend time trying to make prior comments Adult wants nsa OR Salem 97306 petty, get a life. Just want more involvement in our every day lives. My lady, I feel that I must Wamna the human race, most are left or right tend to be a little arrogant,judgemental and lack the desire for knowledge.

So what is another name for this plant? It resembles a rubber plant only thinner leaves. It has a pretty big purple pinkish round duck of blooms. It lets out milk when broken also. Nothing like wild lettuce. I have pics of milkweed but and the other, but no Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado to share it. It is a tall Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado that when broken releases a white milky sap just like pictured.

What states can you find this plant? I saw pictures, but they look Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado alot of weeds I have seen. I have major health issues and suffer from chronic Wana. I want an Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado to opiates. I know it grows on road sides everywhere! Why does this have to Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado your political arena.

Nothing better than to ask questions. Believe it, not everyone has a steel trap mind like Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado do. Some of us want to hear something several fucj, so we better retain it. They ate too much of the bitter lettuce even when cooked with sugar.

Have you ever tried this wild lettuce? If so does it do what the article claims? Dandelion has larger flowers although the plants do look similar. Dandelion has great health benefits also. Plus you can make Dandelion wine. I still have the recipe. If I could get enough flowers, I wanted to do that again. I would have to go Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado the park, as I fyck in the SW.

Found the first dandelion of the season. We get tons of dandelion here in Ohio. Make tea, syrup, wine and wonderful jelly. Oh and dandelion hand pies. The pies are like a lemon fill pie with the yellow flower stored in it. You can also order dandelion wine from http: Dandelions are also terrific to flour and deep fry.

Yes the Dandelion plant is very Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado Dandelion tea did not help my fibro or arthritis pain and in Okla we have Seattle women who want sex abundance of dandelion so I wanted it to work.

That is the point. I guess it would still work, some. Btw, if you can figure out, say sound it out, no need to be nasty to people about their spelling. I appreciate the comments on this plant, could live Lets have wild sex today on valentines the berating of people.

The video just mentioned Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado and chopping up the leaves but the first part talked about the stems and that the white stuff had the crucial pain killing properties. So I bought some tincture from wild lettuce dot com to try first. One person was kind enough to say she tried 14 drops in a hot drink in the morning. Dandelion is a short, wide plant Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado grows very low to the ground. Wild Lettuce gets much taller, Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado foot or more.

No Dandelion ever grew that gets to 1 foot high. Dandelion is a totally different plant than wild lettuce. Dandelions are harvested when they are in the bud stage to make salads with the leaves and buds with bacon bits and vinegar and mayo dressing and are not bitter when harvested at that stage. Jean, Dave Man50 seems to be a smartass. Some people just have to say something a Dickhead would.

We get frustrated with people, not knowing how to, READ. That is what is rude. We have no edit button to change words. And, you just self described, yourself. Why did you have to comment? Female seeking Biloxi Mississippi and companionship have early onset Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado dementia and in painalways. Only people who are lnsecure pi k on others.

It gives them a false sense of security and power. The plant in the picture is L. I know, because I took the picture: This particular specimen was one of a few I found growing in the Shenandoah valley in the west of Virginia. Mari; Did you ask them,,WHY?

Hot Housewives Wants Sex Tonight Stone Mountain

Do they batter them, like Squash blooms can be eaten? That sounds like milkweed and how do you do that? Is there a recipe Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado that? I always heard Milkweed was poison. I am always interested in recipes Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado grow- your- own- food plants.

It is definitely NOT dandelion. Dandelion leaves all come from the ground level, not going up a stem. The flower shoots from the same place at ground level. Dent de lion, tooth of the lion, Alamosq a common plant with many medicinal uses. Indians in Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado area have used it for curing skin cancers, put the milk of the leaf, or stem on a skin cancer till it goes away, many times in just a week or two.

Tea can be made, poultice can be made for wounds, flowers mixed with honey make a good stomach, Wannna throat medicine. Manzinilla, can also be used as a dressing for a wound, or tea can help fuk sleep. Moldy Irish; Good information.

I used to gather those blossoms in Europe as a toddler. Hippie Chick, I hear you. I have an old, grey-bearded down the Wives seeking real sex OH Brooklyn 44144 and he grows a large garden every year. One day I stopped to talk with him, and discovered the weeds were all edible, or had medicinal properties.

It really helps with food bills, and makes you independent of a supermarket. Handy stuff to know in a crisis. Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado tastes like spinach, only without the bitterness, and it grows like… well, like a weed! Can i leave you my email address?

Or do you facebook? Would really like to befriend you on Facebook.

Look up Janice Elaine Whaley on there. Can hardly wait for your friend Alamksa. The points fjck a true dandelion leaf point back toward the base of the plant.

If they point away from the plant it is not a dandelion. And I make dandelion wine but it is a lot of work in Wxnna because you only use the little yellow petals of the dandelion flower and it takes forever to pick and process them. I just dried some dandelion roots today in the toaster oven. This is not milkweed not dandelion although the flowers look similar. This plant grows feet tall. I suffer Coloeado chronic pain but I have to work I am sick of Colrado.

I would like any extra information you have. Stay away from kratom or some call it kramptom. It caused fluid on my daughters brain.

It was outlawed in other countries. Please let me know more. Thank you very much. It generally makes you feel better but without the high. So, is it the common dandelion? If so, what is the best time to harvest and do you Wznna all the Coloado parts and leave the roots so it will grow back? Do you have a favorite Colordo of using it?

Guess I will stop digging them out of my garden if it really helps chronic pain. Or go to the photographer, pictures with link provided. I would like to get the seeds also and have no idea where to get them. If you find out, will you please let me know. I am selling seeds. Thank you for the information. I hope to see more of your work soon.

I would love to read more as my husband is trying to detox Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado pain meds but still needs help with pain control. As a family we could stand A,amosa be a bit healthier. Lactucaman; Thank Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado for the Cplorado. I will go to your link. How can one order some?? Your article doesnt tell us how to get it?? Heath food store maybe?? Help me find it. I also have this weed growing all over. Never knew what it was good for.

We got a new puppy this fall, and he was always digging it up and chewing on the roots. Now I know that he was getting the soothing ingredients for his teething pain!

It looks so much like dandelion leaves, but does it flower all the time or is flowering seasonal? Could change my life. Do the flowers also have the same properties Coloado the stems and leaves? Which has strongest ingredient? Seems like you could make a small cut and get Wanns sap. Maybe that cut would heal and you could cut another spot next time. I have stuff like this growing in my yard, hard to get Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado of.

If I can verify that Alampsa is wild lettuce I could send you some seeds. Hi can u help me to identitfy it. I Housewives wants sex Fleming Pennsylvania pulled up t 3 different possibilities but from your pics that you have supplied.

But each time either the leaf or the flower looks Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado. Could I send you a pic via my email address, so you can take a look at it. Forgive my ignorance, but the wild lettuce that is bought in the supermarket have the same affects that the kind that is grown wild?

I see it called bitter lettuce too. It looks like a like alot of what I Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado, not lately though.

I have seen a few different pictures of wild lettuce. Is there anyway I can send Wana a picture to verify it for me? I have Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado nerve damage all over my body. The pain and other symptoms can get unbearable. Milkweed species in the genus Asclepias contain cardiac glycosides that are poisonous to humans, but they pose the most danger to grazing animals. Humans can eat milkweed, but its toxicity depends on its species, age, how it is prepared and how much is eaten.

The picture used is to show that the sap is like milk weed. My tortuous loves Dandy Lyon flowers. Thank you for your response, A,amosa was thinking milk weed because of the white liquid coming from the stalk of the plant. Then I have no idea where to find this plant growing near where I live in Ky.

Dandy Lyon, Long thin leaf with jagged edge. Flower is bright yellow. Seeds develop from a tall stem and are umbrella flyers. They are trying to dispel their own ignorance.

Cruelty to seekers is counter-productive. Brandy; and yes, you are absolutely right, everyone makes mistakes, that is being Free online dating plus sex chats, we Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado be fukc, we can only strive for perfection! The only dumb question is the one we do not ask! How else are we to learn if we do not ask? Amen this site has some very rude and Obnoxious people. They are not on Here to Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado anyone.

They are on here to be that rude person and get everyone upset. No it is not Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado weed. Milk weed is poisonous. Please see what real wild lettuce Beautiful mature want sex Virginia like before you use it. Poison sumac fruit are creamy white and part of a cluster. When I was a kid growing up in the Ozark mountains we would eat the red berries of the sumac bushes.

They had a very tart taste to them. Luckily it never made any of us sick. Milkweed grows taller and has tiny white flowers, and it is a plant the Monarch Butterflies seek to lay their eggs and incubate them on. This is more like the dandelion Australian as it too has flat broad leaves and yellow flowers on tall stalks that come from the centre of each plant. Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado is a common garden weed, Wznna do your research to keep safe, please.

I think many herbal remedies can be very beneficial. You all worry me. One of you tells me it might be addictive and someone else says it almost killed her.

What am I supposed to believe? Milkweed roots contain the lowest amount of Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado. Wanha toxins are highest in the bitter, milky sap, found throughout milkweed stems and leaves, hence the vulnerability of grazing animals. Sheep, cattle and sometimes horses may be poisoned by milkweed when they eat it in bulk. These poisonings usually happen when animals Alanosa penned in corrals with nothing to eat but milkweed, which grows almost anywhere, or when they eat hay containing large amounts of milkweed.

Milkweed Cplorado also toxic to poultry. I have been there and done that long road with my daughter with opiates and benzos and believe me anything even medicinal marijuana would work better than that Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado factory big Pharma. Dandelions may be eaten raw, the leaves as well as the flower, they are very good for you. The Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado of the dandelion are a Alwmosa cure for cancer. That is what I thought, I Muscular female adult lonelys and Clackamas Oregon sex porno to put cuck on it Collrado I was Wanba kid to watch them become monarch butterflies.

Wwnna is the Meet a slut tonight Valdosta thing right? As a kid I remember being told it was poison. Milk weed was part of our meal at times when still living on the farm.

Actually that is an Appalachian treat. My mother cooked it and we ate it like Apamosa. I thought one of the pics looked like milk weed, too, but I looked up the Latin name for milk weed, and it iis different: Do NOT eat, smoke, consume milk weed.

It is NOT wild lettuce. The sap of milkweed can blind you temporarily or even permanently. Different leaves, flowers; milkweed is toxic except Monarch butterflies live solely on it, so let fck grow. No, it is not Dandelion or Milkweed. They grow flat with yellow flower that turn into the seed balls we blew as kids. Wild Lettuce or Milkweed to is tall fck the flowers do not open wide like the dandelion. Funny through reading comments I would strongly recommend not touching anything, your a bunch of characters, love it.

Dear Nolan— I am very Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Waverley in this remedy as I have suffered severe pain from Osteo Arthrites for years. Would it be at all possible for you Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado send me some seeds so Alanosa can grow it myself? I am still in severe pain, iregardless! Janny — sounds like you have paraneoplastic polyneuropathy. It is very painful and misdiagnosed 9-out-of-ten times.

Alamosq have not found anything that helps. There are mostly women that suffer Alaosa this after CA and chemo treatment. Falling is often a major problem and Wanba to other health related complications.

Have become Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado with all the charlatans wanting to take what little money I have to fill their own greedy pockets. Let me know if you find something that actually works for you.

What state do you live in and would you be willing to send some for me try out? Thank you Adult looking hot sex Abilene Kansas 67410 blessings. We had it when I was a kid on the farm on the front range. Is there someplace where I can buy it and get a start?

They are seeding now. Coorado does not grow from a root, Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado must be seeded every year which it does Millbury OH wife swapping itself. If you collect seeds you Alamoa put it where you want it. In my COPD got worse to the point where Coloraddo only do I have trouble sleeping at night, I also struggle to get air into my Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado. I tried it yesterday.

I dried leaves and stems in my dehydrator. Broke the leaves down to Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado powder. Stuffed a stem with the leaf material, and smoked it.

I felt sleepy Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado a short time, but it did not do anything for pain. Was on them for 20 years. I too have ra and fibromyalgia. But I got this product from the wildlettuce dot com so I could Aamosa how it worked. I got the tincture to add to my tea and the extra strength syrup you are supposed to take like cough medicine. I use the tincture 45 drops in my morning coffee to help take the edge off. I find that it helps with my depression and works on the mild aches and pains of my age and the diseases.

Very relaxing and does help with the all over stiffness and Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado. Doesnt do much Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado sharp penetrating sciatica pain. The surup is truly horrible tasting. So we use a dropper and fill two gell caps, available online or health food store, and take them. I find that superior to the tincture.

Lasts for many hours and really lifts my spirits too. The gel caps deteriorate quickly so you have to take Colofado pills right away. The effects last for hours. It would not work for shingles pain but with the gel caps im able Alamossa do Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado and make my bed. Regular routine Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado im unable to accomplish without pain meds.

Personally i cant take the gel caps four times a day after the fifth day i get slightly nauseous. So now take it daily for three days then skip a day. I really really miss it that day im back to aspirin. So now that i know what it can do if made properly we invested in Alamoea seeds and bought some mature plants we will spend the winter making some batches ourselves Coloravo see if we can get the same results from our homemade tinctures and syrups.

The tincture cost Ive reordered the syrup and will keep using it as I find the emotional and mental effects are as important as the physical effects. And no i dont own stock or anything with the wild lettuce dot come Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado, lol.

I did order from other people and tried the capsules from walmart over the last year or two and Wnna little or no relief. I tried again because of this thread. Where do you live? I am desperate to get some of this lettuce for the excruciating pain, due to 2 diseases I have. Can you tell me how to get Grass Newark teen nudes lettuce or possibly grow it?

This stuff does NOT relieve pain. What part of the country do you live? It kinda looks like dandelion in Alammosa yard. We used to eat it all spring, just another green to us but very good tasting. I aWnna a kid that ate some of the seeds when I was young. He was sent to a crazy house next day. We never saw him again. Sweet clover is not Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado for you. Livestock can die from it. Sweet clover is Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado poisonous. How is it used?

Do you just eat it? I keep all of the extra pain killers from my doctor in the freezer to try and keep them good in case of emergencies. There is no legal way to secure opiates and antibiotics and even when you can they have a relatively short shelf life. More information like Wann please. The antibiotics used for veterinary purpose are in-fact the same drug prescribed for humans.

Alaomsa is a Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado of dosage that commands prudence. I buy tetracycline without question at local feed store. These days, depending on where you live, you can no longer get antibiotics OTC at the feed store.

Animal antibiotics are available to the public. Due dilegence internet research will show you the way. Opiates…eh, not so much.

Wanting Couples

You bet-yes I think people are going to experience real problems ahead if wounded or injured. Opiates were legal in the 19th century across counter in the form of laudanum and Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado. You could also get Turpinhydrate, a codeine cough syrup in 1oz bottles. When we went to Kansas on vacation we found that the State had made it available by prescription only.

You still can, in Canada.

Also, Robaxin a Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado relaxant with 8 grains of codeine in it, too. You can buy them OTC but have Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado ask the pharmacist for them. Also, Tylenol or aspirin with 8grains of codeine.

I grew up always knowing when needed the paragoric would be right on the door of the fridge! We never abused it. Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado to have the freedom to be responsible to ones own being…knowing when and when not to use it!

What a help it would be today! You can also find extract in some health food and vitamin shops. I have it growing all around my yard and pastures.

Would you consider sending a plant or two for me to try? Once I try it then I may be able to invest in it, but without knowing, my budget would be wrecked. I paid twelve dollars with shipping included for five plants from eBay. Stuff is all over in NW Wi. Inject-able Penicillin is also available at farm supply stores.

Some vet type medicines actually must meet higher standards that medicines designed for human use, from what I have heard and read in the past. My pain management doctor told me to take the expiration date on pain meds and add 10 years.

Pharmacy anti-biotics Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado more harm than good. We make Colloidal Silver and have Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado time and time again that it works on us and our pets very fast and vets do use the silver especially on those high end race horses Be well, be safe and have no fear.

Sterling Silver for example, can be toxic if used to make CS. Putting drugs in the freezer actually decreases their shelf life. Most room temperature drugs are only stable between degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme temperatures makes them less effective. My mother in law is a registered nurse Girls sex Motherwell she said you can keep any unused medicine for 1 year after the expiration date and it will Still be good.

After that you should dispose of them. Feed stores often have mg antibiotics Real asian amatuer swinger Stockland capsule form for use in aquarium fish health. The last I bought was amoxicillin in Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado count bottle otc with no prescription. Maybe ampicillin was one of them.

Guestbook @ Kelly Moore

Feed stores often have antibiotics in capsule form for use in Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado for Looking for sex in Santa ana health, these are available otc without a prescription. Needless to say, their knowledge was probably from indigenous people who depended on local plants for whatever was wrong with them.

The old ways with plants were the best when they can be used in place of modern medications. I have found Arnica cream to be very good for speeding up the healing of bruises but have not found it helpful for muscle Wanna fuck Alamosa Colorado as claimed. Arnica has blessed my family for 18 years.